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Can I Apply for a Better Bond Loan if I Live in Durban? Contact Numbers and Reviews.

      Do you live in Durban and need to have your own house? Are you worried because you should start house hunting but the simple thought of it stresses you? Do you need to apply for a loan but don’t know how much money can you afford to ask for? You don’t need to waste more of your energy on that. We are here to inform you about Better Bond Home Loans. We will go over the steps you should take into account when starting the process. We will also tell you how you can contact them.

Better Bond Contact Number        

     Let’s start by how to contact Better Bond. If you live in Durban, you are lucky. You will find one of their branches in your own city. It address is 95 Musgrave Road and the phone number is (031) 277 9000.  Another possibility if you live in any other part of South Africa is to contact their head office in Randburg city. The complete address is Block 9 Pendoring Office Park 299 Pendoring Road, and the phone number is 0860 555 540. But that’s not all, Better Bond has many branches along South Africa. You can find them in Bloemfontein, Eastern Cape, Johannesburg and Western Cape among others.   

    Now, we will tell you a little about this institution. Better Bond is a bond originator, which means that they provide home buyers with a service that helps them with the application. They are in charge of presenting your offer to the banks and avoid you a big amount of errands that can sometimes be really time-wasting. Better Bond appeared when mortgage origination was in its early stages in the year 2001. In 2003, they joined PA Homeloans becoming South Africa’s second biggest originator and, since then they have grown to include other well-known names in the industry, and they have lent a hand to many South Africans in the process of becoming a house owner.         

        Now that you know a little more about Better Bond, we will refer to the process you need to deal with to work with them, and we will also show you a brief example.      

       Let’s start with the steps. First, you should get in contact with Better Bond in order to be pre-qualified for a loan. Second, they will require you to show some documents as evidence of your current state. Along with these documents, they will also put you under credit check and financial assessment. Once they have all this information they will calculate and tell you how much money you can borrow — we will show you an example of this later for you to understand this procedure better-. They will also issue a certificate that will prove that you are pre-qualified for the loan. This document will be valid for 3 months, which is the time you have to look for your perfect house. Third, when you find your dream house and you decide the offer you want to submit to buy it, you get in contact with experts from Better Bond, and they will guide you through the home loan application. Lastly, you should send them the application and your OTP (Offer to Purchase). The rest is in charge of Better Bond as they will upload your information to the banks, and they will discuss and negotiate the best deal for your home loan.    

Find the best loan of South Africa

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       You should keep in mind two important points. One of them is that if you need to, you can also get in touch with one of their partner estate agencies, and they can also guide you through the house search. And the other point is that you will not pay any of this previous steps as this service is free of charge for Better Bond's clients.    

      Let’s see the example I mentioned before. Say, for instance, that your gross salary per month is of R 8,000 and your net salary is of R 7,000. Your total monthly expenses are of R 4,500 and you want a 20 months repayment term. Considering all this information and an interest rate of % 10, 25 the amount of the loan would be of R 244,487.97, the monthly repayment would stay on R 2,400.00 and the total interest would be of R 331,512.03. Providing this data to the bank, you can have an estimate of the amount of money you can spend before starting to look for your new home. This is really helpful to avoid searching in the wrong direction. As you know how much money you have, you can direct the search to a specific range.

Useful Facts.

— You will get through the whole process helped by experienced home loan consultants, from beginning to end.

— As Better Bond will take care of sending your application to all SA banks, you are only required to apply once.

— You can compare all the offers head to head to go for the one that benefits you the most.

— You enjoy expert’s guidance on the process free of charge.

— They help you calculate an estimate before applying for the loan to have a clear direction where to look.

Better Bond Reviews

         Clients that have worked with Better Bond claim that they are satisfied with the service. They admit they wouldn’t have been able of receiving such a good deal on their own. As they were provided with different loan options, they could compare interest rate deals and choose the best one for them. In this way they could lower interest rates reaching, in some cases, even up to 0,5%.

      Other currentclients also agree that although their personal banks gave them a good deal, they didn’t have the opportunity to compare different options as Better Bond offers. So, they lost the chance of receiving the best deal for them. That’s why they decided to turn to Better Bond and try to get the most out of the loan.

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Questions and answers

Can I apply for a loan if I’m not pre-qualified?

No, pre-qualification is compulsory.

Do I have to pay extra fee?

No, this service is free of charge.

Can I find a branch in Randburg?

Yes! The Head Office is in Randburg.

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