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Is Porth Elizabeth Eligible for Bank of Athens Loans?

Are you living at present in Porth Elizabeth? Are you searching for sustainable loans? Glad you are here, I have the perfect solution to your financial needs, Bank of Athens.

   Even though this bank does not currently have physical locations in Porth Elizabeth, you can still get access to its services and start enjoying financial freedom with its loans.

   In the next article, I will start by focusing on the different loans available at this wonderful company. Then, I will give you contact information such as email addresses of the bank. Next, I will give you contact details of another bank that is present in Porth Elizabeth and does offer similar loans: Nedbank.

I will cover the three loans available at this bank:


This is the perfect credit for those property seekers that are having a rough time trying to finance the property or house of their dreams. It can be used for many purposes, among which you can find commercial and personal.

The moment you apply to this loan you will get access to these benefits:

-Obtaining extension of properties

-Refinancing your property for the value you consider most suitable

-Choosing repaying terms according to your income

-Receiving personalized attention by each of the members of the bank whenever you need support

What are the requirements for this loan?


  One of the requirements is that you give the bank all the information as regards the property you have in mind so that the company establishes direct contact with a valuator and finds the best price and helps you with the investment of your capital.

Regarding documentation requested, you might be asked to hand in the sale agreement, a rent role, property statements, some statements belonging to liabilities and possessions of yours and also some from the bank. Once you submit the documentation, the bank will hand in a contract in which it appears the different rates you need to pay.


If you wish to possess a residential property of your own, then this might be the loan just for you. You will be given the financial help you require at the time agreed. You can even access to mortgages with this credit, pretty awesome.

What benefits will you get from this loan?

-Being able to pay for the property once agreed to sign the contract with the bank

-Accessing to mortgages whose maximum is of 20 years, pretty much

-Accessing to shorter financing periods and that translates as less interest rates


What about the requirements for Porth Elizabeth citizens?

There is a list with the documentation you must hand in, such as the following:

-Offer to buy the property, which is a residential one

-Your statement regarding liabilities and possessions

-Bank statements

-Salary statements

-FICA documentation


     The good aspect about this loan is that it gives you freedom when purchasing many assets, and that can be from a vehicle to a luxurious house. You can even purchase machinery, materials and more for your business so as to make it grow faster. Most businessmen make use of this loan so as to buy elements that will be needed for the construction of industries for their company.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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So, if your wish is to see your business prosper and grow in the market, I strongly advise you to apply for this loan and start seeing the results immediately. Now, when it comes to the so called interest rate, you do not need to stress about it, since it is competitive and determined by the bank once the application has begun.

If you are willing to obtain more specific details about the loans mentioned here, I really recommend you to get in touch with the managers of each loan, which will in fact tell you about the Prime Lending Rate which in all cases is of 10.50%.


Contact Details of Bank of Athens in Porth Elizabeth


This is a feasible way through which you can communicate with the company, so try entering the bank´s website and completing a form with your data so as to start with the application for one of the loans.

You can even send an email from your address to the next email

Moreover, the bank has another email address for getting support from their and one designed for customer service:


You can make a phone call from home and directly speak to one of the representatives of the bank. The number is this one: 0861 102 205, but if you are calling from another part of the world you can directly dial up their free international phone number: 27 (0) 11 634 4300

Other option in Porth Elizabeth: NEDBANK

Contact Details:


One of its offices is located at this address: 329 Cape Rd, whose telephone number is the following:  27 41 393 6800. It opens on the following days: Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm and on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 11:00 am.

There is a second office found at 85 Govan Mbeki Avenue, whose telephone line is this one: 41 501 9300 and always opens on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays from 08:30 am to 04:00 pm and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm


In the bank´s official website, clients and non-clients can always submit their applications for a loan they are willing to obtain and find more information about other facilities and products


The bank has a singular phone line so as to apply for their loans: 0860 555 111

To conclude, if you were attracted to obtaining money in a reasonably priced and easy way, Bank of Athens and Nedbank can be the solution for your financial troubles. Please take a detailed look at the many options discusses above and select the one that will benefit you! I am sure you will profit a lot from both companies!!!

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Questions and answers

Is the bank open on holidays?

No it is not

Can I also obtain insurances?

You can do that with both companies

How long does a mortgage last?

A maximum of 20 years

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