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Are There Bayport Loans in Kimberley? Application and Contact Details

    If you are residing in Kimberley and your main worries are your financial problems, then you need a loan to solve them. Thanks God many companies can offer you lending programs. One of those companies in Bayport. Even though it does not have physical offices in Kimberley, your area, it can be contacted by fax, phone, email and more. Which is why, Kimberly citizens can still apply for their loans with no problems.

   However, in this article, apart from giving you information about their loans, I will also mention another company which happens to be present in Kimberley, so that if you want to go in person you and resort to their office, I am talking about FNB.

Three loans available for Kimberley citizens, depending on the length they choose:


Are you looking for short periods of time to pay your loan? Try this loan! You can finance small purchases or bills such as emergency bills, medical ones, and funeral services and also start planning for an important event for the whole family. Installments will last no more than 9 months, but you have the chance of choosing 3 month and 6 month installments.


You can also choose a loan whose duration lasts no more than 2 years but also 1 comfortable year, that is up to you.

Interested in how you can use this loan? Let’s see:

-You can easily finance school or university

-You can purchase new decoration for your apartment

-You can finance a trip to another city

-You can finance airplane tickets

.You can pay for framing products that will be used in the countryside

-You can buy new appliance for the kitchen

So, if you are looking to improve the house you own, or an area of the house such as the kitchen or the zoom, you can apply for this Medium Term Loan. You can also use this loan for the renovation of your business, for sure.


Do you need more time? Try this super long loan! It can last between 3 years to 60 months, a lot right?

The different clients of the company typically make use of this loan in order to buy a new vehicle, a house, a summer house in the hills or even physical offices for their company that is getting bigger with time. The greatest benefit of a loan like this one is that clients are given full attention and assistance from the members of the company. With most companies, clients feel kind of lost during the lending procedure, which is why Bayport is offering them this extra help and support from their staff members.

Applying for a Bayport Personal Loan

-You can begin an application in your house, by filling a form with personal data and also data about your income. Then, the company will phone you

-The application never lasts more than some minutes, so as not to make clients wait a lot of time in the procedure

-Clients are notified whether they are found eligible or not for a lending program

For this application, certain documentation is requested, such as your Personal ID, bank statements from this or another bank, pays lips and also information about the place you work, your income and those details that picture your budget. It is strongly recommended that in the application procedure you give to the company faithful information regarding your finances so that they can find the loan that adapts to your monetary needs.


As said before, even though the company does not have offices in Kimberley, there are other means of communication available:

-By phone: that is by phoning the following number from the comfort of your house: 087 287 4000. This is a free number every citizen has access to

 -You can also send an email to Bayport, to the following email address: Once you receive a response from their member, you will be asked to submit a copy of the documentation requested, in order to proceed with the application procedure.

-You can send a fax to this company with the different copies of your documentation to the next number: 086 634 8360.

-You can easily enter the company´s official website or try to send a message via Facebook to their fan page so as to get information about many other loans, insurances and their fan section. The FAQ section is really helpful for those clients that have never operated with the company and are looking for a way to know how the company works and how to enjoy the lending experience.

Another option in Kimberley: FNB

This company offers similar loans to the three mentioned above and it has physical offices in Kimberley, which is great if you want to apply in person for a loan:


R 50 000 or more

Interest Rate

Fixed by FNB

Telephone Number

53 832 1644


Kimberley. Coronel Long and Bultfontein Road.

Working Hours

Mondays to Fridays from09:00 am to 08:00 pm


South African resident and faithful documentation

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-There is another physical office situated in North Cape Mall, inside 62 Memorial Road, Kimberley. Its phone number is the following one:  87 575 9404. This physical office of the company has similar opening hours as the previous mentioned in the chart.


FNB of course has its official website for you to apply via online for one of their loans you are interested in getting and at the same time you have the chance to obtain information of further services and products that will benefit your financial life.

-By phone

You can communicate over the phone with FNB by dialing their phone number destined to customer service: 0860 102 631. That is a free phone number, so you can call whenever you want without having to pay for such service.

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Questions and answers

Can I still get the loans if the company is not in Kimberley?

Yes you can, all over the country

How do I know my affordability?

You can use Bayport´s calculator in their website

What is the longest financing period?

60 months

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