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Can the Citizens of Gauteng Access to Absa Loans? Locations and Phone Numbers

    Are you experiencing financial problems? Are you searching for the appropriate help? Absa might be what you need. This banking company started operating in the country a couple of years ago and has expanded to more than 20 cities all along South Africa. Among those cities, there are branches is Gauteng, your area. Which is why if you reside in Gauteng and you need financial support this article is for you.

     Gauteng´s residents have many lending programs in order to solve their financial troubles. In this post I will mention some of their loans, which includes their features and financing terms. Then, I will give you the contact information of this company in Gauteng.

Let’s start this article by mentioning some of their loans you will find in Absa:

-Personal Loans


-Express Loans

-Instant Loans

     Regarding Personal Loans, clients have the chance of obtaining a minimum of R3, 000 and a maximum of R350, 000 and financing terms that include periods that range from 12 to 72 months.

Take a look at their features:

-Clients have access to the money they request in an immediate way

-Interest rates tend to be quite competitive and adapt to the client

-Financing periods are quite affordable

-Clients are allowed to make extra payments so as to reduce their final closure

-The application procedure is fast and simple

-The bank can grant clients the program called Credit Protection Plan, through which the bank finances a fixed amount of money to clients that have experienced a disability.

How is it possible to apply for it?

-By using online banking with the bank, and clicking on the section that allows clients to apply for a specific program. There you will need to fill in a form with the documents and requirements and in no more than 10 minutes toy will have access to the money you requested the bank. That application is available to those clients that have already created an account with this bank. If not, the bank is willing to open a provisional account for you, so no need to worry.

-By visiting the bank´s consultants in one of their offices near your house.

     As regards Overdraft, the bank is willing to grant you extra amounts of money you might need for daily expenses. In fact, you have three different overdrafts:

1Fixed facility:  you can set the limit of the program and you have the possibility of updating it on a yearly basis. And, at the same time that you make each payment you are allowed to continue using the money you were granted. As said before, you can discuss with the bank´s consultants which is the limit you would like to access.

2Reducing Facility: this is an easy way through which clients can be given immediate money in a simple way, with no complications. However, the highest amount of money you will have access to will lower as the months go by.

 3Indefinite facility: by making payments on a regular basis, clients can have access to the amount of money they want. Most clients tend to prefer this program when they are looking for an affordable way to obtain extra sums of money and they do not earn more than R 3,000 each month. What is more, the interest rates that correspond to this program are paid on a daily basis and are determined according to the client´s availability.

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Pay attention to their benefits:

-Refinancing periods that range from a year to 3 years

-Quick application procedure

-Interest rates that vary according to the client

-The client will get a discount when he/ she experiences an accident or temporary disability.

How is it possible to apply for this program? First you need to open an account with Absa. In fact it is better if you open a checking account with this bank. You can do this online

But, if you prefer to apply in person, you can visit their branches and talk to their representatives. What is more, you can start the application process on the phone. All these information will be given in the contact details section of this article.

Take a look in detail at the requirements for OVERDRAFTS:

-You need to earn a minimum of R 3,000

-You need to possess a perfect credit score

-You need to open a checking account

-You need to submit your ID number. You can also submit your passport number.

     Finally, let’s focus on Express loans. Absa will immediate funds to those clients that are desperately looking for easy money. In fact, they can be granted a minimum ofR1, 500 and a maximum of R8, 000, which they can finance in periods that range from 1 to 6 months.

In order to have access to this type of loan, you need to open a bank account with Absa and you need to show you are a current resident of South Africa.

Interested in their benefits?

-You will receive protection in cases of death or diseases that can affect your performance

-You can make monthly payment by using your debit card or automatic deduction

-You won’t need to pay penalties for not paying on time

-You can obtain an extra loan apart from this one

-Interest rates will be determined by the bank

Contacting Absa in Gauteng

-In person

One of their offices is found very close to Gauteng, specifically at

120 Fox St, Johannesburg, 2001. Its phone number is 345 6260.

There is another office, in Gauteng, specifically located at Clearwater Office Park, Millennium Road &, Christiaan de Wet Rd, Roodepoort, 1735, whose telephone number is 0860 111 222. This office opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 am to 04: 30 pm.


You can take advantage of the company´s webpage in order to apply for their programs or just obtain more data about their services. You also have the chance of using online banking.

-By phone

Absa has created a special phone for inquiries about their services that also allows clients to apply for their loans: 0860 100 372

    As a conclusion, Absa is the perfect options if you are having economic troubles and cannot find a solution on your own. You can try Absa´s programs in order to finance any type of expense or need you might have. Do not let your finances be an obstacle for your happiness!

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Can I email the company?

You can send a message through the company´s website

Can I pay online?


Is automatic deduction accepted?

Yes, of course!

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