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Is Pretoria Eligible for Bayport Loans? Information and Application Procedure

   Is Pretoria where you live at present with your family? Are you desperately looking for a company you can really rely on to give you the financial support you ask? Then, you are in the right place. I can give you information about the different loans Bayport, which is the one of the preferred companies by South Africans, can give you so as to help you with your financial difficulties.

   Thus, in the article you are about to read you will receive data about the many loans Pretoria residents can find in Bayport, which are three. Then, you will get the contact information of this company so as to phone it, send an email or even go in person to one of their offices. I am sure you will benefit a lot from this article.

What kind of loans Pretoria citizens have access to with Bayport?

There are three main loans you will find at this company, let me show you each of them in detail:


I guarantee you this loan is perfect if you are the sort of client that wants to obtain the money, pay what you need and then forget about the loan. You can be given periods of 3 months but they can extend to 9 months as well. As the period of time is short, the amount of money will be low, so the type of things you will be able to afford would be medical bills, expenses generated by your holdings, funeral costs and also the planning of birthdays or weddings.


Regarding this loan, I can tell you that is the preferred one by most clients, because it gives them comfortable financing periods of 1 year but these clients can extend the period to 2 years, which is awesome.

Kind of goals can clients accomplish with this loan:

-Financing educational funds

-Paying for a trip to another country

-Paying for the doctor´s medical bill

-Financing expensive medicine

-Financing products crucial for the farming field


Take a look at this loan, since it will be really useful if you are the sort of client that looks for a loan to be paid in many years. In this case, Bayport can offer you periods of 36 months and also periods of 60 months, you will choose depending on your financial possibilities. The benefit of this loan is that clients get to buy expensive houses or cars because the amounts of money obtained are higher than those corresponding to the other loans, thus any type of asset can be financed with the help of Bayport.

The application procedure for a Bayport Personal Loan

I will give you know some hints regarding the application procedure for Bayport´s loans:

-It can be completed online in the company´s website, in person at one of the offices in Pretoria or over the phone. You choose the medium of communication that suits you best

-The application for the loan cannot last more than half an hour

-You will be requested to submit documentation

Now that we are dealing with the application for a Bayport loan in Pretoria, let me remind you the documentation you will be asked to submit so as to proceed with this stage. You will be required to put forward your ID, a statement from the place you work for, your bank statements, pay slips, bills and also information about your budget. It is strongly advisable that you provide true information, so that the company can proceed with no problems with your application and you receive the money corresponding to your loan in the short time.

Before I move on with the contact information, let me give you some data about the calculator Bayport has created for its clients:

Bayport´s online calculator can be observable in their website and it only asks future applicants to give information regarding the type of loan they are interested in, their budget and that is it. Then, it will give you data about your affordability in terms of a future loan. If you ask for R 50 000 and you want some kind of freedom to finance it, let’s say, 36 months, the bank can offer you monthly installments of R 2500 approximately. It is a great tool to take advantage of before you start with the application, so you make sure you are eligible and you qualify for a loan.


Pay attention to the different ways you can communicate with the company in you live in Pretoria:

-You can establish communication with Bayport by phone, if you dial up the following number I will provide now: 087 287 4000. This number will enable you not only to begin an application but also to clarify doubts that you might have about this company´s products and services.

-You can try to send an email to this company by typing the next email address in your computer: . This is the address their staff members will give you so as to attach the different documentation for the lending procedure.

-You can directly send a fax with the documentation to this fax number: 086 634 8360.

-You can try to enter the company´s website, which is really complete and aims at giving clients all the information they need when trying for the first time the application for a loan. Moreover, if you are a fan of social media, you can find the company on Facebook and send messages from there too.

-You can also contact the company in person in the following physical office in Pretoria:


From R 40 000

Interest Rate

Totally fixed and determined the day of the application

Telephone Number



Pretoria, in the area of Pretoria Central, Building: Metropolitan Building. 228 Pretorious Street

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm


Residing in the country and gathering all the documentation requested

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