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Is Johannesburg Feasible for Auto and General Loans?

   Have you been searching for a Personal Loan whose main aim is to make your financial problems disappear? Did you notice there are many companies in charge of making that happen? That is right, with the support of one of the most remarkable companies, Auto and General, you will see how your life improves with just a simple financial help.

   In the following article, you will be given information about the loan provided by Auto and General in Johannesburg, and that of course includes data such as features, requirements and the application procedure, which is something I imagine you are interested in. What is more, I will also give you data about different insurances this company has designed in order to maximize your financial experience. Finally, I will give you all the contact information.

Auto and General Personal Loan

    It does not matter what is your need, the company will always be there with its support, to make you feel at ease. Which is why, their Personal Loan has a maximum of R 150 000 and a minimum of R 5000, which is a lot too if you think about it. As regards the repayment for this company´s loans, you need to know that you have freedom to pay for the loan in a maximum of 5 years and a minimum of 1.

    Now, regarding the interest rate of a Personal Loan with Auto and General, it will be totally fixed, so you will not need to face any surprises in the middle of the loan. Such interest rate will be set by the National Credit Act, which determines whether you can apply or not.


The repayment

       As I explained in the previous paragraph, you have a maximum of 5 years and a minimum of 12 months. The interest rate applied by this company tends to be of 28%, which is pretty low in comparison to other companies. Of course, this is an annual rate.

      Do you want an example to understand better this type of loan? Try to imagine that you request the company to give you R 50 000, the company will set the interest rate of 28% and once you start with the loan, you will be made to pay R 100 000. Of course, that amount is determined by the Annual Percentage Rate, which is no more than this percentage: 31.45%

Applying for an Auto and General Personal Loan

    As you can expect from most companies, you will be asked to submit different type of documentation to the company´s professionals:

-Your credit score

-Your monthly income, which is compulsory to be more than R 5000

-Your latest bank statements/ pay slips

-Your credit references with banks or financial companies

-Copies of your contact data, so you need to hand in your Id book

-Data about your bank account, where your boss transfers your salary

Find the best loan of South Africa

-A proof of the place you live


Now that you know all the information about Auto and General loans, please let’s move on to another interesting part, the insurances the company offers in order to improve your life:

1)Home and Personal Insurance:  As you can imagine from its name, not only you but also your home will be fully protected with this insurance, and also any type of content you might have inside of it and that is valuable. Furthermore, if there is damage caused to a building nearby or another house, you will also receive protection in such circumstance.


 2) Home insurance: with this insurance, it does not matter what kind of content is found in your place, it will be protected and you will not lose money when they are damaged. For that purpose, Auto and General created a wide array of possibilities: the Buildings Insurance, the Residential Estate Insurance, the Home Contents Insurance and lastly, the Portable Possessions Insurance, all of which are really useful for everyday life situations

3) Vehicle Insurance: this is a good way to provide your car or any type of vehicle you possess, the appropriate care and safety. You can not only insure your car but also a caravan, a trailer and a motorbike, every type of vehicle is included here. What is more, you will instantly have access to a special feature called Assist Benefits, through which you are able to ask for assistance no matter where you are located with your vehicle. This option is typically used when there are accidents or incidents on the road and the driver needs support.

Contact Details of Auto and General in Johannesburg

-In person

The company´s head office is located in Johannesburg, exactly in Dainfern, in the Riverglen. The exact address is 1 Telesure Lane. You will find this office open during weekdays from 08 in the morning to 06 in the afternoon. It also opens on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 01 in the afternoon. Of course, it closes on Sundays. But, it opens on public holidays from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm.


Of course you can contact the company via email, that is by sending an email to this address and waiting until one of the repesentatives of the company gets in touch with

-By phone

 You can also communicate over the phone with Auto and General by simply dialing up the following number from home:0861 60 01 24. Please be patient since sometimes the lines are full and you will need to wait some minutes until your call is answered.

     To conclude, if you are currently living in Johannesburg you can now stop worrying about your financial troubles, because you have plenty of ways to contact Auto and General so as to obtain their loans. And, as you were told, it is really easy to begin the application and to make the different payments each month. It is only a matter of contacting the company and beginning the application right away. What are you waiting? Stop wasting time and get the money you need now!!!

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Questions and Answers

How can I get more information?
In the company´s webpage or by phone
Does the company open on Sundays?
No it does not
Can I finance the insurance with my credit card?
Yes, you can

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