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How to Apply for an Auto & General Personal Loan in South Africa? Terms and Contact Details

     Auto & General is a well-established South African company. They focus mainly on insurance products but, they also offer Personal Loans, which if well used, can have many advantages. To start, I’ll expand on terms and rates for their loans. Then, I’ll move on explaining on the application procedure and, I’ll provide you with the contact details for reaching this company.

    But, before we delve into all the information, you should know this insurance entity started its business in South Africa in the year 1985 and, since then, they’ve become one of the most well-known companies in the country. So much have they grown that, at present, they offer many products, including personal loans. Now you have a small idea of how this company works, let’s go over their loan product information.

What are the terms and rates for an Auto & General Personal Loan?

    When discussing the amount available to request, we know the decision will be affected by certain factors like, the borrower’s credit history or the terms chosen. However, keep in mind, Auto General offers only personal loans so the sum of money won’t be as high as with a home loan, for example. Then again, the same applies for the rates of the loan.

    To try to make it clear for you, let’s suppose you borrow R 50000 for over 60 months and, you get 27.50% on an annual rate. Besides, you have to pay the initiation fee which is R1207.50 and, the service fee of R 69 which, unlike the initiation fee which is paid only once, is paid every month. We can calculate your total cost would be around R 98878. But, of course, this may vary depending on your position financially speaking.

How can applicants from South Africa apply for an Auto & General loan?

    If you decide to take a loan with this entity, you’ll find out it’s easier than you think. Starting, you don’t even have to worry about travelling to one of their branches as, you can apply over the phone or, the internet. You can stay in your house and, don’t waste more than few minutes on the application. Also, there won’t be piles of needless paperwork or, long face to face conversations, you can just cut to the chase and apply for the loan.

    Nonetheless, before you make that decision, be sure you comply with the following list. These are the requirements Auto & General asks their applicants to follow:

            1- Earn the minimum monthly income applied for the amount you request.

            2- Specific information about your bank account. Bear in mind, your salary must be paid through this account.

            3- Your credit record must be in good standard.

            4- Present a copy of your ID which must be perfectly readable and clear.

            5- Submit a document that verifies your address. Bear in mind, it must be recently issued.

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            6- They’ll ask you to present your latest payslips or bank statements for the last 90 days.

            7- Finally, your credit reference should be clear.

How to contact Auto & General to get a Personal Loan?

If you want to elicit any doubt, there are many ways to get the answers you need:

    Auto & General email address, for example is Also, you can reach them by phone, dialling 08 60 25 2544. There are two other phone numbers, if you are abroad and you need assistance, the number is +27 (11) 69 46 694 or, if you have an emergency and need to contact Auto & General outside their office hours, call the number 08 60 10 4210. Finally, if you live in Riverglen, Dainfern you can visit their head office at 1 Telesure Lane. This branch’s name is Auto & General Park. Also, for emailing documents for example, the postal address is PO Box 11 250 in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

When can you get in contact with Auto & General?

    As long as it’s not Sunday, you can reach them and, elicit any doubt. They start working at 8 in the morning and, finish working at 6 pm on weekdays and, at 1 pm on Saturdays or public holidays. As you can see, there’s only one day this company’s consultants don’t work so, that’s a great benefit to take advantage of.

What about getting a quote from Auto & General online?

    This is a frequent question potential applicants always ask. Applicants wonder if it’s feasible to consult the possible quote without having to go over the application and, the answer is yes! You can go online and, choose on the product you’re interested in to find out your quote. This is calculated thanks to some information you must submit about you and, the product you need. Then, having that approximated quote, it will be easier for you to make your mind up the loan.

Does Auto & General have good reviews?

    After gathering some comments from previous clients, we’ve found most of them are satisfied with the service this company offers. Among the positive points, they mention the predisposition their assistance show when answering questions and, the friendly environment. Even though this seems to be a minor detail, we all know that taking a loan is a stressful procedure so; you better enjoy a kind and friendly customer service to go along with the loan process.

    What’s more, some of Auto & General borrowers said it was an extra benefit that they’ve worked with this company to buy a car, for example and then, get the insurance that new vehicle needed with the same company. That certainly made things easier for everyone.

     To finish, we’ve gone over the most important pieces of information about Auto & General Loans. If you were having doubts about this entity, you’ve probably cleared them up by now. Luckily, this will help you make the final decision about your loan. As long as you meet the requirements and, the terms fit your finances, you can rely on them to assist you on your purchase.

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