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Is It Possible To Get an Atlas Loan in Durban? Application and Contact Information

About the company

Atlas is a financial company, specialized in the field of loans, which is very well known by its customers for offering affordable lending programs and being quite flexible when it comes to their financing periods and terms.

Atlas loans

Customers can be granted a maximum of R 8000, which can be financed in about 6 months, which is a very flexible period offered. This money can be used for any purpose you can imagine, such as educational purposes and housing ones too. As an addition to such amount, you can ask for R 3000 which can be completed four months after you have been given the loan.

By acquiring this loan you could have access to a benefit, which is a sum of money if you recommend the company to another person and that person applies for their loans. In fact, they will make a discount of 7% to the total value of your loan or they can load such percentage in your account. However, this benefit can only be enjoyed by clients of the company, not by someone who is not a customer.

 Atlas application procedure

In order to apply for a loan, you can begin an application in the company´s website and once all your information is there, the members of the company will contact you to tell you whether you are found eligible or not. After that, you will receive the money in your account.


Pay attention to the type of paperwork you need to submit to the company: your South African Id book, statements from the bank which can only be 3 months old, information about your debit card and payslpis that must be recent.

Moreover, you need to be employed and you must make sure that your boss deposits the money in your bank account so as to be found eligible for a loan. Besides, the company will request your contact information and your financial data too.

How to calculate if you are eligible

In order to know whether you can afford a loan or not, you can check the different fees that appear in the company´s website, which in fact have been fixed by the National Credit Regulator. For you to be able to check that, you need to bear in mind what is the initiation fee, the interest rates, how much to pay for an insurance and what is the service fee.

This is how it works: Atlas will observe your movements and your financial status. That way, Atlas can decide which amount to give you, a one that you can afford and not more than that. So, the company will examine in detail your pay slips, bank statements and any other type of information that is a reflection of your finances. Finally, you will need to be interviewed by the company members in order for them to know what type of purchase you would like to make with the money and to make sure you totally agree with all the terms of their programs.

After you apply for an Atlas Loan

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The moment you apply and you are told you are eligible, you will get the money in the card the company gave you, typically called Atlas Finance NuCard, which is a credit card that allows you to obtain money from any branch or ATM that you have near your place. The company will give you a number, which is a PIN, that will assure you and only you have access to the money.

As said before, there are many banks in which you can use the card given by the company, such as Standard Bank, Capitec and FNB.

The repayment for a loan with Atlas

In order to repay for the loan, you will give the company your bank account details so that the money is debited directly from there. So, please make sure such deduction appears at the end of your balance. Otherwise, let the company know so they do it manually.

Closing remarks about Atlas loans

-If you are facing an emergency and you need all the money right away, you can ask the company to give you the amount you need without complications. The moment you have finished paying the first three installments of the loan, the company is allowed to top up your lending program

-If you can not afford to pay one of the installments of the loan because of an emergency or a problem with your finances, you can phone the company and they will offer refinancing options which will help you. You can also visit them at some of their branches in order to let them know about the problem

-If you happen not to finance the loan, the company will offer you up to 2 months to complete every payment or to offer you a refinancing plan. However, you need to make them know about your situation, because otherwise, the company will send you a documentation signed by a lawyer, which states that you need to pay extra fees and more interest rates. So, you will end up paying more for the loan. Moreover, this circumstance can have an effect on your credit record, so try to keep a good behavior in terms of payments. If not, future credit providers will not grant you loans.

Contact information in Durban

-One of its offices is located at the Broad Walk Centre inside shop 37. This branch is located at 80 Broad Walk Street.

-You can also apply for a loan with Atlas in its website, where you can also ask for promotions, products, discounts, information about other branches and you are also given some tips to bear in mind at the time of the application. You can also send a message from there.

-You can call the head office of the company by dialing up 087 701 8665 and you also have the phone line for customer center, for sending questions and queries about the loans:0800 204 679.

-Another way by which you can contact the company is by email, so please take into account the following email

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Questions and Answers

Can I pay with credit card?
Sure, you can use that method to pay your loan
Can I download an app?
Yes, in its webpage
Is the customer line for free?
Yes, that is a free line

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