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Does Better Bond Offer Home Loans in Bloemfontein? Reviews, Contact Numbers and Requirements.

        Do you need to purchase a house? Do you want to get the best rate in a home loan? If you answered “yes” to the previous questions and you happen to live in Bloemfontein this article is right for you. We will give you some reviews from home buyers, tell you where you can contact Better Bond and guide you through the process to make it easier for you to understand it.

Better Bond Reviews 

      Let’s start with reviews we collected from previous and current clients for you to know at first-hand how Better Bond works. All in all, most of them agree that Better Bond has fulfilled their expectation. Not only have they reached an irresistible deal, but they were also able of avoiding the hassle of dealing with all banks and the big number of application forms. They state that having to comply with documents and applications forms and so on only once, allowed them more free time to dedicate their time to the fun part of the process, which is looking for their dream house. Moreover, home buyers say they had a vast amount of offers to choose from as Better Bond works with a big net of banks. 

       This allowed them to get the lowest rate possible on their home loans, saving a lot of money they could spend on furniture for their new house. Some clients also confess that they could have worked with their personal banks but, even though they would obtain a nice deal, they wouldn’t get such an enticing outcome for their rate as, for example, 0,5%. Finally, the also point out its friendly and polite service. So, you know you will enjoy their experts' guidance.

      Now, let’s see the requirements Better Bond asks for and the process you must follow to apply for a loan. To start with, you have to be a South African citizen and you have to be pre-qualified for a home loan. This pre-qualification will serve as an extra benefit as sellers will trust on your financial status.

   Let’s talk about the process you need to follow in order to work with Better Bond.

1. Once you decide to go for a home loan, you must get in contact with Better Bond in order for them to pre-qualify you.

2. You should send them specific documents and fill in the application form, but don’t worry, they will help you through the entire process. This include calculating the amount of money you are capable to ask for, and how much money can you afford to repay monthly. This is really helpful for you to know from the beginning what kind of house you can afford to buy.    Let me show you an example: let’s imagine that your gross salary is of R 10,000, your net salary is of R 9,000, every month you spend about R 6,000 on your expenses and that you would like a repayment term of 10 years. Providing Better Bond with this information they will help you calculate if you can afford to ask for a home loan or you better try to look for another repayment term for example. In this case, they would tell you that you can borrow a total loan amount of R 227,013.49 and that your monthly repayment would be of R 3,000. This is a great advantage for you as you can calculate beforehand which would be the perfect rate for you, along with knowing how much money you can afford to repay the loan. In this way, you can calculate if you would prefer a short or long repayment term.

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  3. You will be under financial assessment and credit check to know you can get into a home loan.

4. Better Bond will issue a pre-qualification certificate that will give you credibility and will state how much money you can borrow. This certificate will be valid for a period of 3 months.

5. Being pre-qualified and knowing the amount of money you can spend, you can start the search for the house of your dream.

6. When you find that house, you should decide on the offer to purchase, get in contact with Better Bond and their experts on home loan will guide you through the home application.

7. You should send them the offer to purchase and the application form and Better Bond will submit this information to the banks and negotiate the best outcome for your home loan.

8. Finally, when you get the rate you expect you are ready to close the deal, get your loan and purchase your house.

     Remember that this service has no additional cost for you, so don’t worry about an unexpected extra fee.

Better Bond Contact Numbers

         As I mentioned before, if you live in Bloemfontein you can find a Better Bond local branch near you. The complete address is 7 Collins Road and the phone number you can call is (051) 430 7888. Either way, they have opened many branches around South Africa, so if you don’t live in Bloemfontein you can call the number 0800 007 111 to apply for a home loan and find out which is the closest branch to your house. Bear in mind they have a total of 10 branches so you will probably find one in your own city.

       Some of those branches are: in Western Cape, the phone number is (021) 555 – 4220 and the address is Waterford Place, Block 4, Century Boulevard. In Pretoria the phone number is (012) 663 2637 and the address is Centurion Office Park Block B 1st Floor 1257 Embankment Road. In North West Province the phone number is (014) 594 2191 and the address is 161 Kruger Street.InKwaZulu Natal the phone number is (031) 277 9000 and the address is 95 Musgrave Road.InJohannesburg West the phone number is (011) 767 8800 and the address is 291 Ontdekkers Road.

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Questions and answers

How long before I know if I qualify?

You can check if you qualify for a bond at Better Bond online! You can use the affordability application and see if you will be able to ask for a loan. If your question was when you will find out if your bond is approved or not, that may take a week, approximately.

Can I calculate the interest rate before appliyng for the loan?

Yes, they will help you to have an estimate.

Can I avoid the pre-qualification step ?

No, it's a requirement.

Will I be under credit check?

Yes, you'll be under credit check before being pre-qualified.

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