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Can I Obtain Absa Loans if I Live in Rustenburg? Phone Numbers and Addresses

     Are you permanently residing in Rustenburg? Are you searching for the proper financial help? Absa can just be the solution to all your financial complications. It is one of the leading banking institutions in the world, whose biggest aim is to give clients the financial aid they look for in hard financial circumstances, and that include clients that reside in Rustenburg, your place.

  If you keep reading this post, you will find tons of data about each of the lending programs Absa has developed for the citizens of Rustenburg. Moreover, you will be given contact details of this company, so that it is pretty simple for you to obtain their programs.

I will start this article by showing you each of the loan with their features:


    If you are searching for an easy manner to pay all of your debts or any other type of bills that you cannot afford to pay, this loan can be very useful for that purpose. Of course I am referring to expenses that have to do with your business. You can also use this loan in order to change the balance of your company and managing buy backs and back outs, which is something very typical of businessmen. The financing periods have to do with a minimum of three months and a maximum of a hundred and twenty months, which is a lot.


    The owners of businesses together with their staff can obtain unlimited funds with this program and the most important advantage is that such amount can increase with the passing of time. The interest rates corresponding to this loan will be fixed considering the annual income of the business and their representatives.

Now, there are other loan destined to your personal needs, which is something very common in a citizen´s life:


    The advantage of this loan is that customers can get the money they need immediately, without the need of waiting many days for that. In fact, they have access to a maximum of R 350,000 and a minimum of R 25,000. The financing periods can range from 30 days to 240 days and the interest rates are usually no more than 17.5%, which is pretty convenient for every client.

How can clients get this program? The bank will ask them to open a checking account in order to manage easily the program. Moreover, clients need to earn on a monthly basis at least R 2000. How can clients finance the loan? Well, that is totally up to the bank, since the company will determine the financing terms based on the client´s availability and needs. The interest rates will be no more than 10.5%, so do not worry about it.


    Express Loans have the advantage of obtaining no more than R 8, 000 and at least R 1,500. Such amounts can be easily financed in periods between four and six months. The income corresponding to the person that wants to have access to this loan should be of a minimum R 1,500.  Do not stress about the interest rates, since they will be no more than 5 % once you start the application procedure. Then, it can change a bit.

Find the best loan of South Africa

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Instant loan have the benefit of being obtained at any local office Absa has in your area. You can be granted a maximum of R 5,000 and a minimum of R 250, in case you want to make a cheaper purchase. One of the requirements to be eligible for this loan is that you possess a minimum wage of R 250. The interest rates of this program correspond to 10% of the totality of the program. As this is an instant loan, the money will be obtainable during a short period of time, which means you should use the money in a period of 6 months and no more than that.


By phone

    You can easily get in touch with the bank´s consultants by phoning on 0860 100 372, which is a free line. Sometimes, when this line collapses, your call will be answered by an automatic device in order to guide you towards the area you wish to speak, so please do bear that in mind and be patient.

In person

    If you are the type of person that likes to have contact at the bank´s branch, you can go to one of them located at car Nelson Mandela & Absa Building Central, 300 Beyer’s Nude Dr, Rustenburg, 0300, South Africa, whose phone number is the following:27 14 590 1000. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm, and also on Saturdays from 08:00 am to 11:00 am. 

Another branch can be found inside a shopping mall, specifically at Waterfall Mall, Waterfall Mall, shop 85, 1 Augrabies Ave, Rustenburg, 0299, South Africa. Its phone number is

27 14 537 6320 and it has the same opening and closing hours as the previous branch.

There is another branch located at cnr Thabo Mbeki & Nelson Mandela,Pick 'n Pay Centre CBD, Rustenburg, 0300, South Africa, whose phone number is 27 14 590 6800. It has the same Schedule as the previous branches mentioned above.


    The bank has its own webpage for you to take a look and apply for their loans. Moreover, there is information about further services found at Absa. Moreover, you have information regarding all the requirements you need to comply with for every service.

   To conclude, regardless of the use you need to give to your finances, Absa has a special lending program for you. This company will make sure that all of your needs are covered and satisfied with their loans, all of which have convenient financing terms and requirements. Please do not let your financial problems ruin your life, try Absa and see how this bank can change your life and make you forget about your financial troubles! I am sure you won’t regret it!!

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Questions and answers

Are Absa agents resourceful?

Of course, they will give you all the data you need

How many types of finance i have access to?

If you are found eligible for them and have all the necessary documents, yes

Can I finance the loan with automatic deduction?

Of course you can!

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