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Can I Get Bayport Online Loans? Application and Contact Details

     Are you looking for a loan to solve your monetary problems? Let me congratulate you for arriving here, you will receive all the information you need about a company that offers Online Loans, loans that can be easily obtained online, from your computer. That is right, Bayport has designed three different loans whose application can be initiated in their website.

   Thus, in this article you will receive complete data about those 3 loans and also data about application, calculator and their system for obtaining more than one loan at a time. Then of course you will be given their contact information. So, please keep on reading.


The type of loan you need if you are the client that wants to finance the loan in a short period of time, without having to worry about paying during several months for the same credit. You can make use of this money to buy medical bills, expenses in your house, educational fees, and events´expenses and so on. You will be given from 3 months to a maximum of 9 to finance it.


But, if you need a longer period, then this loan can be ideal for you. You can finance it in 1 year or even 2 years.

What can you do with a loan like this one?

-You can finance your children´s tuition at school

-You can pay your bill for going to the doctor

-You can pay any trip you would like to make

-You can purchase products for the farm you own

-You can improve your company by buying appliances and objects for it

-You can buy new furniture for your house or apartment


Lastly, if the loans described above are not enough, you can choose the longest one. You have from 36 months to 60 to finance it. You can buy things or possessions whose value is really high, such as a car, a house, a boat, an apartment and the list can go forever I can assure you. One important aspect of this loan is that you can be given guidance from the members of the staff of the company so as to have all the information you need in the process of lending.

Now, in the introduction of the article I mentioned that you can obtain more than one loan at a time, and you know why? Because they have created their system called Micro Group Lending, which is a process through which their clients undergo for 6 weeks so as to be trained and then they can easily apply for their loans.

The application for a Bayport Online Loan

-As this is an online loan, I will mention that you can enter from your laptop to the company´s official website where you will be asked to complete with your personal and financial data. You can also send a short message to the company requesting that they contact you so as to begin the application without complications

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-Such application will last a couple of minutes

-You will get to know if you are eligible or not by waiting 10 minutes


If you are familiar with loans you probably know that you are expected to submit your bank statements, pays lips showing how you spend your money and also you’re ID. Try to gather all the documentation once the application starts, so as to avoid any future delays that become an obstacle in obtaining the loan you desire. That is just my advice.

CALCULATOR FOR AN ONLINE LOAN: A wonderful tool is provided for future clients that are planning to apply for a loan but are not sure about their affordability or the different rates they will be made to pay at the end of each month. If you decide to apply for a R 50 000 loan and you need about 36 months to complete its financing, then Bayport will offer monthly installments of R 2500 and you will end up paying the totality of the loan in three years as you requested.


-You can always phone the company by dialing up 087 287 4000 from your house and giving the staff of the company all the information they request you

-You can send an email from the comfort of your computer, by typing the following email address, so make sure to keep it: Usually, when you get a response, you will need to attach a copy of your documentation so that the company observes it and the procedure for the application can start right away.

-You have the chance of sending a fax to the following number with your documentation: 086 634 8360.

-You get the chance of entering their website and finding out more about their services and products, but you can also see their page on Facebook so as to keep updated about their new products and services. In such fan page the company constantly posts information regarding updates, new services and special discounts clients get access to whenever they apply for one of their loans. Moreover, those clients that recommend the company to one of the members of the family, will also get important discounts.

-You can also go in person to one of its offices in Pretoria, which is in Pretoria Central, inside the so called Metropolitan Building, on 228 Pretorious Street. Or, there is another office close to this one found in Krugersdrop when you enter the Standard Bank Building on 39 Human Street. Those two offices are open during weekdays, which means that you will not find them open on weekends or holidays. Please go there during business hours and you will be able to talk with their members.

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Questions and answers

I need a loan of r150000.00 in long term. I need to close my loans and pay my credit card

It seems that what you’re looking for is a Consolidation Loan and, luckily, Bayport offers such loans. Bayport gives you the opportunity to take more money than the amount you need to cover your liabilities, as long as your credit assessment allows it. If you take that extra money, Bayport will open a My Money account for you free of charge to deposit that extra money into it.

I need a loan; how can I pay for it at Bayport?

At Bayport, you have few alternatives to get the financial support you’re requesting. For example, you can take a retail loan to make debit orders every month to pay for the installments. Or, you can take payroll loans to have your employer making such payments before they deposit your salary. This means, they will take the installment amount, make the payment to Bayport and then, you’ll receive the rest of your payroll, making everything much simpler for you.

Can you tell me about a long term loan with Bayport?

Of course! There’s a new loan product, Car Title loan. This product will allow you to take a rather high amount of money for a longer time. This is possible as you can use your car as security of the loan. It’s important to point out, you might have a 5.5% interest rate and, the best part is that you are allowed to drive the car while paying for the installments.

Is their phone number a free one?

Yes it is

How long do I have to wait for email response?

Not more than a day

I want to start a business to sell food but the problem is I need money to start, can Bayport help me?

Bayport issues personal loans, not business loans, but, either way, you may find it useful. Their higher quote to borrow is R 200000, which clearly can help a lot. The problem with this type of loan is that you must have a steady income in order to be approved. Another solution could be found with GENFIN as; they do offer loans thought to help south Africans when opening a new business.

How long will it take to get the approval for a short term loan?

The time to finally get the authorization for the loan may vary due to certain factors. One of them relates to the documentation you submit: as long as they can be read without problem and they are valid, you can facilitate that part of the process. Another factor is that Bayport needs a couple of days to go over all your documents and information to present you their offer. These may be around 2 or 3 working days. After that, you can count with the money.

I need a loan to build my home. Does Bayport offer home loans?

Home loans are not among the products Bayport provides to their customers. You can make use of a Bayport loan to furniture the house or redecorate it maybe, but not to build it. In this case, a renowned company is Better Bond Home Loans. As they allow the applicant to choose form different banks to work with, their clients can get really ow rates.

Can I apply for a loan with Bayport?

Before starting the application request, take advantage of the calculator to have an idea of the cost of the loan. Then, when you get online or, approach one of their branches, make sure to have the documents detailed in the article ready to make the process go faster. Finally, when you get the quote and rate for your loan, you make the decision of taking the loan or not.

Do I have to pay something before I take a loan with Bayport?

No, you can use their online calculator totally free of charge to discover an estimate cost of the loan and, be capable of adjusting the amount for your convenience. Then, application is also free of charged and, in this step, you’ll get the official rates and terms before the final decision. Once you agree on the terms, you arrange with Bayport when to pay for the first instalment.

Can I get a Bayport personal loan?

First, if you comply with the requirements and possess the right documents, you can apply to get a personal loan with Bayport. Second, if your credit record is high and, the affordability assessment the company carries out is positive, you will receive an offer from Bayport for a sum of money and terms thought specially to fit your budget. Third, if you accept those terms, you’ll be on your way to get the money you need.

Good day. How long does it take to get an approval?

Hello! After you present the application form with your personal and working data and, the loan terms you need, Bayport will compute the application almost immediately and request you to present the documents that prove your identity and income. Once you send those documents, it will take just a couple of labour days for the entity to finish

How can I contact the bank on weekends?

In their website

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