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Is it Possible to Obtain African Bank Loans if I Live in Cape Town?

    I imagine living in Cape Town and living on a tight budget is not easy and comfortable, situation in which it would be ideal if you get the support from a bank through a loan. In South Africa, one of the leading banks is African Bank, which has developed tons of programs so as to cover every kind of necessity you can experience in your daily life. Fortunately, this bank is found in Cape Town, for you to enjoy their services and products.

     In the next post, you will be given all the data you need about this bank´s loans, which includes benefits, requirements and also type of documentation you need to put forward the moment you apply for a loan. Then, I will give you details regarding some special plans they offer and I will briefly explain how their loans are willing help you. At the end of the article, I will give you contact information of African Bank in your city.

    I will begin by mentioning the benefits you can get with African Bank:

-The possibility of obtaining a maximum of R 500 and a minimum of 150 000

-Being able to complete the financing of the loan in flexible periods of up to 60 months

-Each instalment will be totally fixed

-You can have access to the program the moment you are found eligible

-You can make each repayment with automatic deduction, simple and quick

-There exists a variety of medium through which you can apply for these loans. It can be in person, on the phone or online.

    Interested in their requirements? Let’s take a look at them:

-Having the majority of age (18 years old)

-Putting forward recent bank statements and recent pay slips in order to for the bank to know your last movements

-A proof of the place you are living at the moment.

-Latest municipal and retailer account

-You recent utility expense

Of course, this documentation cannot be older than three months, so please bear that in mind before submitting everything.

     Let’s move on by explaining the 2 programs African Bank designed to benefit your life:

1) Break form Loan Instalments: this is a program developed for those clients that are willing to take a small break from their payments and would like at least for once not to pay the monthly payment. In fact, they have access to this benefit one month a year, and they can obtain it by phoning the bank or going to one of the bank´s branches in Cape Town.

2)My life needs and events: this constitutes a program the bank created in order to gain knowledge of the needs you need to cover with their money and based on that they will propose you a program that adapts to your pocket and needs.

     Okay, as stated above, African Bank has certain loans (6) which will adjust to specific needs you can have:

1. PERSONAL FINANCE: the bank wants to make sure you are capable of enjoying the lifestyle you always wanted thanks to their financial aid and support.With this program you can even consolidate any debt you can have.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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 2. BUYING A HOME:this program intends to make clients make their biggest dream come true, that of possessing their own house regarding the cost of the house. In fact, these clients can start an application online so as to know whether they qualify for a house or not.

3. NEEDING A CAR:the bank wants to assure that you have the chance of buying your first vehicle with their help. So, it is willing to contact the dealer you want so as to start the transactions right away.

4. GETTING MARRIED: this is a chance you need to take advantage of, since African Bank wants to give you the financial aid you need to cover expensive bills generated by a wedding.

5. FINALCIAL SETBACK: this is a possibility for those clients that have lost their job or whose salaries are low and are living on a very low budget.

6. MEDICAL EXPENSES:in order to protect your health, the bank is willing to give you immediate access to its loans so as to pay every bill generated by medical aid.


Contacting African Bank in Cape Town

In person

    One of their offices is located at Voortrekker Road, specifically at the Bellville Central. It is found in the first shop in that gallery. Its phone number is the following: 27 21 480 7770. This branch opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 05:00 pm.

    You can also find another office in Cape Town in the area of Mowbray, situated in 84 Main Road, whose telephone number, if you wish to speak on the phone to their staff members, is:

27 21 689 5660. This office usually opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

 There is another office located in Cape Town, in the area of Claremont, specifically at 185 Main Road, Claremont. If you want to call their member before paying a visit try dialing up 27 21 683 6266

By phone

    If you would like to start an application or just ask some questions related to the bank´s services and products, please phone on this number and your call will be answered right away:0861 111 011


If you enter the bank´s website you will find tons of details about their loans and insurances, the chance of applying online and also using mobile banking once you have acquired a loan or insurance.

    All in all, the residents of Cape Town can find in African Bank the solution they were hoping to get in order to stabilize their economy. They can take advantage of all their loans and choose the one that best suits their needs! What are you waiting? Try contacting the bank through the different means of communication and see how this company is willing to change your lifestyle for ever!!

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