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Can I Get A Micro Loan with Absa? Requirements and Contact Details

     If you are looking for a small business loan of no more than R 30,000 in order to start your business and its improvement, you have come to the right place. These loans are typically called Micro Loans, since there they have a limit in terms of the money you can be granted. Regarding the uses you can give to this funds, you can use it for buying new machines or materials and even furniture that will enrich and make your business greater and bigger. Fortunately, Absa has more than one micro loan for your business.

In the article you are about to read, I will give you important information regarding the requirements you need to bear in mind before applying for a loan like these ones and discuss whether it is difficult or not to obtain them. Then, I will mention this company´s benefits and two different micro loans Absa offers to its clients in order to help them improve their business. Finally, I will give you contact details of this company so that it is easy for you to get in touch with their consultants

Requirements for Micro Loans

    Clients have in general financing periods of no more than six years and in some cases the bank will ask you for a value as a collateral. The interest rates are usually determined by the bank in conjunction with the client´s needs and availability.

Regarding the collateral, most banks ask for at least one valuable asset possessed by one of the owners of the corporation.

One of the advantages of these loans is that they are granted to clients more easily than other type of loans. However, clients sometimes will need to complete a long application procedure before obtaining the funds they want.

Is it difficult to obtain Micro Loans?

    Your capacity of being eligible for these type of loans will rely on your financial status and your previous credit score with other banking companies. Nevertheless, you take some aspects into consideration before applying for a Micro Loan, which will help you in the application procedure. For instance, you need to talk about your business and your experience as a partner, and how were you able to start your business at the beginning, without the help of a micro loan. Then, you can also start talking about your academic knowledge and work experience. In this instance, you can refer to your income and your expertise at the time of managing your business.

One important point to discuss has to do with your capacity to invest funds in valuable assets that will benefit your company. In conclusion, talking about your financial situation and your experience as a business owner will be very beneficial at the time of granting the loan.

Benefits you will get with the Micro Loans found at Absa

-The bank´s representatives with orient you towards the loan procedure and the requirements you need to comply with

-Entrepreneurs have the chance of attending courses and online workshops in order to enrich themselves

-Clients are not required to own a personal computer

-Consultants will guide applicants in terms of the rates they need to pay each month and the taxes that correspond to each type of loan

-Consultants will give strong advice in terms of lending programs that best adapt to the client´s needs and financial

-Business owners have the possibility of registering themselves and their company at the bank´s online portal, so all their information is kept there, in a very safe place

Find the best loan of South Africa

-The government and important suppliers have access to some of the information of the different businesses, which will help them grow whenever they want to help them

-Business owners have the chance of starting the application in the ban´s website

Now, lets see the two different Micro Loans you will find in Absa:


With this loan, clients will be able to pay any accumulated debt that their business generated in the past. This loan also serves to make those unaffordable purchases of valuable assets. Lastly, some companies make use of this program in order to change their balance sheet and start from scratch. Clients have convenient financing periods that range from 3 months to 120 months, which is a considerable amount of time. The interest rates can be either fixed or variable, that will be totally up to the bank and the business.


By overdraft I mean the chance that businesses have of obtaining a loan for an unlimited period of time, whose overdraft will be negotiated between the bank and the client representing the business. Interest rates will also be set by the bank and the business representatives and one of the positive aspects is that clients will pay interest rates based on the current use they gave to the funds.

Contacting Absa


You can go to one of their offices located at cnr 11th & Grayston, Shopping Centre, Benmore Rd, Johannesburg , whose telephone number is 011 689 1940. This office is found in Johannesburg, where Absa has its main quarter.

There is another branch in the area of Bloemfontein located at Nelson Mandela Drive and you can call there by phoning on the following number:  051 401 1051. You can call their representatives by phoning on that number and they will answer your questions and concerns in the short time.


You always have the bank´s website in order to take a look at other lending programs or simply start an application for your business. There , you also get the chance of sending a message to the bank´s representatives so as to obtain a quick answer.

To conclude, finding the right Micro Loan for your business is very simple and quick with Absa. This company offers a variety of benefits and programs in order to grant your business the money it needs. Try these loans and see how your company can improve and enrich thanks to Absa!


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Questions and Answers

Hi. First, I like to thanks Absa to give me this opportunity to get micro loan. So I want to know about my application.
After reviewing your options with Absa, your loan application will start when you contact Absa through their webpage. There, tell Absa if you’re a new or an existing client for them to know how to continue with the process. Of course, they will ask you about your job and possible debts you have or had and then, give you a loan offer for you to consider and accept or refuse.
Can I get a micro loan, please?
Yes! But, before you start be sure to have your ID issued by the South African Government and documents proving you live in the country and that you get regular salary. If you don’t have these documents to start, you can send them later but, make totally sure to get them or else, the application will be cancelled.
I have taken R3000 but due to traditional ceremony I need extra R3000, is it possible?
Hi, what you can ask for is an increeasing or topping up of your loan in order to be given R 3000 more. As long as you have complied with payments, that is possible. You can obtain a second loan or a topping up of the want you were given
Does this company offer other loans?
Sure, there are personal loans and loans for students
Do Absa agents help you with the application?
Yes, they will guide you, dont worry about that
How can I talk to representatives on holidays?
You can use the bank´s website.
I've been using absa for a very long time and believe they will help me take my business to greater highs
You’re right! Absa can help in any aspect you need: for your car, your house or, even, your studies. Even though, they don’t have a loan specially thought to help a business grow, you can take a personal loan and use it in whatever you need. For example, to update equipment or renovate the store. Don’t miss your opportunity to contact Absa to discuss about your loan.
I have taken a 15000 loan two years back and it is only four month left to complete the payments. I need extra r5000, is it possible?
Among the many lending products absa has to offer, you can try to ask an Instant Loan. If you do, and they approve the request, you will get the money you need and pay it back in 35 days. What’s more, application is online and you can also use their online calculator to verify you can afford the rate they’ll charge you before getting it.
I want to do renovation and repairs to my house. My house is fully paid up
The fact that your house is already fully paid up is a great advantage for you. This way, you have high chances that Absa approves your request. As you don’t need money to buy your house, you can take a personal loan which is a much simple procedure to carry out. Absa offers three different loans in this category and, each of them covers different quotes and terms thought for specific purposes.

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