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How Can I Get Loans from African Bank in Randfontein? Application, Requirements and Queries

Do you live in Randfontein and you are trying to skip a rainy day? This is exactly what you need… An article with all the features of a company that offers convenient loans… and more. Here you will find data about requirements, how to apply and characteristics about African Bank, an renowned institution that has been serving for South African’s residents for more than 40 years. What is more, we will show some other examples of other banks that also have loans available for citizens from Randfontein.

Which are the requirements that I need to meet to apply for an African Bank loan?

                In the first place, you have to take into account that lending programs are destined to people who are older than 18. In the second place, you should have a fixed income that should be guaranteed by your last three payments –pay slip-. And finally, you should give a proof of residence. Please bear in mind that if the paperwork is ready and you start application by phone or online, money will be available in your account just in some minutes!

How it is possible to apply for loans of African Bank?

                +In person: as money is involved, you may need to talk to specialists in person, in this case, you can visit the African Bank office located in Wimpy Building. The address is 68 Main Reef Road and its doors are open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Representatives are also available by phone during the same banking hours calling 27 11 692 2012.

                +By phone: if face to face interaction is not needed, please take advantage of phone lines. In order to organize the system of phone numbers, there are two main lines you can profit from. In case you want more information about any of the loan programs, the exclusive number is 011 256 9073. However, if you already know what you need and you just want to start application, there is another exclusive lines which is 0860 333 004. Both numbers are open 24 hours, seven days of the week.

                +On line: and the option that offers least contact is the Internet. Fortunately, you can visit the official webpage and read whatever you want about the loans. What is more, you can select the one you prefer and click on “Online Application” to get the money you need as soon as possible. And if you have questions or you want to leave comments, please write e-mails to

What are the features of the lending programs offered by African Loans?

                +Personal loans: there are still many people in Randfontein that have basic needs unmet or they found them difficult to achieve. Such needs are houses, cars, education and why not, vacations. In order to lend money to achieve these expectations, African Bank lend money for amounts that go from R500 to R200000. The money can be financed with fixed interest rates that range from 10,5% to 28%. Interest and principal can be repaid in period that last from 3 to 72 months.

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                +Consolidation loans: if you already have loans and paying them is a pain in the neck, please ask help to African Bank. It has special programs that combine different loans so as you pay a single ne to cover your debts. Financing is really convenient and interest rates are really low. When it comes to terms, there are periods of a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 72 months.

                +The 15% loans: talking about special programs, it is impossible to ignore The 15% loan. These loans have amounts of money that go from a minimum of R5000 to a maximum of R50000. Once you pay of 15% of the total amount borrowed, interest rates will become fixed and invariable. You can choose the most convenient financing period for you between periods that go from 6 to 36 months. You can apply up to two loans of this type at once.

                +Calculations and possible payments: let’s take a look at some possible payments that were retrieved from the online calculator available in the webpage. As an example, let’s use a loan of R20000. One option to finance is during a year with an interest rate as low as 10,5%. As result, you will pay R2 050 per month during 12 months. Please take into account that you will have to pay R1 197 as origination fees. Totally, you will pay R24 588.

Other companies that offers loans in the city of Randfontein

                One company that offers lending services in Randfontein is Capitec Bank. You can find a branch in the Village Square Shopping Centre. This location is in the corner of Main Reef Rd and 7th St, shop 41 A. Capitec lends money through multi loans and personal loans, and it also provides the service of mortgages. The phone number of the company is 0860 10 20 43. Another company is Nedbank. The exact address is 72 Main Reef Rd. In case you want to contact the bank by phone, please call 27860555222. As far as loans are concerned, this bank has education loans, personal loans, programs to finance cars and even mortgages so as to facilitate the purchase of home.

                All in all, lending is not exclusive from African Bank if you live in Randfontein. Although such company has affordable lending programs, consolidation loans and even important discounts, there are many more options available, such as Capitec Bank and Nedbank. All of them with the most variety array of programs that aim at financially help Randfontein’s citizens. It is up to you to choose the most appropriate bank and the best loans so as to improve your quality of life.

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Can I choose a financing period?

Yes! You choose a financing period according to your need.

Are phone lines available 24/7?

There are lines open whenever you need.

I am 21; is it enough to apply for a loan?

There are some other requirements you have to meet.

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