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Can I Apply for a Better Life Loan in Boksburg? Application and Requirements

   Are you living in the great area of Boksburg? Are you not enjoying life because of your financial problems? Trust me, I have the solution for that. Better Life, a company which is linked to many banks in the country, has designed two main loans for their customers, to make sure all their needs are well satisfied. Fortunately, the different services and products designed by this company can be obtainable in Boksburg, since the company has a physical office located to Boksburg. What is more, the application can be completed anywhere, so no matter where you live, Better Life Loans are accessible to you.

Better Life has 2 loans to offer Boksburg citizens:


You can probably expect, from the way this loan has been named, that you can accomplish your dream of financing your own home. This is really possible because of one link between Better Life and several banks located in the country. All the banks are supporting their loans.

What is the benefit of a Better Life Home Loan?

The good aspect about this loan is that you are dealing with a company that has acquired lots of experience in the lending field, especially in the Home Loan one. It will help you with the application procedure and also with the different steps that you need to follow so as to have a successful application.

I would know like to mention some of the reasons this loan is great:

-The company will always help you with the application by giving you the chance of a pre application, so that you can be qualified beforehand.

-Better Life will offer you an insurance to protect the house you want to purchase.

-Better life consultants will examine your personal case and try to find a house that matches your needs and your pocket as well

-You will not need to finance any administrative fees with this company

-No paper work carried out by you

- Access too many banks, so that the chances of being a good applicant, and thus eligible, can increase.

-Better Life´s service during the lending procedure is given for free.

Now, let move on by focusing on the other loan for Boksburg residents:


If you have already obtained your house by applying for the previous loan, you now need to get appliances, decorations, assets and further objects so as to have the house you always wanted. It can be made possible with a Personal Loan. In this case, the one given by Better Life, can be acquired through the support of Direct Axis Financial Services.

Take a look at the many uses you can give this loan:

-Paying bond rates

-Financing transportation and moving fees


-Paying for transfer credits

-Paying bills

-Buying furniture and appliances

    By applying for this Personal Loan, you can have access to R 5000 but also R 150 000. You are able to increase the amount by asking for R 1000 each month. Of course, this will entirely depend on your financial status.

    Regarding the repayments, the company gives you freedom to pay for it in about 6 years but there are smaller periods of 2 years as well. The installments are monthly ones and the interest rates are fixed.

What about the application procedure?

If interested in applying for this loan, you can start it in the company´s official website, where you will find a section destined to applicants. You will just need to provide them with your personal and financial data and they will call you as soon as possible with the results. Such procedure will not take more than a few days, so please be patient while the company examines your case and gives you feedback as a possible applicant for their Personal Loan and their Home Loan.

Once your application is approved, the company will transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Some of the requirements for their loans are:

-Being 18 years old, the majority of age, or more

-Residing in the country

-Holding a proper credit history

-Earning on a monthly basis at least R5000

-Gathering all the documentation with your personal and financial data, including Id, bank statements, and proofs of residence, certificate of income, bills and bank account details.



You can make one phone call by dialing up the following number: 0800 007 111. That phone is accessible if you phone from 08:00 am to 17:00. Of course, from Monday to Fridays. The company is closed on public holidays and even on weekends, so phone them during the week and a member from Better Life will give you an answer to your inquiries.

IN PERSON (close to Boksburg)

There are two offices near Boksburg:

-One of the offices very closely located to the area of Boksburg is situated in Durban, in the area of Berea in Musgrave. The precise address is Musgrave Road 95. It has the same opening hours as the ones I have provided for the phone number above.

- There is a second physical office of the company, whose data is provided in the following chart:


R 5000 to R 150 000

Interest Rate

Fixed by the National Credit Act of 2005

Telephone Number



Centurion. Centurion Office Park. Found when you enter Centurion Central. Precise location: 1275 Embankment Road.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays


The ones mentioned above and the documentation

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This is the ideal means for communicating with the company, since you can not only get information about their two loans, but also about the insurance I told you about so as to protect your house. What is more, you can get data about their services as well as news. And, as said before, there exists the possibility of making use of their quick calculator and seeing what is your affordability.

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Is the phone number a free one?

Yes it is

Is the phone number available 24/7?

No, the schedule has been given in the contact section

How can I apply for a loan in person?

You simply go to an office and one of their consultants will orient you

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