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Are There Albaraka Bank Loans in Johannesburg?

     Do you permanently live in Johannesburg? Have you been searching for financial aid? Thanks God you arrived here, I have just what you need, the support of a reliable bank, Albaraka. This bank, which is present in Johannesburg, has developed a wide variety of loans to cover all the needs you can possibly experience in life.

   For such reason, let me tell you the next article will focus on the different features of each of the loans and also a contact section with information for you to contact the company. The last section includes phone numbers, email addresses and physical addresses.

What type of loans can I find at Albaraka?

There are four loans: Asset Finance, Motor Vehicle Finance, Property Finance and Trade Finance


      The key aim of this sort of funding is that the client is gifted to purchase equipment or apparatus that his commerce needs in order to launch itself in the market and advance in terms of opposition with parallel businesses. This loan comes along with flexible reimbursement periods and regular installments. Additionally, the consumer can use the currency for whatsoever he likes and those uses can be: to bargain a new vehicle for the corporation, new machineries for the business and extra assets that will confidently help the lives of people that are starting up a business.

   Once the client the client has admission to the funds, he can now be deliberated the ownership of the asset after he signs a modest contract with the Albaraka and the firm that the customer acquired the asset from.

Please take into consideration that all the monthly installments as well as repayment terms will remain fixed and consequently, the client cannot request for the alteration of them in any circumstance.


   As you can imagine from the designation of  this finance, it allows customers to achieve their access to a motor vehicle with a tiny financial assistance from the bank. This automobile tends to be really beneficial either for the family members of the client or for the industry the customer has just settled. As a consequence, once the company has assessed and resolute which motor vehicle will suit the customer´s needs, the customer can have access to the many different features of the loan, which will be changed according to your personal requirements and your revenue.

   So, with this sort of finance Albaraka is empowered to purchase the motor vehicle you have selected and at that moment the company can retail it to you at a good amount. Also, you will be asked to sign an arrangement in which there can be observed some charges and the financing terms of the loan. Once more, you cannot inquire the bank to make adjustments to their deals, and you need to comprehend that the process will be ended after you have finished signing up the Murabaha contract, so used by the company.

   Concerning the payment terms for this finance, it will be altered to your income and it has the possibility of extending itself to 72 months. Nonetheless, if you adopt to pay for the credit in a smaller period, it can also take place and the scheduled repayments will be condensed. Consequently, it is advisable to repay for the loan in only a few months.

  Finally, let me mention the fact that though the bank will provide you with admittance to a minimum deposit, it can be augmented with the passing of months and  you will end up paying lower amounts of money for the finance you have chosen.



    This sort of finance will facilitate you the acquisition of the home of your dreams, and as you know that is typically the most time-consuming pledge a person makes in its life. So, you will need to pick wisely when it comes to the house you select and the firm you work with. The household will be subject to the area where you want to reside, the category of house you would like to hold and many more details.

Find the best loan of South Africa

   This home loan carries extensive financing periods whose minimum is of 5 years and you will also be asked to pay monthly portions. The interest rates of such installments will always be fixed by Albaraka when beginning the application.


    The chief aim of this form of finance is to support you in the participation of trade with your business and your colleagues, which is something shared by many businesses that are trying to expand themselves.

   A Trade Finance is characteristically founded on some Islamic values, in order to assure that the client is certainly appreciating its involvement in the trade area. Thus, the company can acquire a commodity that the customer desires and at that point, sell that product to the customer based on the agreement arranged by Murabaha. The value for vending the commodity carries some repayment choices and similarly a distinct revenue.

If you are attracted to begin the application process, it is a necessity that you know  such application will at all times  be resting on the finance you want to request. Actually, the company has produced more than a few pdf files that can be observed in its webpage. Those files contain thorough information about the application way for each of the loans.

Contact information of Albaraka Bank in Johannesburg


In the company´s official webpage, you get the chance of completing a form with your information and then being contacted by the company’s members.

You can also send an email to the different members of the bank. The email address is:


You can make a phone call directly from your home to the bank, which has its own free phone number for customer service: 0860225786

And, you can even send a Sms to this number: 43893


You can go in person to the one of the branches of the company, which today has its head office in Johannesburg. Such office is exactly located at Ulama Bldg 32 Dolly Rathebe Road. This branch can be easily found  in the ground floor of that building.

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Questions and Answers

Can I apply for more than one loan?
You can always do that
How do I know the interest rate?
Once you apply for the loan, in the contract you will see the rates
Can I close the loan before?
Yes you can

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