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Can Pretoria Citizens Obtain BFS Loans? Application and Contact Information

    In the following article you will be given information regarding how Pretoria residents can find a financial solution to their problems with their funds. In fact, you will not only receive data regarding BFS, but also information about a very similar company, Wesbank. Both are reliable companies that will surely offer the solution you are expecting right now.  Moreover, you will be given information as to how to contact both companies, either in person, by phone or by email.

BFS Loans

     The main characteristic of their loans is that there are short term ones, all of which have rates that are affordable. This company, together with the National Credit Regulator, has given safety to its loans, so they are totally guaranteed in case something happens. Their loans can be used to cover any type of needs you have with your personal and professional life. For instance, you can pay education fees, medical expenses and home expenses as well.

How can Pretoria citizens begin an application?

Let’s see the steps that need to be followed to complete such procedure:

-Get in your computer and enter the company´s official website

-Click on the section destined to application. There is a button named “Apply now”

-Complete one form with your information, including personal and financial facts

-Wait until the application is passed and then wait until the money is found in your bank account

The same application procedure can start in person, if you decide to go to one of the branches of the company and directly talk to a representative of the company. They will guide you towards the whole process.

The requirements that are compulsory for the application procedure have to do with possessing all the necessary documentation so as to show the company your name, your address and your financial status. Moreover, it is compulsory that you have the majority of age and that you possess a stable employment in which your salary enables you to comply with each of the installments. Those documentation, the employment statement as well as your bank account information, serve as guarantees for the company to know you will pay each of the installments.

So, as a final remark I would like to stress that you must possess a bank account with a certain bank, so that the company can use that information to deduct the money directly from there. This is a way for BFS to make sure every installment is completed.

Another important features you can take advantage of with BFS Loans:

-You can choose when to begin the application and you it either online or in person

-You can choose loans whose maximum is of 30 days

-You can repay for the loan with fixed interest rates

-You can repay for the loan at the end of each month

-You will not be required to select collaterals

Another option in Pretoria: Wes Bank

     In Wes Bank you can get complete access to a special loan called Cash Power Personal Loan. It comprises many features such as the fact that you can get maximums of R 150 000, but the company enables you to get smaller amounts for sure. Those amounts of money can be obtainable in no more than 24 hours and you can choose whether to receive the money in your bank account or to be given the funds in person in one of the physical offices of the company.

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     The company will choose several installments, which will be applicable to your loan depending on your monthly earnings. And, you will only pay 1 installment per month.

What are the requirements for this loan?

-Submitting your personal data through your ID as well as information about your bank account that enables deductions

-Submitting a statement of the place you reside when starting the application

-Possessing a monthly salary of R 4500 or even more than that

-Possessing a clear credit record with another loan provider. Such record will be crucial at the time of determining whether you are eligible or not for a particular loan. You must no appear in any black list, so as to show you are a responsible client with the credits granted to you.

     There will be additional benefits given by this loan, such as being able to choose to obtain either the maximum set by the company or the minimal amount available. And, the members of the company will offer you financing terms of a year or even 3 years. Do not stress about the interest rates, since they are all set by the company based on your income and they will never be changed that is why they are fixed.


Let’s see how you can contact the company if you are residing in Pretoria

-You can directly enter BFS´ webpage, where there is a section for questions asked by customers, a section for sending messages and also many details regarding the many loans found at the company.

-You can go to one of the physical offices of BFS in Pretoria, which is at the following address: 349 Momentum Life Boulevard

-You can directly send an email to this address, destined to messages and queries:

-You can speak on the phone with the different members of the company. The numbers is the following one: 080 777 3777 


Let me show you how easy it is to communicate with the second option provided in the article, Wes Bank:

-You can go in person to one of the offices of Wes Bank in Pretoria situated in the Squad Cars Building. The exact address is 191 Coronel Boom Street, whose phone number is 193 7265. Such is a number destined for questions and also application.

-There is a special phone which is a free number, designed for inquiries and questions: 0861 288 272

-You can send a personal email to the following address and obtain a response within hours:

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Questions and answers

Can I find BFS I other cities?

Yes, in Johannesburg and Rustenburg

Is there a calculator available at BFS?

No, there is not

Does Wes Bank offer a simulator?

You can check affordability by phone

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