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Is Alberton Eligible for BFS Loans? Application and Contact Information

     If you are residing right now in Alberton and are looking for sustainable ways to finance your expenses and daily charges, let me tell you that you can rely on BFS to take care of that. This company happens to possess physical offices near Alberton, your city, which is why it is very important that you have complete information regarding its loans.

     For such motive, in the next article you will be given data about their Personal Loans, including the application procedure and requirements. Then, I will give you data about another fantastic financial company, also present near Alberton, Atlas. This company offers very similar loans to the ones found at BFS, in terms of quality and prices. At the end of the article, you will be given contact information of these two companies.

BFS Loans for Alberton citizens

Why is BFS the best company to grant you a loan?

-Their loans tend to be short term ones, which mean you will finance it quickly

-The interest rates applicable to their loans are the lowest

-The company has an agreement with the National Credit Regulator to ensure your loan

-The money obtained through the loan can be used for multiple reasons

      If you would like to apply for their Personal Loans in Alberton, you need to get into your computer, type the website of the company and click on their section designed for online application. You will be asked to type your personal and financial data. Then, after some hours, the company will notify you if you were found eligible for the loan or not. After that, you will see how the money is deposited into your bank account. If you are not a fan of technology, you can start the application procedure in person at a branch, so do not worry.

   Now, if you are interested in that application in person, you need to submit all the documentation that the members of the company requires you to possess, such as the statement of the place you work for indicating your salary, bank statements, your bank account details, and your ID.

   As additional features of their loans I would like to mention the fact that the application will not take more than some hours so as to be notified about your status. And, that the company will also offer you loans whose duration is no more than 30 days, for you to have short term loans at hand.


     The people residing in Alberton can obtain a loan whose maximum is of R 8000, which can be financed in up to half a year. Moreover, you can always add more money to the loan, which means that the loan can be increased on a monthly basis. How does this work? You simply need to request the company to grant you R1000 more every 30 days. Now, regarding the repayment for their loans, it is also done on a monthly basis and the company will decide which will be the fixed interest rates applicable to your loan. You will need to give the company all your bank account data, so that every month they can deduct the different installments from there.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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     Sanlam´s loans can be used for multiple purposes, such as financing medical expenses, funeral expenses, and education fees and so on. You can even pay your daily bills at home.

    As it is the case with BFS, online application is totally possible since you can start the process in the company´s official website. You will need to fill in a form with your data and then once the information is sent to the company, you will be notified about your status as a possible applicant.

What benefits can this loan give me?

-By recommending this company to your colleagues or friends, you can obtain important discounts

-The company will take care of 7% of the loan if you behave properly in terms of payment of installments

-Obtaining discounts of further products and services promoted by the company

-There are no limits as to where you invest the money obtained through the loan

      Now, in terms of requirements, the company will ask you to put forward your personal documentation such as ID or passport, bank statements from your bank, pays lips and information of your debit card, from which the company deducts payments every month. What is more, you will be asked to request your employer a statement declaring you are a current employer and that you have a monthly salary that enables you to afford a loan of Sanlam. Finally, you need to provide the company all your contact information so there is constant communication between Sanlam and you, the client.



-One of the branches of BFS near to Alberton, is situated in Germiston, whose exact address is 182 Meyer Street. It is found in Johannesburg

-You can make a phone call directly to the company´s free phone number so as to request for more information: 080 777 3777.

-You can use your laptop so as to send an email to the next email address:


-One of the physical offices of this company in Alberton is situated in Alrode, the exact address is this one: 18 Bentonite Street.

-You can use the company´s website so as to get to know about different offers, new products, and also sending a message to the company´s representatives so as to obtain a quick response and begin the application right away.

-You can communicate by phone with the members of the company, if you call on 087 701 8665, which is a free number for future clients and clients that have already obtained a loan and want to keep track of them.

-You can also send an email from your account to the following email

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Questions and answers

Are there refinancing plans for BFS?

Yes, there are many of them

Is bfs present in other cities?

Yes, it can be found in Rustenburg and Pretoria

Can I finance my loan every 15 days?

You can do it, but the recommended period is that of 30 days

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