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Is it Feasible to Get African Bank Loans in Pretoria? Contact Information and Loans

     If it happens that you are living in Pretoria and you are in need of quick money, perhaps you need the support of a lending program. Fortunately, in South Africa there exists one of the most prestigious banks, African Bank. This is a banking company that has been present in the market for more than four decades and has expanded to more than 20 cities, and yours, Pretoria, is not the exception.

   In the following article, you will be given all the data you need regarding their three loans: Personal Loan, Consolidation Loan and Prime Loan. Then, I will give you the requirements you need to comply with so as to be eligible for them. Finally, you will be given contact information of this company in Pretoria, which will enable you to apply for their programs after reading this post.

    Let’s begin with their three loans:

1. PERSONAL LOAN: this is the most common loan of all, designed to cover the client´s personal needs.

Here you have its characteristics:

-You can obtain between R 500 and R 200 000, which will be automatically received in your bank account

-You can repay for the loan in very flexible financing periods that range from 3 to 72 months

-Instalments clients need to pay on a monthly basis are not subject to changes

-You will have total access to customer service so as to guide you through the application procedure

-You can always pay each fee from your account in order to save time and money

-You can choose to apply for the different programs from the comfort of your home (on the phone or online) or in person at the nearest branch you find


As you could expect from the way it is named, this loan will enable you to consolidate any type of debt you might have, and thus, give you the financial steadiness you aim to possess.

What are their features? The following:

-You can take up to 72 months to complete the financing of the loan, and a minimum of a year and a half

-This loan enables you to satisfy much type of needs you have, as the money can be used for a variety of purposes

-Monthly fees cannot be changed, which means they are fixed by the bank

-You can make use of the money you are granted once you are approved. So, there is no need to wait a lot of time to use the funds

-All the instalments will be lowered, which means saving money in the long term

-You must not pay quotes at the beginning of the loan

-You can choose as many accounts you want


This loan is quite helpful whenever your economy has suffered due to the country´s economic situation, your health or any extra expenses you have spent money on. So, the bank is willing to support you when you need it the most.

Here is a list with their features:

-Clients will need to make monthly payments that come along with fixed interest rates. So, no surprises in the middle of the loan

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-Clients can ask for amounts that go from R 1000 to R 20 000

-Clients have between 3 and 18 months to complete the financing of the loan

However, please bear in mind that individual clients can be granted this loan and not businesses.

How to apply for African Bank Loans

It is really fast and easy to obtain the 3 loans mentioned in the article. By following certain steps and having the documents the bank requests, you can start the application procedure.

What are those documents?

-Identity card

-Pay slips which are no older than 3 months

-Your latest bank statement

-Proof of residence that states you are currently living in South Africa

Contact details of African Bank in Pretoria

In person

There is one branch in Hatfield, located at Val del Vort Street, whose numeration is 171. You can call their representatives by phoning on12 362 4478. It is open Mondays to Fridays from 08.30 am to 05:00 pm.

You will find another branch in Pretoria, if you go to the Absa Pretoria Building, located at the 28 Thabo Sehume Street, whose telephone line is 12 325 0236. Regarding its opening hours, you can go there Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 5 in the afternoon.

All these branches remain closed during the weekends, so if you feel like contacting the bank on a holiday or weekends, you can take advantage of the other means of communication.


One of the advantages of surfing the net is that you have immediate access to the bank´s official website, which is full of data about each loan and further products they offer. For instance, you can get information of their insurances, their online banking, their app and the different kinds of cards the bank is willing to grant you.

By phone

If you have any question or inquiry regarding the bank´s services, please phone on this number and your questions will be answered right away by the bank´s consultants:0861 111 011. Please bear in mind that this line can collapse at times, and instead of speaking to a representative your call will be answered by an automatic machine in order to guide you through the area you wish to speak. Nevertheless, their customer service is very effective and simple and every question you have will we immediately answered without further complications.

      As a conclusion, African Bank constitutes a great choice when it comes to loans for the citizens of Pretoria. Regardless of the need you are experiencing at the moment, one of the three lending programs mentioned above will be really useful to give you the financial stability you were looking for. Try to get in touch with the bank´s consultants and see how easy it is to change your life with their loans!

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Questions and answers

Is the bank open on Saturdays?

No it is not, but you can still contact the bank via online

How can I finance medical assistance?

With the three type of loans mentioned in the article

What is the best loan to pay my debts?

The consolidation loan

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