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Can I Obtain Albaraka Bank Loans in Porth Elizabeth?

If you are living at present in Porth Elizabeth and you are stressed about your financial problems, I can tell you there exists a solution to those issues, and that is through the application for a loan. Fortunately, there is a bank which can take care of that, Albaraka Bank. This bank has created a series of loans, each of which was designed to suit a specific need.

   Consequently, in this article I will focus on the most important loans that can be found at Albaraka, and then on the contact details of this company in Porth Elizabeth.

Albaraka has 4 different loans available:


     For those clients that are looking to buy new assets for their homes or business, this is the ideal loan. They are capable of accessing to a variety of machinery, equipment and any type of valuable asset that would make the client´s life more comfortable. These clients get the chance of paying for the loan in flexible financing terms and monthly installments, which are super affordable and adapted to the client´s needs and financial circumstances.



     For those clients that are looking to drive a new vehicle, either for their company or their home, they can get the money through a Motor Vehicle Finance. The company will determine which vehicle will suit the client´s profile and then, the procedure can begin.

     With this financial support, the bank can purchase the motor vehicle the client has selected and then it has the possibility of selling it to the client at a really god price, so as for the client not to lose money during the whole procedure. Moreover, the client will be required to sign certain documentation in which he will observe all the fees and the different terms clients have access to so as to complete the financing of the loan. However, please bear in mind that once you have finished signing the agreement with the bank, it cannot be modified under no circumstance.

    When it comes to the repayment of this finance, you need to be aware of the fact that the bank will adjust it to your finances and your personal circumstances when applying for the loan, so you have over 72 month to complete the financing of it. Bear in mind that choosing a short period to finance the loan will benefit you in terms of money and time.

    Besides, you need to know that the bank will give you direct access to making a minimum deposit, but with the passing of time you will have access to higher deposits, so do not stress about it.


      Those clients that are looking to purchase the house they always dreamt of possessing, can make that happen with a finance like the one I am about to talk about. Of course, choosing a house will mean taking into consideration the type of house the client desires to have, the area in which he prefers to live and more details that have to do with deciding how to live and where.

Which are the terms for this loan?

     The financing periods for this loan consist of about 5 years and they can be longer, and the installments will be monthly. Interest rates are not subject to modifications with the passing of time, and once the client has signed the contract, it will stay like at the beginning, with no changes.

    The company recommend that you contact a member of the bank so as to determine in detail which house will benefit you and your family, based on your budget and your daily housing needs.

Now, let’s focus on the last finance available at Albaraka Bank, which is a really profitable one:



What can Porth Elizabeth citizens get from a Trade Finance?

    Clients that are looking for a raise of their business in the market and being able to trade with the company, can really profit from this finance, as it gives them access to lots of money.

     This sort of finance will always be based on what are called Islamic principles, so as for the agreement to be fair and adjust to the client´s needs. The company will be in charge of finding a suitable commodity for the client, which the bank will buy and then sell it to the customer without problem. The value of such operation will be repaid in some monthly installments.

    It is recommended that clients speak to members of the company in order to tell them about their current financial situation and possibilities in terms of buying certain commodities, so that they find the best trade finance for them.


   If any of the four loans called your attention, you must know that the application for all of them will vary, but such variations can be observed in special pdf files the company has created just for clients. They will be present in the company´s website, so you have all the information related to each loan there, as there are many details clients need to bear in mind before applying for a loan.


Contact information of Albaraka Bank in Porth Elizabeth


In the company´s webpage you get the chance to complete a short form with your data, so as to be contacted by one of the members of the company.

You can also establish communication with the members of the company through e-mail that is by sending an email to the following That is the address designed for customer service of the company.


You have the possibility of contacting the company through phone, by dialing up a free phone number designed for national calls: 0860225786. There is another number for sending sms: 43893. So, you can take advantage of the second number if you plan to contact the company directly from your cellphone.


You can go in person to one of the company´s physical offices in Porth Elizabeth, located at the Newton Park, on 85 2nd Avenue.

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Questions and answers

Can I contact the bank on weekends?

In their website

Is the bank open on Sundays?

Not I is not

Does the bank offer insurances?

Yes it does

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