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Could I Pay for a 1life Loan in Johannesburg? Requirements and Contact Information

About this financial company

     1fin is a well-known company which started to gain prestige in the world of insurances but then expanded to loans and retirement programs, making new clients satisfy their needs with their products and services. One of the main benefits of its services is that they are easily obtained and at a really good price, which makes them very affordable and convenient for any type of user. As an example, the company offers full premiums, products with discounts and offers all along the year.

   Most customers believe this is an outstanding financial company due to the values it transmits and the principles upon which it was founded, such as integrity, transparency, simplicity and affordability.

1life Personal Loans for Johannesburg citizens

     It really does not matter how you are going to use the money given, since it can have many uses. For instance, you can finance a repair you need to do at home, buy new furniture for your new apartment, buy a new pet for the family and also pay your children´s school tuition.

-These are the requirements:  you must first be employed, and I not only mean have a job, but also to possess a salary of at least R 3000. You must also show your South African ID card and give the bank all the necessary data regarding your bank account. Moreover, it is very important to keep a good credit record.

 -These are the benefits you get to enjoy: you can have access to financing terms of more than 60 months, and a minimum of 12 months. The installments together with the interest rates are fixed and monthly. And you get to choose a maximum of R 150 000. Moreover, the company will not make you do lots of paper work like it is the case with some credit providers.

-This is the application process: you have the opportunity of applying directly from the company´s website, where you find a section called APPLY NOW and easy as that, the application can begin. Or, you can use your phone and directly phone the company on this number: 0861 22 22. That is a phone number available to every citizen of the country from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm every day.

1life Consolidation Loan for the citizens of Johannesburg

The great benefit of this type of loan is that the customer can mix every loan he acquired in the past with a credit card account, into a single loan. That means, that the customer will only need to pay one monthly installment, instead of paying many of them.

-These are its requirements: you must have a South African ID, a salary of R 3000 or more, a good credit record and a proof of the place you are residing at the moment of the application.

-This is the application process: you can choose to click on their webpage from your laptop or your phone, easy as that. Or, you can also call the following number: 0861444669. Once you phone there, you will be given two options, to pay one loan or to pay many of them.

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You always get to select how much money you need and the financing term that will best suit you. Once that is done, you will receive the appropriate documentation, which needs to be signed and sent back to the company. Once those documents are signed, the company will finance all of your loans, so they will be closed immediately.

Why selecting 1Life Personal Loans?

     This is one of the most transparent, simple and affordable company, which can be easily observed in its products and services. Moreover, their agents are all willing to help you and give you as much information as you need so that you make the right decision. The main goal of this company is to make sure that every customer is included, a reason for which it gives customers the freedom to create their own loan, which will be unique and totally personalized. What is more, the company asks for a small quantity of requirements, which makes it easier to access to their programs.

     Another good reason to operate with this company is that the amounts granted can be easily changes. For instance, the company can give you each month additional R 1000 so that you end up receiving more cash at the end of each month. The rates of all their loans are going to be fixed and you will be given periods of about 12 and 60 months to complete the financing of loans.

Another thing to bear in mind is that their loans are granted thanks to the help of Direct Axis, which is another specialized company in the field of loans. This company specially plays an important role in Consolidation Loans, as it allows you to improve the cash flow you have each month.

Contact Information

    One of its offices is located in the area of Midrand, specifically at Dainfern. This branch opens during weekdays on business hours.

     You can also use their phone for customer service, which will give to you now: 0860 10 53 40. That is a free number you can call from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm Mondays to Fridays.

   You also have the opportunity of contacting the company from your laptop, in their website. It is full of information about quotes, products, how to make a claim, insurances and the company´s blog.

   All the reasons mentioned above are enough for you to consider this company as the one to make your dreams come true. It is a company that is relatively new but has an excellent reputation in the financial world. Which is why it can become a perfect choice for your family and yourself. Try contacting the different representatives from the company, either in person, by phone or in their website, and see how they can improve your life with their loans, it is totally worth it!!

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Questions and answers

How can I contact the company on weekends?

In their website

Is debit card accepted to finance the loan?

Yes, that is a payment method taken by the company

Does the company have a calculator?

No, it does not

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