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Does BFS Offer Home Loans? Application and Contact Details

    Are you trying to improve your existing home? Would you like to invest and buy a new house for your family? Certainly you need a Home Loan. And, I know a responsible and reliable company you can count on, BFS. Yes, this company has developed a series of loans, all of which can be used for many purposes, as it is in this case, to satisfy your home related needs.

    In this article, I will give you information about the application procedure for its loans and the requirements. Then, I will give you contact information of BFS so that you can start the application right now. And that is not all, I will also mention in this article another financial company that also offers Home Loans, Sanlam. And, of course, you will be given its contact details as well.


     If you are interested in having a better house or buying a new property, pay attention to BFS loans. This company can offer you a loan that will enable you to pay in the short term, so as not to spend many years financing it. Moreover, the interest rates that comprise their loans are really affordable and tend to be lower than those belonging to other companies. Now, regarding the loan, as the company has joined the National Credit Regulator, it has guaranteed enormous safety on its loans.

How does the application work?

You will need to follow these steps:

-Enter the company´s official website from your computer

-Click on the section designed for application

-Accept the terms and conditions that the company proposes

-Once your application is sent and approved, you will receive the money

The length of time in which you will get the money in your account will always depend on your bank, not on the company.

You can of course begin the application in person that is also an option for people that favor personalized attention.

 You will also need to submit certain documentation for the application, such as your ID that shows you are older than 18 and that you are a citizen of South Africa. You will need to give your residential address and also show your employment statement.

Finally, let me remind you that BFS has created loans whose length tends to be between 20 and 30 days and that the interest rates are low for real.


      This is another reliable option to bear in mind when choosing a Home Loan. In fact, Sanlam´s loans can be used for many causes and home is one of them. Clients get access to a maximum of R 200 000 but are also able to solicit for 3000, which as you imagine is the minimum available at this company. However, if the maximum amount is not enough for the client, he/she can ask for additional R1000 each month if there are reasonable reasons for doing that procedure.

    Interest rates of Home Loans will always be fixed, which means that the company will not be able to change them or make modifications during the course of the loan. This gives clients total safety in terms of how much money they will spend on the whole loan they have applied for.

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What are the requirements for this Home Loan?

-Being 18 years old, so majority of age is compulsory

-Residing in South Africa on a permanent basis

-Being employed and having a decent salary (R2500 is the minimum requested by the company)

-Possessing a decent credit record

Regarding the application for the Home Loan, clients have many options in terms of communication. So, they can phone the company to the following number in order to provide their information (personal and financial):0861 08 08 08 88. Such phone line tends to be available during weekdays from 08 in the morning to 08:00 pm.  And, the application can also be started from the computer, so there is online application available.

Contact details of BFS for a Home Loan

If you are interested in contacting the company in person you can go to many offices:

-One office is located in Johannesburg, inside the Yarona Mall, at the Watt Avenue. In Johannesburg there is a second office in Germiston, near Alberton. The address is 182 Meyer Street.

-Another office is in Pretoria, in the center of the city, whose exact address is 349 Momentum Life Boulevard

-There is an additional office in Rustenburg, located at 50 Boom Street.

-You can also contact the company by phone if you want additional details about their loans and application procedure. It is a free line designed just for you: 080 777 3777 consultant.

-You can also send an email to the following address so as to get more data:

Contacting Sanlam for a Home Loan

-You can go to one of its offices which is inside the Maynard Mall, on the third floor. The exact street is Wetton Road. And there is another branch located at 55, Willie School Avenue, which is in Bellville, near to Eikenbosch.

-You can choose to contact the company from your computer and directly type their website address. Once there, you have access to multiple sections so as to obtain precise information and also details as to how to send a message to the members of the company and what are the other branches that Sanlam has in the country at present.

-You can also communicate with Sanlam by phone that is by dialing up their free telephone line: 0861 44 00 44.  I really recommend you to communicate by phone since the customer service of the company is great and their members are always supportive and willing to give you the information when you need it, without making you wait tons of time on the phone as it happens with most companies´ customer services.  

So, as you see, when it comes to innovating your home or financing a new property, both BFS and Sanlam are great options through which you can achieve those goals!

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Questions and answers

Does BFS offer other services?

There are insurances available

Is it possible to finance the loan on a monthly basis?

The installments are monthly

Can I finance a credit with my account?

Yes, in fact the company deducts the money from your account

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