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Is it possible to acquire Atlas Home Loans? Contact Information and Requirements

    Atlas finance, one of the most remarkable financial companies you will ever get to meet, is an enterprise totally dedicated to the providing of insurances and loans for the people of South Africa. Among their loans, there can be found Personal Loans, which in most cases also function as Home Loans, since clients make use of this money in order to purchase a house or to make improvements to the house they already possess.

   In the following article, you will receive details regarding Atlas loans, and that of course includes the features of the loans, how the application functions and also the requisites clients are expected to comply with.

Atlas Personal Loan

    If you are interested in buying another house for your family or restoring one you have, you can simply obtain a maximum of R 8000 and a minimum of R 3000. And, if you feel like obtaining more money, Atlas can also grant you R 1000 each month, so that the amount increases.

How the application functions

    You will see that it is super easy to begin an application, since that procedure can be completed by phone, in person at an office, or from your laptop by filling in a short form with your data. After that, you will immediately receive a phone call from the members of Atlas.


   As you probably know, the company expects you to gather certain documents, which can be put forward at an office or by uploading it in the company´s webpage. Those documents are your ID card, statements from the bank you operate with and your latest pay slips and bills. These documents will be a reliable proof of your current financial status.

    What is more, a document stating your job situation must be presented, for the company to make sure you are capable of making all the payments as agreed. You will also need to present details of your credit card, your contact information and that is it. Then, the company will be able to contact you sooner or later to inform you whether your application was successful or not.

    The moment your application is approved by Atlas, you will receive at home one card that will enable to operate with the company and make transactions in a simple way. There, your money will be transferred and you will be able to make use of it in any type of store you could think of. Such card is typically known as Atlas Finance NuCard and is totally accepted by most banks in the country. How does this card work? You will be given a pin in order to start operating with the card.

    Now, what about the repayment for this loan? Once you give your contact information to the company, the money will be transferred to your account and you can make use of the money at any time.

    Before finishing, I would like to stress three different pieces of information about these Personal Loans:

-The company suggests granting you additional amounts of money whenever you are facing an emergency and the money of the loan is not enough. So, it is truly possible to top up the loan. This is an important benefit to bear in mind, since all the other companies simply ask you to apply for a new loan, and that takes more time, and as you know, emergencies cannot wait.

-Please make sure to let the company know whether you are capable of making the payments or not, because if you state a reasonable reason for not doing it, the company will wait for you without complications.

Find the best loan of South Africa

-Related to the previous point, the company will offer 2 months in order for you to complete the payments. If you do not comply with such period of time, the company is authorized to send you a legal notification, which of course means more money for you in the long run. So, please try to have a good credit score, because otherwise you will not be chosen as an applicant for future loans.

Contacting Atlas in South Africa

-In person

You can contact the company by going in person to one of its offices, which is found in Johannesburg in the Marshalltown. This branch is situated at the 200 level of Carlton Centre, in Commissioner Street.


Inside the company´s webpage you will find tons of information related to banking tips, discounts, and details about insurances and further loans the company has created for its clients. You also have the chance of sending quick messages to the company´s representatives so as to obtain a fast reply from them.

-By phone

You have the company´s phone lines available for you, which in fact are free. One of those numbers is the following: 087 701 8665. Another phone you can talk to is this one: 0800 204 679. The second phone line is recommended for those future clients that have doubts or are planning to acquire Atlas´ services in the meantime and need more details about them.

-By email

You can send an email to the company, by only typing the following email address on your email: And, of course, if you have inquiries about each of the loans or insurances, you can also send an email to this address  This email address is also used for uploading documents or your contact information such as the copy of your Id card or your bank statements. So, please use it whenever they are useful to you.


   To conclude, if you were looking for an affordable way in order to buy the house of your dreams or simply make your house better by purchasing objects and furniture, that is totally possible thanks to Atlas Personal Loans, which as you have seen are very easy to obtain and will sure benefit your life a lot! Why don’t you try to reach them and see how your life can improve for the better? It is totally worth it!!!


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Questions and Answers

How can I talk to a representative on weekends?
You can send an email or enter the company´s webpage
Does the company take credit cards?
Yes, there are many cards available
How many loans am I able to acquire?
It depends on your financial status

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