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Are Johannesburg’s Citizens Eligible for African Bank Loans? Contact Details and Rates

Is Johannesburg the place you have chosen to live?  Do know need a financial trigger to start making your dream come true? Good job. All you need is the loans from African Bank. Although this company is one of the youngest of the market, it is nowadays offering convenient programs for people who find it difficulty in meeting personal needs.

                In this post, we will try to mention all the details about African Bankloans. In fact, in the first part of the article we will mention some of the most important lending programs with their features and financing. What is more, we will you some calculations so that you can have an idea of possible quotes. Then, we will provide you with data about locations and other ways to get in to get in touch with the company for more information or application. And last but not least, there will appear a list with all the requirements you need to apply for an African Bank loan.

                Let’s start mentioning the most outstanding programs with their respective characteristics and financing options:


                If there are needs that are hard to achieve, make plans with the financial help of African Bank personal loan. You can finance the purchase of a new car, the improvement of home and even the acquisition of new furniture for your home. These loans offer money for a minimum of five hundred rands to a maximum of two hundred thousand rands. Such money can be financed with fixed interest rates, which guarantees the same payment for ever. These rates go from 10,5% to 28%. It is important to know that financing of up to 72 months.


                If you are in financial trouble and you want to recover financial stability, consolidation loans are the most suitable option. These programs are designed to help you by simplifying debts and payments so as to make payments more affordable. In case you have more than one debt, you can combine them and finance such combination in periods that go from 18 to 72 months.

3. THE 15% LOANS

                These special programs offer money for amounts that go from R5000 to R50000. Once you have taken out the 15% of the program, interest rate will never change irrespective of economic changes. As far as financing periods are concerned, principal and interest should be returned in periods that go from half a year to three years. What is important about this program is that you can have more than one loan open so as to get the benefits twice.


                After having delved into the different sections of the official African Bank webpage, it has been possible to find a clear example of how interest rate work in real life so as to have an idea of prospective payments. Think about how to get money to improve your bedroom. It will probably cost around R20000, a figure that can be obtained in the bank. It is time for you to start an application, then.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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                A credit of R20000 can be financed in a period of one year. Please bear in mind that there are certain fees to affront, such as initiation fees of R1 197 and monthly fees for administration of R69. If you credit history allows you, you will be benefited with the lowest interest rate: 10,5%. In a nutshell, you will have to make 12 payments of approximately R2050. Therefore, the total payable amount will be of near R 24 588.60.

                Where are offices of African Bank in Johannesburg?

                One office of African Bank is located in Braamfontein. Consultants wait for you at 49 Jorissen Str, Shop 6 Orion House, near Biccard Street. Unfortunately, doors are closed on Sunday. In the same hours, you can dial up 11 403 4797 to talk representatives by phone.

                Another branch can be located at 222 Smit St. Hours of attention are similar to the previous office.  And of course, if you have questions that don’t require visiting in person, please take advantage of the official phone line that is 11 725 0055.

                Can I contact African Bank without going out my home?

                Yes, you can. The first option is by telephone. There is a line destined to answer questions about loans: 011 256 9073and another destined to application: 0860 333 004.  Another option that available whenever you need it is the online application. By entering African Bank official website, you select the loan you want and click on “Online Application”. And finally, you can write e-mails to

                After having about details, contact and applications, just let us reveal some details about the terms and condition for such application. First, it is essential to present you ID and ne older than 18 years. Secondly, you are required to hand in a copy of your three last pay slips so as to guarantee a fixed income. And last but not least, the bank required a proof of residence. Please take into account that is all the paperwork is reading when applying, approval will be faster and you will get the money in a matter of hours.

                To conclude, the more you think, the more time you lose. African Bank does all the work for you. It prepares the programs, makes calculations and lends the money. Just by following a few steps you will be in an economical situation to affront whatever expense that may arise in life. Choose the program that best suits your needs and just focus on enjoying life.

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Questions and answers

What is the phone number for application?

It is 0860 333 004.

Is the bank open at weekends?

Just on Saturdays.

I live in Rissik St; is there an office nearby?

Yes! There is a branch in Ferona Building.

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