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Can I Get African Bank Loans if I Reside in Durban? Contact Details and Lending Programs

      Are you living in Durban? Are you searching for financial support? Congratulations! You have arrived to the perfect spot to find the financial aid you deserve. How is that possible? Thanks to African Bank, one of the banks with the most experience in the market. This company has established itself in many cities in order to make sure that every citizen can enjoy their loans, and Durban is included.

     In the article you are going to read, I will explain in detail each of the loans African Bank has developed to suit your needs. After that, I will show you which documents need to be submitted to start the application. At the end of the article, I will provide you with the contact details of this bank in Durban. So, keep on reading this article as it will be really helpful.

     African Bank has developed a series of loans for all their clients: Personal Loan, Consolidation Loan and Prime Loan. Each of them will adapt to different needs.

1)PERSONAL LOAN: this is the most preferred lending program, as its aim is to cover the basic needs a person can have in their life.

Their characteristics are the ones listed below:

-Possibility of getting between R 500 and r 200 000, amounts that can be instantly received in your bank account

-Chance of refinancing the loan in comfortable periods that go from 3 months to 72

-Fixed instalments that need to be financed each month

-Access to customer service in order to orient the client towards its financial goals

-Automatic deduction directly from your account so that it is easy for the bank to receive each payment

-Application over the phone, in the bank´s website or at a local branch

2)CONSOLIDATION LOAN: the main objective of this loan is to make sure that every client can make their debts and bills disappear and forget about economic problems.

Interested in its features? Let’s focus on them:

-You can choose to finance the loan in up to 72 months, but if you want shorter financing periods you can do it in 3 months

-Only one type of loan enables you to take care of many expenses and bills

-Monthly fees are not subject to changes, so they are totally fixed by African Bank

-You must make each payment on a monthly basis as expected

-As the instalments will be comparatively lowered, you will enjoy more capital

-No settlement quotes required the moment the loan begins

-The client is allowed to make use of more than 1 bank account

3)PRIME LOAN: the main aim of this loan is to assist clients that are having a rough time with their financial status, due to changes in their jobs, their health, the education of their children and so on. So, if you see that your finances are at risk, you can try a Prime Loan.

Take a look at its advantages for clients:

-The interest rates that adhere to the payments will be fixed, not changed with the course of time

Find the best loan of South Africa

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-You can ask the bank for amounts that range from 180 days to 72 months

-You can obtain the loan as an individual client, not in representation of your company or business

How can clients apply for Personal, Consolidation and Prime Loans?

The application procedure at African Bank is pretty quick as long as you have joined all the necessary documents and you have followed the different phases that come along with the application process.

You need to submit these documentation: your proof of residence in your country, your latest bank statement with this bank or another to show your last movements and transactions and your latest bills.

All of the documents listed above need to be no more than three months older. So, please try to submit up to date documents that really prove your personal information.

Contacting African Bank in Durban

In person

     There is one office in Durban in the area of Cnr Of West & Grey Street, specifically located at 470 West Street. You can call their consultants by dialing up 31 305 3851 from the comfort of your home. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 05:00 pm.

     Another physical branch is found in the ground floor of52 Anton Lembede Street, whose telephone line is the following: 27 31 305 4209. You will find this office open if you go there during weekdays from 08:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

     You can also go directly to 273 Umgeni Road, where you will find another branch of African Bank. You can speak to their representatives if you dial up 31 308 9460. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 05.00 pm.

None of these branches open during weekends, so if you wish to speak to their staff on weekends, please get in touch by phone or in the bank´s website.

By phone

     The bank has designed a customer service centre for their clients and future clients that have requests or inquiries regarding their insurances or loans. So, please dial up this number from home and wait until their consultants provide you with an answer: 0861 111 011


    You can enter the company´s official website from your computer and start enjoying mobile banking, an online application and also obtaining details about their loans and insurances for the citizens of South Africa. You can even make repayments and control your account from home, without the need of going to a physical branch.

     To conclude, if you live in Durban and you were searching for financial stability, you can achieve it thanks to the support of African Bank and their three loans, all of which are easy to obtain and will surely benefit your life and the lives of your loved ones. Get in touch with the bank´s representatives and discover how this company can make a significant change to your current life! What are you waiting??

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Questions and answers

I have been employed for 3 months, do I qualify for a loan?

As African Bank will request you three salary deposits to start the application, you qualify for a loan if you started working 3 months ago. Providing, clearly, you can present bank statements and pays lips for this entity to check you have received income these past months and, that your salary is high enough.

If I signed a loan contract, how long should I wait to receive my requested loan?

The bank you have signed the loan contract with, needs some time to make the transfer without making any mistake. After they go over the loan contract, it usually takes less than 48 hours to make the money deposit. However, I must clarify, if there’s a weekend in the middle, you must wait until the following working day.

I have a personal account that i have been using, can I apply for financing or have to go register business?

If you are asking money to open a business, African Bank may not be your best option. You can research about Nedbank, for example, or FNB. Both banks offer some advantageous business loans that can help any company boost their profit. On the other hand, if the loan is for yourself, you can apply at African Bank with no problem.

What are the requirements to apply for a consolidation loan at African Bank?

The requirements for any African Bank loan are these: your identity document from the Government of South Africa, a bill you pay regularly as proof of address, bank statements form your account in which it can be seen your salary and, payslips from the last three months. And, for consolidation loans, you also need to inform African Bank about the liabilities you want to cancel.

Hi how long does it take to receive alloan? I did my application on the 07 march they said i have to come and re apply which i went on 28 march till now i'm waiting no reply as yet

Unless there’s an unexpected trouble with any of the document you presented, you shouldn’t have to go to re-apply. If African Bank asks you to do so, they will also tell you the reason. But, you must keep in mind, there are few steps to get the loan and, you may be going through them. After you send your application, there are more documents the bank needs from you to grant you the loan. Either way, you can get to any African Bank’s branch to be properly informed.

Can I pay online?

Sure, you can pay using online banking

Do I have to pay extra charges for refinancing periods?

No, you have them available for free

Does the company have an app?

You can download the bank´s app from its website

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