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Is Durban Eligible for Bank of Athens Loans? Contact Information

     In the next article, I will provide you all the essential information you need to know about the assortment of loans available at Bank of Athens if you reside in Durban. After that segment, I would like to show you how easy it is to contact this banking company in South Africa, so that you can connect with its members and commence the application process right away. Let’s watch.

There are three credits available at Bank of Athens for Durban citizens:


       One of the most demanded kind of possessions clients want to obtain are marketable ones, as they have a decisive function in the progress of their business. These are the profits clients can obtain with a Property Finance:

-Obtaining fixed belongings that are beneficial for the manufacturing, marketable, retail and agrarian field

-Extending current properties

-Refinancing the client´s possessions

-Repaying for the finance in long or intermediate periods of time

    There are additional benefits such as gaining a personalized help by the memberships of the bank in the entire procedure, finding a proper financing period of time to broad the financing of the loan and having admission to an overdraft that will aid the client to meet any type of wealth requirements.

    What do Durban clients need to qualify for this loan?

    Clients will require to submit all the compulsory information related to the possessions that will be financed and will also need to come to an agreement with the contact between the bank and a valuator. The chief objective of this valuator is to assure that the client is well capitalizing its money. Besides, the bank will calculate what the client´s affordability is.

   There is always some documentation which is obligatory, such as the sale agreement, the so called rent role, statements of a property, cash statements showing the client´s cash flow, statements of  assets and liabilities the client embraces and  bank statements.  Subsequently, you will need to agree to finance this loan in static interest rates that are designed on a daily basis and need to be paid once every month comes to an end.


       This sort of finance aims at providing the client with the financial sustenance so as to acquire the most comfortable properties, residential ones. Consequently, clients that want to straightforwardly finance a property like those ones, can count on Bank of Athens. They can establish mortgages with the objective of completing the financing of the property.

    What form of benefits can customers obtain from this loan when they fund their property?

-Customers can finance the possessions of their desires each and every time they agree with the standings and conditions of this bank

-The mortgages can obtain usually last 20 years, but they can also pick shorter periods in order to finance the whole loan beforehand

-Customers that take shorter financing periods will always pay less interest rates

-Interest rates financed by customers are quite modest and low

What about the requirements for Durban citizens?

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Pay close attention to the documentation requested by Bank of Athens, which you will need to hand in when applying for the loan, together with the information of the property you want to acquire with their help:

-One offer to acquire the residential property

-One statement of the customer regarding the diverse liabilities and properties owned

-One statement with evidence regarding the salary of the customer

-A bank statement of the customer

-A declaration with data regarding the wage of the customer

-Papers provided by the FICA

The bank can similarly request you to acquiesce extra pieces of information, but they will tell you about this after you have applied for the credit.

 If you are concerned about the interest rate that comes along with the installments, you must to know that Bank of Athens will compute it each day and it requests to be paid on a monthly basis. That interest rate will constantly be based on the risks taken by the bank for yielding such loan to the customer.

Before concluding with this article, let’s also take a look at the preceding loan available at Bank of Athens for Durban citizens:


     This finance occurs to be quite valuable every time customers want to purchase equipment and apparatus for their corporations, so that their business can launch itself in the market. They can simply get access to portable assets that have a critical purpose in the advance of their industry. It does not care what sort of treasured asset business proprietors have in mind, Bank of Athens will make sure to have the funds for it. Thus, the client can for example buy a motor vehicle, a cement blender and any form of appliance that their industry is necessitating when applying for the credit.

 If your business wishes to enlarge and you want it to gain acknowledgement and prestige, this loan can be supreme for you. You will have to pay interest rates, founded on a daily charge and completed each month with your installment. That rate will be given by the bank in agreement with the financial threats taken by the company for granting you the loan.

If you are attracted to obtaining more data about the loans, try to contact a supervisor from the company. But, before I settle this article, let me give you information about the Prime Lending Rate of the loans, 10.50%.


Contact Details of Bank of Athens


Their office in Durban is located at 86 Armstrong Avenue, found at the area of La Lucia.


You can enter from your computer the bank´s official website and contact the company, by filling a simple form with your personal and financial data.

You can try to send an email to the company by typing this email

There are diverse email addresses for obtaining support from this bank: and also this one:


You can connect with the bank on the phone: 0861 102 205, but if it happens that you are calling from abroad, there is no problem since you can dial up their international number:27 (0) 11 634 4300

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Questions and answers

Can I apply on the phone?

Of course you can

How much time will I need for the online application?

Not more than 15 minutes

Will I get a response from emails?

Usually in between a couple of days

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