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Can I Obtain a Better Life Home Loan? Calculator and Contact Information

    In the following article, you will be given all the information you necessitate regarding the Home Loan granted by this wonderful company, Better Life, and you will also obtain data about their Personal Loan, which is a loan that is ideal so as to maintain the house you always wanted and improve it with the passing of years by purchasing new assets and appliances. Then, of course, you will be given contact information of Better Life in South Africa, including phone numbers and the addresses of physical offices in the country.


With the establishment of this loan clients can observe how their dream of possessing a house for their family can be possible, thanks to the financial support of Better Life. It has created an agreement with different institutions, among which we can find some banks, which give clients safety in terms of the loan and the money they are investing in them.

Why is Better Life Home Loan the ideal program for clients?

It is considered one of the best loans to achieve housing objectives since this company is aimed at working together with the client and helping him/her with the application procedure, and also giving them the advice they are looking for in such a long process.

I will know list some of the reasons why this loan is perfect for you:

-The company will help you throughout the whole application process, as you will be able to receive pre-qualification and be notified beforehand about your status as an applicant

-You will be given a special insurance that enables you to protect your house, the one you have obtained through the loan. This is a guarantee for every customer.

-Better Life will be in charge of finding the right house for you, based on your preferences and your budget. You will not be made to pay administrative expenses or any other cost that this process may carry.

-The company gives you access to an application with multiple banks in the country, so as to magnify your chances as a possible applicant

-You will not be made to pay extra charges for this service.


Thanks to the alliance between Better Life and Direct Axis Financial Services, their clients can obtain a loan for their personal needs. They can acquire any type of asset they want to as to improve the house they have just gotten through the Home Loan.

What are the multiple uses you can give to this loan?

-Financing bond costs

-Paying for moving costs

-Financing shortfalls

-Paying transfer rates

- Covering Expenses

As regards the amounts obtainable, the company allows you to apply for a minimum of R 5000 but also a maximum of R 150 000, and it also gives you the great chance of increasing such amount by adding R 1000 every 30 days.

When it comes to repayments, the company expect you to repay for the loan in about 2 years, but this period can extend to 6 years as well. The interest rates will be fixed and you will be paying monthly installments. All the rates are regulated by the National Credit Act of 2005.


It can be carried out in the company´s website by filling a form with your information. And, if it happens that you qualify for one of their loans, you will be called by one of their agents as soon as possible. Such application procedure will last a couple of minutes and you might have to wait for the call for about 2 days.

Here are the requirements for a Better Life Loan:

-Being 18 years old or more

-Being a South African citizen

-Having a proper credit record

-Earning at least R5000 on a monthly basis

-Submitting all the documentation: copy of your personal ID, proof income, statements from the bank, income of the place you work for and bank account details as well.


This is a wonderful tool to check your affordability. It gives you information about price, deposit made, interest rates and repayments. You will need first to give the calculator the data of your income and expenses. For instance, if you ask for a loan of R 50 000 with a deposit of R 500, the interest rate will be that of 10,25% and you will make repayments of R 485,91.  This calculator can be found in the company´s website and you can also take advantage of a chart Better Life has created with the different rates.



You can make a phone call to the company if you choose to dial up 0800 007 111. Such number is available during weekdays that is Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. The company remains closed during public holidays and on weekends.


-One of their offices is closely located to Durban in the area of Berea. It is found in Musgrave. The exact address of the office is:  Musgrave Road 95.

-There is an additional office situated in Cape Town. It is located in Century City. You will find it inside Fusion Quarter. The exact address is:  Waterford Place, Block 4, 1st floor.

-There is another physical office of the company, whose information is provided in the following chart:


From R 5000. Extensions of 1000 on a monthly basis

Interest Rate

Fixed by the National Credit Act of 2005

Telephone Number



Centurion in the Centurion Office Park. Located inside Centurion Central. Exactly located at: 1275 Embankment Road.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays 08:00 am to 05:00 pm


South African resident and submitting the documentation named above

Find the best loan of South Africa

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You can also contact Better Life for a Home Loan by entering its website, which is full of data about more loans, insurances, a section for questions asked by clients, news about the financial field and a section for sending messages.

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Is the bank open on Christmas?

Not on public holidays

What about administrative fees?

Those are paid by Better Life

Can I finance the loan with my debit card?

Yes you can

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