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Is Johannesburg Eligible to Apply For Better Bond Home loans?

    If you are living in Johannesburg and you are looking to purchase the house of your dreams, it can be possible if you resort to Better Bond Home loans. That is right, they have special loans, which can be accessed by clients once their affordability is checked. As the process of being granted a Home Loan happens to be quite complicated or not understandable at times, in the following article you will be given details regarding tips and different steps that must be followed to successfully be granted a Better Bond Home Loan.

Johannesburg citizens must follow 4 steps:


    What can I find in the prequalification stage?

During this stage, clients can complete a form with their data really quickly and can get to know if they can afford a loan or if the answer to it is negative. It gives them some credibility when dealing with different sellers, that are offering clients their homes. So, as said at the beginning, if you would like to know whether your budget is enough for a Home Loan in Johannesburg, you might wanna prequalify for it first.

   Do I need to follow steps? Yes, the following ones:

a.Contact Better Bond once you know that a Home Loan is needed

b.Prequalify for a loan you are interested in and submit updated documentation so that the company can get to know what your current financial situation is. You will receive a certificate that lasts up to 3 months, and then you can easily begin the application for the loan.

c.Once you have searched and found for the home you want, you can make an offer, and it functions really easily: you will just need to contact the company to receive some advice in terms of application procedures. You will be sending your offer and the application form to Better Bond. After that, the company contacts several banks that offer Home loans in Johannesburg.


This second step comes along with useful pieces of advice for Johannesburg citizens:

+Taking into consideration the money they will have to spend, and that includes every type of cost related to the loan

+Bearing in mind that they will need to make use of at least 28% of their salaries

+Having in mind the period of time in which they will be staying in their future home. If for instance, they have in mind staying for 5 years that period is enough so as to build equity on their future home and being able to finance a new one some years later.

+Take a look at the neighborhood in which the house is situated in, so as to gain knowledge about places for socialization such as parks, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, schools and also libraries

+Pay attention to the costs generated of moving from your old house to the new one

+Looking for an area in which you will feel comfortable and you imagine living in, one that matches the sort of life you would like to live. Also find an area that is secure, where your kids can go nearby without the supervision of adults all the time.

+Make fair negotiations, so as to consider also the different needs of the people selling you their previous home. Try to find a good price, but also get advice from previous owners.


Once you, as a client, know how much money is needed to afford a Home Loan and the different tips I gave you above, you can submit your personal offer. You will contact one of the members of the company and they will help you with the application. Then, your personal and financial data will be sent by them to many banks located in Johannesburg, so as to get the best loan possible for sure.


Here comes the interesting part, paying for the loan you are acquiring. And it happens to be carried out easily. If for example you ask the bank for R 3000 000, they will offer financing periods very long of as much as 20 years and they give you the chance of saving R 1000 on the total amount of the loan. The interest rates will be of 0,5 %.

If interested in calculating your affordability, please try the company´s calculator found in their website, where you will write your monthly income, net income, the expenses you pay and then the calculator will give you dull details regarding total amount that can be granted and the interest rates and financing periods available.


Lets see how is it possible to communicate with Better Bond in Johannesburg:

In person

As you know personalized attention happens to be really important, because it is a quick and effective way of interacting with the members of the company and obtaining many details of the Home Loan you are interested in. Which is why, in the following chart you have full data about a branch, closely located to Johannesburg, in Randburg.


R 3000 000 financed in 20 years

Interest Rate

Competitive interest rates that adapt to your budget

Telephone Number

0800 007 111


17 Alice Street. Windsor West. Near Johannesburg

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm


South African citizens, prequalification approved.

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Inside the official website of Better Bond, which is a really modern one, you can begin an application by completing forms, use the calculator to see your affordability in terms of future loans and also download a special app the company has developed, which can be used in tablets, phones and computers. You can also get access to the branches section, to gain knowledge about the addresses of all the branches Better Bond has in the country. Of course, many of those branches are really close to Johanesburg, which means that its citizens can easily acquire Home loans without problem.

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Can everyone build equity?

After a couple of years yes

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Sure, for not complying with installments

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On a monthly basis

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