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Are BFS Loans Obtainable in Johannesburg?

    Is Johannesburg your place of residence? Are you looking for financial help so as to make your problems with finances disappear? Thanks God you arrived here, I have what you need, BFS. This is a financial company that started working in the market back in 1996 and from that moment opened more than 80 branches throughout the country. Fortunately, one of those branches is located in Johannesburg, which is why I will focus this article on giving information about their loan.

    In the next article, apart from giving you data regarding the main loan found at this company, which is a Personal Loan, I will also mention another company with similar loans also present in Johannesburg, Sanlam. After that section, you will be given plenty of contact information of both companies.


     One of the greatest benefits of the Personal Loans obtained in this company is that their loans can be paid in short periods of time and that they come along with fixed interest rates that will never suffer modifications. All their loans are totally backed up by the National Credit Regulator, so as to secure the loan in the best way possible.

     If you would like to apply for their Personal Loan, you just have to enter the company´s website where there is a section for application. So, you can start the online application by filling a short form with your information. Simple as that. Then, once the application is approved by the company, you will be able to receive the money, provided you have given the company the information of your bank account. The same application can be started in person at an office.

What are the requirements for this loan?

-Submitting your ID or passport with personal data

-Submitting pays lips and some bank statements which show your financial status

-Submitting residential address statements

-Submitting bank account information

-Submitting information related to your employment and your current salary

The application can be completed in both of the ways explained above and you can ask for loans whose length can be up to 30 days, so that in less than a month you complete the financing and you forget about long financing terms and many installments, as it is the case with other loans. The interest rates will be fixed and are determined at the time of the application, always taking into consideration your income and your possibilities in terms of affordability.



Sanlam´s loans:

     This is another great choice to take into account if you want a Personal Loan. In fact, through this loan you can obtain a maximum of R 3000 and that amount can be totally increased by adding R 1000 every 30 days. You just have to tell the company you need an increase and based on your reasons, they will allow this or not. This means that you do not need to ask for a second loan, but make yours bigger than it was at the beginning of the application.

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       Of course, needless to say, that in order to begin an application for a loan, you must agree with the different terms and conditions of the loans and the company. They will be translated into different languages, to guarantee mutual intelligibility between the clients and the company.

     What is more, future clients can make use of a special online simulator that functions just a calculator and determines your affordability in a fast way.

    Now, if you are interested in starting an application, you will need to submit important documentation such as your ID, your passport, an employment statement, and no more than that.



There are several ways through which you can contact the company, let’s see:

-You can always enter the company´s webpage in order to get details about their loans and further financial services. Yu can also read their frequently asked questions which tend to be really useful as they talk about daily matters.

-You can go to their physical office in Johannesburg inside the Yarona Mall. The precise address is 6112, Watt Avenue. It is in the centre of Johannesburg

-There is an additional physical office in Johannesburg located in the area of Germiston. The exact address is 182 Meyer Street.

-You have the chance of contacting the company by phone, that is by dialing up from home the following number and waiting until a representative of the company transfers you to the area you wish to speak: 080 777 3777.

-You can directly send an email from your laptop to the following address:


-You can go to one of its physical offices inside the Houghton Estate, located at West Street

-You can go to another office in Sandton, whose exact address is 11 Alice Road

Both companies remain open on weekdays from 08 am to 05 pm. So, you can go there if you would like to speak in person to the members of the company. There, you can ask any questions you have and also begin the application for a Personal Loan.

-You have the chance of entering the company´s website so as to begin an online application, ask for quotes and obtain data about how to insure your assets

-You can make a phone call to the company by dialing up their free number designed for queries and doubts: 0861 44 00 44.  Sometimes, this line collapses, a reason for which you might have to wait a bit until someone answers your call.

-You can use your laptop so as to send an email to the company and obtain information in a quick way, since they tend to answer emails on a daily basis. You can also send a message directly from their official website. This is a quick way of communicating with the company when you are not able to go in person and wait until their representatives are free.

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Questions and answers

Can I finance my loan with my account?

Yes, you need to give the bank your bank account info

Is BFS open on weekends?

No, only on weekdays

Is Sanlam available in Bloemfontein?

Yes it is

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