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Is Porth Elizabeth A Place To Find Better Bond Loans?

   There are definite steps you need to trail so as to obtain the credit of your dreams with Better Bond Home Loans. For that reason, in this article you will have access to lots of information regarding the many steps,  tips and  contact facts of Betterbond Home Loans, which is existent in South Africa and can be communicated with by multiple means, such as phone, email box, or by going in person to local branch and get personalized attention.



What is the prequalification for Better Bond Home Loans?

This phase is super stress-free to be accomplished and it is an unlimited chance of knowing in advance whether you can have enough money for a Home Loan or not. It gives you the precise numbers in terms of money you are allowable to pay back. Furthermore, it suggests customers a certain degree of trustworthiness when they are facing vendors of their upcoming houses. So, it is totally suggested that you have with you all your financial data, which will help to constitute the proofs of your financial position and will be carefully inspected by the associates of the company once they are acquiesced.

What steps can make up this prequalification procedure?

a. Telephoning the company once you have defined that you need a Home Loan

b. Experience the prequalification procedure and submit the different papers, so that the corporation can assess on your condition. Once that phase is done, the company can give you a credential that will endure for 3 months. So, by having knowledge about the quantity of money you can pay for, you are more than prepared to apply for the Home Loan.

c. The moment you know for sure which is the home of your dreams and you can choose an offer to acquire it, you will interact with the members of the company with the purpose of receiving guidance regarding the application. Thus, the offer together with the application are conducted to the company. Formerly, Betterbond will give all the banks your documentation and pick the best deal likely to help you purchase your house.


     There are some useful tips you might bear into consideration when deciding on your future home:

+Analyze how much money you will necessitate to spend, as you need to make sure you have the funds for all the costs that come along with a credit

+Make sure you are able to use 28% of your salary in order to make payments

+Take into consideration for how much long will you be living in the home you want in Porth Elizabeth. For example, if your idea is to stay for more than 5 years in such house, you have the opportunity of building equity on it so as to pay monthly installments of the loan

+Take into account the district and the persons around it, so it is a virtuous way to involve within the context in which you would be living in. Pay detailed attention to the different equipment you might want to include in your home and how much do they cost.

+Take into account the prices of moving from one residence to the other one

+Find a zone that matches your routine and has a good status in terms of safety. Bear in mind if the part chosen has different spaces to socialize or is one that is close to parks, cafeterias, public library, etc. Look for a household where there are schools neighboring, which is really worthy for your children´s education

+Try to negotiate in respectable terms, think of the fact that the maximum of buyers look to offer their homes to a household or a purchaser that really looks forward to spending its life there


     The moment you distinguish how much cash you can afford together with the diverse facts I stated above, according to your life, then you are prepared to acquiesce one offer. How is that done? By contacting the memberships of the company that will assuredly back you during the entire submission for the Home Loan.

   Once you have submitted the request, Betterbond will transport it to the most central banks and find the greatest deal so that you do not excess in terms money on procedures and the paperwork that needs to be carried out.


     As an example, if you are considering competitive interest rates and you need a loan of this amount: R 3000 000, the firm can provide you with a loan whose interest  rates are these ones: 0,5% and  that will allow you to save currency on the submission as well. How much money will you be saving? Almost R 1000. Besides, you will be given funding periods of 20 years.

    In the website of the firm, customers can try the virtual calculator to appreciate more examples and in such place, they will be made to pick the total amount they wish to obtain, their monthly income, the net monthly income and which expenses they pay. As a result, they get information regarding repayments and interest rates.


Communicating with this company in Porth Elizabeth turns out to be truly modest and quick, because there are numerous means of communication that South Africans have in their hands:

In person

In the following chart to are given data about a branch in Porth Elizabeth:


R 3000 000, payable in 20 years

Interest Rate

Competitive fixed rates

Telephone Number

0800 007 111


Newton Park. 35. 3rd Avenue

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African  and updated documentation with financial data

Find the best loan of South Africa

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