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Is Durban Eligible for Auto and General Loans? Contact Information and Requirements

  Are you a Durban citizen who is tired of their financial problems? Did you know there exists a very reliable company who can take care of your needs? I am referring to Auto and General, a leader in the financial market, whose policies have changed many lives in South Africa.

    In the following article, I will give you in the first place information regarding the Personal Loan Auto and General has created just for you. So, you can expect characteristics, requirements and an explanation of how the application functions. Then, I will also give you data of several insurance the company developed in order to protect your finances and your most valuable assets. In the end, I will provide you with the company´s contact information.

The loan proposed by Auto and General

    The loan developed by this company is aimed to assist you in a wide array of situations you could experience in life. This is a Personal Loan that is capable of granting you a maximum of R 150 000, but you can also ask for a minimum of R 5000. When it comes to repaying for this loan, the company will offer periods of 5 years or periods of just a year, that will be determined by your income. And, the interest rate, as it happens with many companies, will be fixed, so you will not observe any modifications with the passing of time. That rate is set by the National Credit Act, which regulates every loan in the country. Moreover, the company will determined whether you are eligible or not for this type of loan, based on several factors, among which it can be found your financial status.


The repayment for an Auto and General Loan

     Needless to say again, you can choose to repay for the loan in a year or you can expand the period of time into 5 years and the interest rate you will be paying will not be superior to 28%, which is a good figure in fact. I will try to give you a simple example know, for you to be aware of how this company works: if you take into account that the interest rate will be of 28% and you solicit for R 50 000, you can expect to pay each month R 1100 and an additional fee of no more than R 70. That means, that the whole loan will cost almost R 100 000. Please take into consideration that those amounts are totally set by the

fees: considering the interest rate of 28%, if you ask the company to Annual Percentage Rate.

Application procedure for an Auto and General Personal Loan

I will now give you a detailed list with the different documentation you will be requested to submit in the short time, so as to start with the application:

-A credit score that needs to be perfect

-A proof of your income, which should be superior to R 5000

-Some bank statements and pay slips, which need to be recent

-Your credit references when it comes to other banking companies that granted you lending programs

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-One copy of your Id book

-All the details regarding your bank account, which enables the company to deposit the loan

Let me now move on with another important section, which has to do with the different Insurances or Covers, that Auto and General has carefully designed to protect your finances:


1)Home and Personal Insurance: you can expect, from the way this insurance was labelled, that your house and also you, or any kind of content found in your place, will be totally restored and protected. This of course includes appliances and valuable assets. Furthermore, the company guarantees protection to those houses of buildings that can turn out to be damaged because of an emergency at your place.

2)Home Insurance: the main feature of this loan is that you get to receive protection of your house, which means that any repair that need to be made, will be taken care of by Auto and General, and you will be saving tons of money in bills. There is a huge variety of Home Insurances for you, so if you want more information about them, I strongly advice you to take a look at them in the company´s website. Every Insurance has been created to match your needs.

 3)Vehicle Insurance: with this type of cover, you can expect to protect any type of vehicle you have in mind, be that a car, a motor bike, a boat or a caravan. Moreover, the company wants you to enjoy another advantage, called Assist Benefit, which gives clients the opportunity of asking for help and assistance in any place at any time. So, as you see, you are granted the protection and support you need with Auto and General.

Contact Details of Auto and General in Durban

-In person

There is one physical branch in Durban, located in the South, whose exact address is 253 Jacobs Road. This office opens during weekdays from 08:00 am to 06 in the afternoon and on Saturdays from 08 in the morning to 01 in the afternoon. Even though it is closed on Sundays you can find it open on a holiday if you go there from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm


You have the chance of sending an email directly to the company´s members by simply typing the following email addresses in your and

-By phone

You can also try to communicate by phone with the company, if you dial up this number, which in fact is a free one:0861 60 01 24.

     Summing up, residing in Durban is no longer a problem for those citizens that were dealing with a hard financial status, they can rely on Auto and General to take care of their needs and they can feel at ease. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get the money you need and the protection you always deserved with Auto and General.

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Questions and answers

How can I get more information?

In the company´s webpage or by phone

Does the company open on Sundays?

No it does not

Can I finance the insurance with my credit card?

Yes, you can

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