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Can I Find Better Life Loans if I Live in Durban? Contact Details

   Is Durban your place of residence? Are you exhausted of trying to afford all the daily expenses and your income seems not to be enough? Don´t worry! I have what you need, and that is Better Life. That is right, Better Life is present in the country to make sure every South African has access to their many services and products. Even though there is not a physical office exactly located in Durban, there are many only a few minutes from Durban. Moreover, Better Life services can be obtained by phone or email, so no matter where you live the company can help you.

    Thus, in the preceding article, I will give you information about Better Life´s loans: Home Loan and Personal Loan. Then, I will give you contact information of this company if you reside in Durban.

Let’s start with the two loans:


Do you know what this loan serves for? It will help you without doubt to purchase the apartment in a beautiful city you are looking to possess or a small house in the suburbs for your family. Any type of property can be obtained thanks to this loan.

Why is Better Life Home Loan helpful for the citizens of Durban?

This is one of the financial companies in the loan field with most experience, which is a guarantee that you, the client, will receive orientation as well as guidance during the whole procedure.

Now pay attention to the various reasons for applying to this loan:

-Getting complete access to a preapproval so as to be informed beforehand about your condition as an applicant and check your affordability.

-Getting insight into the most luxurious properties for sale

-Obtaining a home insurance, so that the property you acquire is protected at all costs, no matter how much money you paid for it

-Obtaining a house that matches not only your desires but also your budget

-Getting the support from many of the banks that work in conjunction with Better Life so as to maximize the safety of loans and make sure they are granted on time

-Obtaining advice from the different members of the company for free, without having to pay extra costs as that would be the case with other companies. Great, isn’t it?


The Personal Loan created by Better Life can be obtainable thanks to their agreement with Direct Axis Financial Services, which is a company in charge of granting loans and other financial services to South Africans.

How can you use this Personal Loan?

-To finance transportation fees

-To purchase furniture for your house

-To finance bills

-To pay for bond fees

-To finance credit shortfalls

-Pay expenses

     If interested in the amount you will get, let me tell you this company can offer from R 5000 to R 150 000, and as an additional benefit you are given the chance of obtaining extra R 1000 each month.

What happens with the repayments?

Well, repayments for any of the loans usually consist of a minimum of 2 years but can extend to 6 years if that is the client´s wish. This mean that clients will be made to pay monthly installments, which come along with fixed interest rates controlled by the National Credit Act of 2005.


     If what you want is to start applying for one of the two loans mentioned above, you need to know there exist many possibilities: you can start the application by logging in the website of the company, phoning Better Life on their free number or by going in person to one of their branches in the country.

    You will not need to stress about waiting a lot for the completion of the application, since in less than some days one of the members of the company will get in touch with you and inform you about your situation.

Documentation and requirements are crucial, which is why I have listed the ones needed for the application:

-Personal ID or passport

-Proof of residence in Durban

-Being 18 years old or more than that age

-Earning a minimum wage of R 5000

-Bank statements

-Pay slips (not older than three months)


As said at the beginning of the article, even though there is not a physical branch in Durban, I can give you information about another branch very close to your area. Moreover, I will give you phone numbers and other means of communication available.


You can make a phone call directly from the place you live if you dial up the following free number: 0800 007 111. It will be available on weekdays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. Needless to say, the company´s phone will not work during weekends or public holidays.


In the following chart you will be given information about a branch of Better life situated only a couple of minutes from Durban:


A maximum of R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed, set by the National Credit Act of 2005

Telephone Number



Close to Durban, in Berea. Musgrave. Musgrave Road 95

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays on banking hours


South African citizen and documentation listed above

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This is the last means of communication, since if you have a computer you can contact the company in its website. There, you will get data about these loans, further insurances and services and also application ready for you to start it. You can even check their section for frequently asked questions, which I am sure will be very profitable if this is the first time you are operating with the company and you have some doubts regarding the payments, services and more.

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Questions and answers

Is the company open on Saturdays?

No it is not

Is there a way to apply from email?

You can apply by filling a form in the company´s website

How long does it take to receive the money?

Not more than some days

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