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Does Bank of Athens offer Personal Loans? Requirements and Contact Details

    Bank of Athens has designed two type of loans, which also serve as Personal Loans for the citizens of South Africa, Home Loans and Car Loans.

   For that reason, if you are interested in obtaining one of their loans, I will give you complete information about the different loans available at this company. Then, I will show you contact details of this company, so that you can easily communicate with their members.

Let’s focus on its three main loans:


This is the main loan requested by South Africans that are looking to satisfy commercial purposes when they need their business to grow and position in the best way in the market. Take a look at the numerous benefits these clients have access to:

-The possibility of purchasing more than one asset to satisfy from commercial to industrial purposes

-Obtaining properties and extending them

-Being able to refinance the client´s home

-Choosing amounts of time to complete the financing of the loan

As further benefits, clients can obtain assistance whenever they need to during the whole process, get the most suitable financing periods and also being able to access to an overdraft that will benefit them in terms of capital.

What do clients need to qualify for this loan?

Clients will be made to submit information of their properties, in terms of finances and personal information of the client. Moreover, the client´s affordability plays an important role at the time of deciding whether the client is suitable or not for such credit. What is more, the client will need to submit the sale agreement, property´s statements, cash statements, asset statements and also rent roles.



The main objective of such loan is to give clients the economic support they need right away, which will enable them to purchase many properties and being able to choose what type of property will they possess in the future. They can even make use of mortgages if that is what they need.

 What type of benefits can Bank of Athens´ clients get from this loan when they finance their own property?

-Clients have the ability to finance their property as long as they agree with the different terms and conditions

-Clients have access to mortgages that have a duration of 20 years, the maximum, but also shorter periods of time are possible

-Clients select financing periods that are short so they pay less at the end of the loan in terms of interest rates

-Interest rates paid by clients are really low when compared to other credit companies

What about the requirements for Bank of Athens Personal Loans?

What will enable the client to obtain a loan will be having all the necessary information as regards its property and also checking if the client can really afford a credit or not.


Now, please pay detailed attention to the documentation requested by Bank of Athens for a loan:

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-You must submit an offer to purchase your desired property

-You must submit a statement of your liabilities and assets

-You must submit information of your current budget

-You must submit your bank information

-You must submit information about your salary and your work

-You must submit the FICA documentation

Before I finish with this article, let’s take a close look at the last loan available at the so known Bank of Athens:


     With this sort of loan clients can easily buy machinery, equipment, material and more for their companies so that they can win the current competition. They can purchase movable assets which do have an important role at the time of increasing your company´s position. Movable assets obtainable by clients through this loan can be for instance a car, a cement mixer, or machines that are really useful for every day work at the office or the industry. So, based on what you need to purchase, you will be given the money that those elements cost.

    I believe this loan is ideal for you if you are looking to expand your current business and you have had a hard time trying to gain prestige in the market due to many emerging companies. Interest rates do not need to be a cause of worries since they tend to be pretty low and competitive and they will be determined by your bank when applying for this loan. You will receive all the information you need before applying for the credit, so do not worry beforehand.

If you liked the information in this article and you would like to obtain one of these loans, you can easily communicate with a manager from the company and obtain responses to all your doubts and inquiries.


Contact Details of Bank of Athens


You can easily go in person by car or by foot to one of its offices in Johannesburg, located at the Wierda Valley. It is exactly founds at 54 Wierda Road, inside Building number 3. This office is in the Greens Business Park, a wonderful place.

If you are in Pretoria or nearby you can go to its office in Pretoria in Nieuw Muckleneuk, exactly located at Fehrsten Street.


If you are a fan of technology, you can enter the company´s official website and complete a form with your information. You can also send an email to the bank to the next email address:

Moreover, the company has created another email address if you need to obtain customer support or you are having a hard time trying to finance a credit you obtained with them. Such email address is: 


You can also establish communication with the bank´s members by phoning them on 0861 102 205 which is a number for clients that are living in the country, but for those living abroad, they can phone directly on 27 (0) 11 634 4300.

So, as you have seen, the bank has developed numerous ways of communication through which you can contact them and satisfy your needs.

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Questions and Answers

Is the bank open on Sundays?
Only on weekdays
What about holidays?
Banks are closed on holidays
Can I obtain two loans?
If you are found eligible of course you can

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