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Can I Obtain Bayport Loans if I Reside in Johannesburg?

    Are you a resident of Johannesburg? Are you tired of not finding the ideal company to grant you a loan? Stop worrying about it, I am sure you will this company very reliable and your life will benefit a loan from their loans. I am talking about Bayport, which in fact has created more than one simple loan to fit your needs.

   Yes, the company has designed 3 loans, which is why in this article you will receive information about all of them and then data about the application procedure, the calculator available in its website and their system that allows clients to access to multiple loans. Of course, at the end of the article you will be given contact details of this wonderful company in Johannesburg.

Having said that, let me introduce you Bayport´s loans for Johannesburg citizens:


The most requested loans by clients that want to finance the loan in no more than 9 months. But, they can of course choose shorter periods such as those of 3 and 6 months. This loan is useful for circumstances in which you need to pay your medical bills or expenses.


This loan is requested by those customers that want medium periods of time to complete the loan, reason for which the company offers them 2 years but also 1 year to finish paying the different installments that come along with Bayport Loans.

How Johannesburg can take advantage of this loan?

-They can quickly finance their children´s tuition in school or university

-They can change their house by buying new furniture

-They can improve their offices if they possess a business

-They can travel around the world

-They can pay expenses

-They can buy decorations

So, for clients that are looking to give a new look to their office or home, this loan is just ideal for them


This loan tends to be requested by those clients that necessitate periods from 36 months to 60, so long periods are ideal for them. Of course this loan serves to cover needs in which high amounts of money are required: a trailer, a house, an apartment or a car. I believe the greatest aspect of this loan is that the client is not alone during the lending process, because the company gives them full assistance throughout the whole period.

As I said before, the company has specifically created a system that enables clients to receive training so as to begin the application without complications and enjoy the lending experience, That is, clients receive training during 6 weeks and then they can apply for as many loans as they want. This is a wonderful chance to be prepared to deal with the different installments and not to get crazy by having to pay installments each month.

The application for Johannesburg citizens

The application for a loan at Bayport´s is really easy and can be made in different ways:

-You can use your computer and complete a from with your data, such as your name, phone number and that is it. Then, the members of the company will phone you so as to request documentation and further data. Or you can go in person to one of the offices of the company and begin the application there.

-The application will never last more than a couple of minutes, so do not worry

-You will quickly get to know whether you are eligible for the loan you have chosen or not

-You can check if you can afford a loan or not by entering the company´s website



You will need little documentation, such as bank statements from the banking company you work with, payslips and also a proof of residence showing you live in Johannesburg. You will also need to submit data regarding your income, so as to determine your budget and affordability at the end of each month.

CALCULATOR: Yes, there is a calculator found in the company´s website as well as in their physical office. You can take advantage of this amazing tool so as to select a loan you are interested in applying for, periods of time you can afford and so on. This is a great chance to see beforehand if the loan you want can be acquired or not and avoid spending lots of time.


There are many ways through which you can contact the company is you reside in Johannesburg, let’s see:

-You can phone the company directly from home by dialing up the number I provide you now: 087 287 4000

-You can try to send an email to the next email address to that you get a response from one of its members and you attach the documentation they ask you to begin the application: Please be patient until they respond you, they will let you know which documentation is required in your personal case.

-You can take advantage of their fax number so as to send the different copies they request you of the documentation needed. The fax number is this one: 086 634 8360.

-One of their offices in Johannesburg is located at 94 For Street, inside Marshall Town. It opens during business hours and remains closed during weekends and holidays, so bear that fact in mind.

-In the next chart you have complete information about another office on Bayport in Johannesburg:


R 100 000 or more

Interest Rate

Completely fixed

Telephone Number



Johannesburg in City and Suburban. Marshall Street

Working Hours

From 08:00 am to 08:00 pm


Residing in South Africa and possessing all the documentation their members request you.

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