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How Can I Apply for an Absa Universal Loan? Application and Contact Information

Are you in search of financial support? Do you think that a universal loan from Absa Bank can help? It seems you are on the right track. Absa Bank has many lending programs so as to offer monetary solutions to as many South African people as possible. One of them is the universal loan and here, you will get all the data about it. However, we will also mention other loans that may be useful for you.

                A universal loan is a program in which you can include all your financial solutions. You will have an account that will help you cover whatever need that may appear on the road, irrespective of the amount of money needed. The account is a kind of line of credit that offers money to finance personal and even business needs. Once this special loan in approved, you won’t need to undergo any application process again facilitating the acquisition of home, cars or other needs. It is important to mention that in order to be eligible for this program, you need an annual income of at least R750000.

                If you are interested in this kind of loans, there are many ways of applying for them. First, you can resort to online application. You visit the official webpage, choose the program and click on “Apply Now”. Secondly, you can contact representatives by phone. You can dial up 0860 008 600 and start application without leaving the comfort of your home. And finally, you can go to any of the myriad offices scattered around the country. Just as example, there is a branch in the area of Cape Town. The exact address is a corner: Main Rd & Grove Ave and its doors are open during the week from 8.30a.m. to 3.30p.m. and on Saturday from 8a.m. to 12.30p.m. In case you want to call the office by phone, please dial up 21 657 1200.

                As it was stated before, here you have many other loans that Absa Bank has available for people who live in the state of South Africa:

+Home loans: if you are thinking about how to acquire your own home, Absa has really convenient programs. There are money destined to the purchase of new homes and money to finance building constructions. Both options offer financing terms that may reach up to 30 years. However, there is a slight difference among them. Clients who buy complete properties should start paying the loan once it is approved. Those who want to build their home can start paying nine months after approval. Interest rates can be fixed or variable.

+Personal loan: as getting your own home is not the only need, you can borrow money to finance other purchases. With personal loans, ABSA lend from a minimum of R3000 to a maximum of R350000 to pay for vacations, new furniture, education and so on. This program has an interest rate of 10.5% approximately. Principal and interests can be repaid in terms that range from 12 to 84 months.

+Express loan: if you need less money for a single expense, don’t hesitate to apply for an express loan.  In this case, the amounts of money that the bank lends range from R250 to R3000. In order to be eligible for this kind of program, you need to earn at least R250 per month. You can start repaying the loan after 35 days since it has been approved.

Find the best loan of South Africa

+Instant loan: there is also an option for those who need to cover any unexpected expense. The bank has instant loans available so as to finance whatever financial problem that may appear on the road. Regarding money, you can borrow from R250 to R3000. The financing system is similar to the express loan. But this one has, at least, 10% of extra fees.

+Business loan: ABSA is also interesting in providing help for business. No matter if you are already in the field of business or if you are just about to enter. ABSA lends money to have accounts, to pay debts, to buy new equipment and even more. You have the benefit of fixed interest rates so as to make the same payment during the life of the loan. Financing terms are really flexible, but they go from 3 to 120 months.

+Business revolving loan: this is a useful option when it comes to covering cash needs. You will have an account so as to get money whenever you need it. This program is also attached to fixed interest rates that will be set based upon your credit history. Considering amounts of money, the minimum sum of money available is R25000 and the maximum depend on your assets. The money can be repaid in up to a maximum of 40 months of financing.

+Asset loan and business vehicle loan: there are many businesses that need special vehicles and assets to be on the road. If this is the case of your own enterprise, take advantage of these programs. You can borrow money to finance the purchase of forklifts, wheelers, trains, graders, three-toners, diggers and even more. As far as financing periods are concerned, you can choose among terms that go from 1 to 5 years of financing.

+Commercial and agricultural property loan: in order to facilitate the acquisition of commercial properties of lands to improve big business, ABSA has developed a system of loans that will save your life. Some of them are Lease Discounting, Vacant Land, Investment Loan, Backed Business Loan, and so on. All of them have competitive interest rates and financing periods of approximately 10 years.

                To conclude, no matter what you need money for, ABSA has the appropriate lending program for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for help so as to get the most convenient to satisfy your needs, even personal or business. Let problems in the hands of professional and enjoy while on the road!

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Questions and Answers

Is there an exclusive number for business loans?
Yes, it is 0860 040 302.
I live in Alberton, is there an office there?
Yes, there is one at 24 Voortrekker Rd.
Which is the minimum income to apply for a Universal Loan?
The minimum income should be of R750 000 anually.

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