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Is It Possible to Get a BFS Loan from Gauteng? Branches, Online Calculator and Rates

     If you’re thinking about taking a loan with Barko Financial Services, you are probably going through a financial emergency like, a broken car, medical bill or, a late utility bill that needs to be paid. I guess this as BFS offers short term loans for those particular moments. Luckily for you, I’ll expand on the information for this entity and, the branches available in the province of Gauteng. Besides, I’ll refer to Wonga Loans’ rates and calculator, which is another company offering short term loans.

BFS Loans’ branches in Gauteng

First of all, I’ll refer to the addresses where you can find a BFS branch. I’ll focus on the city of Johannesburg, where you can find three branches.

                a) The first branch’s phone number is 011-838 5262 and, its email address is if you prefer to visit them, you can direct to 67 Simmonds Street and look for shop number 5.

                b) The second BFS’ branch is placed at 45 Western Building, Booysen Road in Booysen. For those who prefer to apply from their house, the email address is and, the phone number is 011-499 1600.

                c) You can encounter the third and last branch in Johannesburg if you go to Trust Bank Building, shop 5. It’s placed in the corner of Eloff and Fox Streets. This branch’s telephone number is 011-331 7432 and, the email is

How can I contact BFS from any part of South Africa?

    If you don’t live in Gauteng, don’t worry, I’ll detail now some contact number and email addresses for you to reach them. If you have any kind of enquiry, you can email Barko Financial Solutions to On the other hand, if you prefer to talk over the phone, you have two options. One of them is a toll free number, 080 777 3777 and, the other is the Office number, 013 – 235 1030.

    Apart from this information, if you live in Lydenburg, you can visit BFS’ Head Office. The complete address is 59 Burger Street, Lydenburg 1120.

BFS Loans Information

In the following list, you’ll find some important information about this lending entity that would be of great help:

                        - BFS will work out if you can afford to take out a loan so, they’ll need you to submit your 3 last bank statements, your latest payslip and, your ID or passport. Bear in mind, you must be working for the last 6 months at least in order to be eligible for a BFS loan.

                        - BFS’ repayment period is up to 30 days.

                        - The company will assist you on the quote you qualify for based on your financial information.

                        - As they offer short term loans, you’ll receive an instant answer about the loan request.

                        - BFS will debit the installment from your bank account so, as long as you make sure to have the money on it on due date, you can relax knowing you won’t forget to repay it.

Wonga Loans, how to apply?

    As Wonga works online, you can apply from any part of SA. Following just four steps, you can get the financial help you need. First, with the help of the online calculator, you can decide on the quote you’ll request. Second, you have to fill out Wonga online application with some personal and financial information. Third, once the company decides if you qualify, they need to check your income so, this is when you submit your paylips or bank statements. Fourth, if everything is in order, you’ll receive the funds in your bank account.

Wonga Loans Quotes and Terms

As I mentioned before, Wonga also offers short term loans but, it has some differences.

    If you apply with Wonga, you have a maximum loan amount of R4000 to take and, the length to repay it starts after 4 days. The main difference with BFS is that you can repay it in a maximum of 6 months. Besides, you’ll be charged an initiation fee and service fees so, you should keep it in mind when deciding on the quote.

Wonga Loans Contact Details

If you need help with your application, payments or, any general query, this is the contact information you must have at hand.

    * You can dial the number 0861 966 421

    * You can email them to if you need to elicit queries about the application, for example.

    * You can email to if you have doubts about repayments.

What are the office hours for Wonga?

    If you need to apply for a loan with Wonga, you can do it at any time. However, if you have doubts and, you need to get in contact with them, pay attention to the following information. Wonga assistants are available any day from Monday to Friday between 7:00 and 19:00 and, on Saturdays between 8:00 and 13:00. Bear in mind, they aren’t available on Sundays and public holidays.

                                                Wonga Loans Key Information

Loan Amount

R500 – R4000

Initiation Fee?


Repayment term

Up to 6 months.

Telephone Number

0861 966 421

Working Hours

Weekdays from 7am to 7 pm. Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm.


Cellphone number. Banck account, proof of income, SA ID.

Email Address

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How to calculate the total cost?

    Now, I’ll explain how to use the online calculator by means of an example. If, for instance, you choose to borrow R2800 and, to repay it over 3 months, you have to slide the sliders to get the cost. In this case, the calculator shows us the next information. With these terms, our initiation fee would be R396.75, the service fees R207 per month and, the interest R182.33, leaving the total cost on R3586.08. By changing this information, you can get a term you feel you can afford.

    So, if you’re trying to face this sudden financial trouble, you have two alternatives here. Having these two lending companies in mind, you can decide on the best one for you.

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Questions and answers

Can I apply with Wonga if I have bad credit?

Even though, bad credit doesn’t mean you are automatically denied, it may affect Wonga’s decision.

Is there a BFS’ branch in Durban?

Yes! Please, direct to Nabeela Court, Shop 3, Ground floor at 37 Ingcuce Road.

Can I visit a Wonga branch?

Unfortunately, Wonga works only over the internet or the phone.

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