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Are There Bank of Athens Loans in Rustenburg? Contact Details and Requirements

     If you are living right now in Rustenburg and your biggest dream is to make all your financial problems vanish, I have the solution that matches those needs, Bank of Athens.

   Although the bank is not present today in Rustenburg, its services are available to every citizen of South Africa, which means you always have the chance of obtaining its credits.

  In the next article, I will not only give you information regarding three of its loans but also the contact details of this company. Furthermore, I will mention the contact details of a bank that has physical offices in Rustenburg and offers loans that are quite similar: Wesbank.


     As you can probably guess from the name it was given, this loan enables citizens of Rustenburg to purchase whatever property they have in mind, so as to give it commercial, industrial, agricultural or personal usages.

Interested in the benefits of this loan? Take a look at them:

-You can directly buy fixed assets for any type of field

-You can always extend a property of your wish

-You can always make a refinancing of the house you own

-You can choose different financing terms

Will this bank give me further benefits?

Of course it will, for instance you will receive assistance from the bank´s representatives during the whole process of lending and you will be offered financing periods that will adapt to your needs. You will even get an overdraft so as to cover capital needs of your own.

Which are the requirements for a loan like this one?



The main requirement is that you present the documentation belonging to your property, so as for the bank to possess all the necessary information and contact a valuator to make a correct evaluation of your income and your capital. That means that the bank will also check your affordability.



    If you are a businessmen and your biggest aim is to see your business flourish, it can happen thanks to this type of finance that enables clients finance luxurious properties. I am referring to properties that are really hard to acquire without the help of a loan from a bank. What is more, the bank can offer you mortgages whose durations are varied.

By applying for this loan you will sure get these benefits:

-Financing your property once the contract is signed

-Obtaining 20 years mortgages without complications

-Financing the loan in periods set by you and your affordability

-Paying for interest rates that will always be low and competitive

What about the requirements for Rustenburg residents?

 Apart from being examined by the bank to determine affordability and giving the data of the property, you must present documentation such as your offer to buy the luxurious property, statements with your liabilities, bank information, bank statements and also Fica documentation


     This is the last loan, but one of the most requested ones, since clients can establish which asset they will buy with the support of the bank. For instance, they can purchase a motorhome, a car, and machines for the office and also equipment for the industry. Generally, clients apply for this loan when they need to see a change in the development of their business, situation in which they need some financial support to achieve such dreams.

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     Many objectives can be attained with the help of this loan, such as prestige, recognition and responsibility, which are values that will make your business grow for sure. Regarding the interest rates for this loan, they are based on daily expenses and you will observe them each month together with your installments. Of course, such rates are determined by the loan you have applied for and the different risks the company and you are taking with such credit.

Contact Details of Bank of Athens for Rustenburg citizens


One of the ways through which you can establish direct contact with members of this banking company is by entering to its webpage, full of details, which gives you the chance of filling out a form with your data. You can also send an email to a special email address the company Once you send the email, the members of the bank will give you all the details about the loans that you need.

Moreover, there are additional email addresses for getting support from the bank: and also


From the comfort of your home you can make a phone call to the bank, so please dial up the following number:0861 102 205, but if you are calling from a different country you can  just dial up their international phone number, this one: 27 (0) 11 634 4300


As said before, this bank also offers home loans and asset loans, which is also a great option to bear in mind when deciding to apply for a loan, and the good thing is that if you prefer personalized attention, the bank is present in Rustenburg.


You can simply contact WesBank in person, by going directly to one of its offices located at this address: Oliver Thambo. Its numeration is 15. Its phone number is 014 594 9300. You will always find this branch open on weekdays, of course during banking hours.  There is also another office in your city, in the area of Randburg. This branch is found at Fairland, exactly located at 1 Enterprise Road. This office has similar opening hours as the previous one I mentioned.

  Another means by which you can get in touch with this bank is through their phone line: 0861 288 272.  It functions during weekdays, usually from 08 in the morning to 05 in the afternoon and also on Saturdays from 08 in the morning to 12:00 pm.

   You can also enter WesBank´s official website with the purpose of gaining knowledge about further services the bank offers and begin using online banking, which I consider really useful at the time of managing your loan.

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Questions and answers

Can I refinance the loan?

Both companies have refinancing programms

Can I find covers?

In both companies you have insurances available

What is the prime lending rate?

The prime rate is that of 10,50%

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