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Can I Obtain Better Bond Personal Loans With My Budget?

   Betterbond is a wonderful company, well established in the country due to its experience with loans and happens to offer a special Personal loan that enables clients to purchase the house of your dreams. And why is it a personal loan? Because it deals with one of the main need have South Africans, which is a personal one, to purchase their own home.

What steps must be followed?

1. Prequalification

2. Choosing the house you want

3. Making an offer

4. Financing your future house

5. Happiness achieved


-What is the prequalification for Betterbond Personal loans?

This stage can be fulfilled very easily and it has the advantage of letting customers know whether they can purchase a house with their money or not. It calculates exact amounts of money clients have access to. But of course, together with the prequalification steps, some stages need to be taken into consideration, such as contacting the company the moment you know you need a Personal loan and starting the prequalification procedure so as to submit documents and let the company acknowledge your financial status. That is really simple to make. Depending on how much money you can afford, the company will offer a specific loan.

Now, once you got to find the house of your dreams you can choose the offer for purchase and get in touch with the company´s team so as to be given comments on the application. So, you are sending the offer together with the application to Betterbond, for a Personal loan. And what step follows? Giving your data to many banks in the country, to find the best loan possible. That is carried out by Betterbond.


If you are interested in finding the perfect home, here are some tips:

+Calculating exact amounts of money you will be spending to make sure you can afford them

+Calculating that you will use 28% of your salary at least to cover costs related to the loan

+Selecting how much time you will spend in the house you wish to acquire. If you want to say for instance for a period of 5 years, then that is a good period since you get to access to the equity of the house and save some money to purchase a new one in the future.

+Bear in mind in which neighborhood is your future house located, so as to experience its surroundings and the people that live nearby. Take into account further costs you might need to afford such as appliances and furniture.

+Bear in mind the many costs of moving from one place in the country to another, which are really considerable at times

+Look for an area that really matches your needs and the kind of life you live and that is also secure for you and your family. Most people bear in mind the fact that the context is full of restaurants, malls, schools, libraries, offices and so on.

+Negotiate in nice terms with the older owners of the house, which will for sure give you useful tips of advice regarding the house and its neighborhood, as well as its maintenance


If you know how much money you have available and you know also some details to bear in mind when choosing a house, then you can make an offer for purchase. You will contact the members of this company and wait until they assist you during the application, so as to give you useful pieces of information. You will submit the application and the company will contact immediately many banks in your area, to make sure you are given the best Personal loan for your house.


This is the last step and the most important one, since you will observe by using the company´s calculator how much money you will need, as the calculator observes your monthly income, your expenses and calculates interest rates and total amounts given. For example, if you choose R 3000 000, you can pay it bank in 20 years by paying installments whose interest rates are of 0,5%.

I really recommend you to try the calculator and check your affordability by giving your personal and financial data to the company. So, beforehand you know how much you can afford-


If your aim is to get a Personal loan with Betterbond, let me tell you its means of communication inside the country:

In person

-One branch is found very near to Johannesburg, in Randburg. The address is 17 Alice Street. The area is called Windsor West.

-Another branch of the company is found in Porth Elizabeth, in the Newton Park. The exact address is 35 3rd Avenue. It is open during business hours just like the previous office mentions, only on weekdays. Closed during holidays.

In the following chart you are given information about a branch situated in Rustenburg:


R 3000 000 or more

Interest Rate

Competitive  rates

Telephone Number

0800 007 110


Rustenburg at161 Kruger Street

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays 08:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African  and good credit record

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The website of the company happens to be truly beneficial for clients that look to connect with their members through internet. There, they can make use of online calculators, fill in forms with their data, and even download the different apps of the company so as to use it in their laptops or cellphones. They also get the chance of getting prequalification so as to know beforehand if they are good applicants for the loan they want. Finally, the company has a special section destined to finding addresses of many other branches distributed all over the country. So, if you happen to travel, you can still reach Betterbond in another city.

By phone

You can directly make a phone call to Betterbond and begin the application right from here. The following number is the one you must dial up from home: 0800 007 111

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Questions and answers

I am still a student and I have a Capitec bank card. I need a loan of R500 do i qualify?

Betterbond does not offer personal loans, so this will not be your way to go. This institution offers bonds to buy or build houses. If you are a student and you do not work there are few ways in which you can ask for a loan. Please refer to our articles to find out how to ask for a loan without a job.

Can clients refinance loans?

There are refinancing options

Will I need to create another bank account?

The one you possess is fine

How do I communicate with banks?

Better Bond takes care of that

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