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What Are the Personal Loans offered by Al Baraka in South Africa? Addresses, Requirements and Interests

Is it hard to make ends meet? Are you looking for a solution to money problems? It is time to stop worrying about things that have solutions such around the corner. In fact, a convenient alternative that offers financial help is Al Baraka Bank. We have been searching and collecting data so that you can read all the needed information here. Keep on reading this article and you will know about loans, interest rates, financing periods and addresses of the company.

                Al Baraka Bank has been assisted South African people since 1989. It is a pioneered Islamic bank with its headquarters in Durban, and other offices all around the country. In order to answer all the demands of South African, there follows a list of different offices that you can take into account when it comes to lending programs:

1. Head Office in Duran: this main branch is located in the Kingsmead Office Park. The exact address 2 Kingsmead Boulevard and it is open in typical office hours. In case you want to contact the office by phone, please call 031 364 9000.

2. Port Elizabeth: in you live in the city, you can visit Pamela Arcade, a highly-prepared representative. She works in the area of Newton Park, at 2nd Avenue, Shop 5A. For personalized attention via phone, call (041)363-5025.

3. Cape Town: in this city you can take advantage of the Al Baraka Bank Building. It is located in the area of Athone, exactly in the corner of 42 Klipfontein and Belgravia Roads. If you live in this city but far from such location, don’t hesitate to call 021 684 0068.

4. Johannesburg: the branch here is the Gauteng Professional Office. It is in the 1st Floor Regent Place in Rosebank. The exact address is 22 Cradock Avenue and the phone number is 011 214 2800.

5. Pretoria: in the area of Pretoria there is an office in the city of Landium. If you live nearby, please pay a visit to the location in the corner of 6th Avenue & Tangerine Street. You can also contact this office by phone dialing up (012)384 3100.

6. Lenasia: this is another office that you can find in Gauteng Province. Al Baraka has consultant in the Signet Terrance Shopping Center located at 82 Gemsbok Street. This office also has an exclusive phone line whose number is (011) 852 6623.

7. Fordsburg: this is another area of Johannesburg with the services of Al Baraka. The office can be found in the Ground Floor of Jamiatul-Ulama Building located at 32 Dolly Rathebe Road.

Shall I Visit an Office for Application?

No, this is not necessary. In case you don’t leave near any of the branches describe above, you have the possibility to talk by phone and start application. What is more, you can visit the official webpage and follow the steps so as to complete forms and start application online without moving from home. In case you have queries or you just want to leave a comment, you can write e-mails to this address:

                Now you have all the data about contact information and application, let’s take a look at the lending programs that this prestigious banking company has available for South African’s citizens:

Property Residential Finance

Getting your own home can be the main decision in lifetime. And therefore, choosing the kind of home and where to located it are as important as selecting financing company that will accompany you to finish the purchase. Al Baraka offers fixed interest rates for the money you borrow so that payments will not suffer from alterations as time goes by. There are two programs to finance home purchase: The Murabaha Mode and the Installment Mode. You will have to contact any representative in advance so that all your particular needs can be taken into account. Once money and periods are set, you will have the bank approval to start negotiating with the seller.  

Motor Vehicle Finance

Although having your own car was considered a luxury in some time ago, it is now one of the main needs. Al Baraka knows how hard can be to finance the acquisition of a car, that is why it has developed a customized system that meet such need. In fact, it is the bank itself who is buying vehicles based on your choice, and then, it will be sold to you. Once you have the car, you will repay it in installment in a period agreed beforehand. The maximum length available is of 73 months. Please bear in mind that the shorter the financing periods, the lower the installments will be. The bank requires a minimum deposit that will consequently reduce monthly payments.   

Business Loans

By words of mouth, you know how successful are business in Islamic countries. Therefore, would you lose the opportunity to finance your current or prospective enterprise with Islamic help? You can buy commodities and whatever you need to make your business success with Al Baraka aid. You will be supported with Islamic principles and repayments terms will be highly flexible.

How Transactions Are Carried Out?

First, you have to submit the application and promise that you are going to buy a house, a vehicle or equipment for business. After that, you will have to wait for a bank response stating that the loan has been approved –or not-. If the loan has been approved, you will also get contact details of a near representative so as to finish the purchase. Please take into account that you are not a minor and you are no mentally unfit declared.

                To conclude, from all the locations and details about lending programs developed in this post, let me tell you that financing problems are easy to solve. Al Baraka has a loan to cover whatever need that may appear on the road, from homes, to vehicles and business. It is your turn to select the most convenient for you and start living like you and your dear family deserves.

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Is there an e-mail address to send required documents?

Sure, it is

How can I get the application form?

You can download it from the website.

Can I buy a home with this company?

Yes! It has interesting property financing programs.

How can I apply for a Payday Loan?

One of the companies in charge of providing pay day loans in Finance 27. You can start over the phone application by dialing up 12 941 1572 or you can send an email to the following address and request more data and

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