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Can I Find Bayport Loans in Kempton Park? Contact Information and Application

    In the following article you will be exposed regarding the different loans you can find in Kempton Park through the support of several companies, among which we can find Bayport. That is right, even though this company does not possess any physical locations in Kempton Park, their citizens can still have access to their variety of loans since the application can take place through any means, be that by phone, online or email.

    For such purpose, in the next article I will give you all the information you require about the loans found at this company, and that of course includes the application procedure. Moreover, in the contact section of this company I will make reference to another company that happens to possess physical offices in Kempton Park, Nedbank.

What kind of loans Kempton Park have access to?

There are three main loans:


This is perfect loan if you need short periods of time to finance a lending program you are interested in, for instance periods of 9 months will suit your needs and will be great if you desire to purchase the decorations for a party, medical bills and also expenses you need to pay in a daily basis for your holdings.


This loan is just great if you need a period of time which is not so long but at the same time consists of about 2 years. Of course, this period can also be of 1 year if that is what you wish. You can make use of this loan so as to finance your children´s education, medical expenses, farming products and services, to travel around the world and I can assure this list can go on.


This loan is awesome if you want to relax and pay for the loan in about 60 months, but of course you can choose 3 years so as to finish financing your loan. This loan is helpful in situations in which you want to buy a luxurious car, an expensive house or even an office you’re your new business.

What about the application?

Regarding the application, which is a crucial step for obtaining a loan, you must know you have the chance to start it by phone or in the company´s website by simply filling a form with your data. It will not take more than some minutes, so as not to make you waste time on paper work.

There are certain stages to follow:

-Gather documentation

- Submit it online or by fax

-Receive assistance from professionals

-Wait until they tell you if you qualify

-If the answer is yes, you get the money immediately


Citizens will be required to gather documentation such as their personal ID, bank statements from any bank and also some pay slips that cannot be more than three months old. Also, their income will play a significant role at the time of deciding whether he/she is eligible or not for the loan chosen.


As I said above, there are many ways to contact the company if you reside in Kempton Park and cannot go in person to one of their offices:

-You can directly phone the company by dialing up one of their free phone numbers: 087 287 4000

-You can try to send an email from your email box to this address with your information: . This email address happens to be really useful when needing to attach the documentation required for the application.

-You can also send a fax to the company by dialing up the next fax number, which enables you to send documentation as well: 086 634 8360.

-You can surf on the net and get into the company´s fan page on Facebook so as to get more data about their loans and also obtain information through their frequently asked questions

-You can enter the company´s official website or even send a message through Facebook to the firm so as to get information about loans, insurances and also access to their fan section.


In the following chart I will give you precise information about one of their offices:


R 99 000

Interest Rate

Fixed by Nedbank

Telephone Number

11 928 6680


Kempton Park, Festival Mall. Coronel Stewart and Kelvin Street Shop 29 and 30

Working Hours

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm and Mondays Fridays and Saturdays from 08:30 am to 04:00 pm


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    Another office of this company in Kempton Park is located at Coronel West Street and Pine Avenue. Its phone number is 11 977 9900. You can always phone there to ask for data about their loans and it has the same opening hours as the previous office mentioned in the chart.

   A further branch is Coronel Dann and Monument Road, inside shop 23 and 25. It is located inside the Glens Acres Shopping Centre in Glenmora’s. You can phone this office by dialing up:11 391 9200. This company has a similar schedule as the one mentioned above.

   You can also enter Nedbank´s official website so as to get detailed data about their loans, which includes some of the requirements, documentation needed and also features of the loans. You can also begin the application.

   Finally, there is a phone accessible to you, if you have inquiries about this company´s services: 0860 555 111. You can also take advantage of this number if your desire is to begin the application over the phone or you are planning to obtain a second loan and you do not know how to proceed.

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Questions and answers

When can I phone Nedbank´s phone number?

It functions 24/7

Are interest rates fixed?

Yes. They are

How long do I have to wait for the money?

Not more than a day

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