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Can the People of Durban Finance a 1life Loan? Contact Information and Requirements

    1 life is a pretty new credit provider, which in the beginning aimed at providing all kinds of covers to their citizens. But with the passing of time, it added different types of loans so as to make sure their customers had their finances protected and were able to improve their cash flow.

     Even though 1life has not opened physical offices in Durban that really is not an obstacle for the application of its loans, since they can be obtained online or by phone, which is something great, you do not need to go in person and wait in line. For that reason, in the next article, I will give you data about the two main loans of this company: Personal Loans and Consolidation Loans, including its requirements and the application. And, I will also give you phone numbers and the company´s website so that you can contact them. Finally, I will offer another alternative which is a company that is present in Durban and has incorporated similar loans for you, Absa.

Personal loans

The key characteristic of Personal Loans is that they allow you to purchase anything you want, from a house to a second hand car. Moreover, you can make repair to your house, improvements and even buy appliances and furniture. Everything is allowed.

What about the requirements?

In order to be eligible for one of these loans, you must be employed and make sure that each month your salary is superior to R 3000. You also need to be a citizen of South Africa, which is shown in your ID and be willing to give 1 life all the data of your bank account for them to know in detail about your finances. As a plus, you need to have a decent credit record.

You can enjoy several benefits such as:

-A maximum of R 150 000

-Financing terms which can be extended to 60 months, but you can choose one of 12 months

-Monthly installments

-Fixed interest rates

-No paper work carried out during the process

-No interviews made during the application

How does the application procedure function?

1life gives customers two ways to proceed with the application. One way is by visiting its website and filling in a form with their data. Another way is by phoning the company on a free line which is open to the customers every day from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm. The number is this one: 0861 22 22 17

 Consolidation Loans

    This is another kind of loans you can expect to find at 1 life. It is not a common loan, since it has the great advantage of allowing you to close all the loans you were granted. How does that work? Well, every loan and your credit card account will be merged into a single installment, so you will not need to pay different installments for each loan. The application procedure is the same that is recommended for Personal Loans.

    These loans are totally supported by Direct Axis, another lending provider, which provides a full guarantee for its products. These loans can be financed by making monthly repayments and the interest rates are fixed, just like the ones for the first loan. Moreover, clients have the wonderful chance of deciding on what amount to obtain and which financing term will be the most suitable for their financial status.

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    After the application is finished, 1life will send some documents to the house of the client for them to be signed. The moment they are signed and returned to the company, 1life promises to close all of your loans.

    So, as you see, this is a company that offers affordable loans, whose amounts can radically change as they can consist of a minimum of R 2000 or a maximum of R 150 000, amount which can be increased if you request 1life to give you R 1000 on a monthly basis. And, the interest rates will be really competitive and low, if you make a comparison with other credit providers.

     Finally, the financing periods can take up to 60 months, but you can also choose smaller periods of a year. And, you will not need to face any surprising fee at the end of the loan, since all the fees and rates remain the same and are not subject to changes, so please bear that in mind.

Contact Information of 1 life

Even though you will not find branches of this company in Durban, there are other means of communication:

-You can communicate by phone, if you keep this number, which is a free line developed for customer attention: 0860 10 53 40.

-You can easily obtain more information about loans an insurances from the company´s official webpage. There, you can also apply for a job at the company and also observe the blog of this enterprise.

Another choice in Durban: ABSA

Contacting Absa is really easy as there are many ways to get in touch with the company:

-In person

Its main office is located at 291 Anton Lembede Street, whose phone number is 366 9111. This branch opens Mondays to Fridays from 08:30 am to 03:30 pm, but is also available on Saturdays from 08:00 to 11:00 am.

You will find another office in Durban, located at 135 Musgrave road. You can also call this office by dialing up 277 3200. It opens at the same time that the first office does.

-By phone

There is a special phone line for customers that have doubts or questions regarding the services of the company: 087 730 11 55.  That number is available during weekdays if you call from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

 -Via the company´s website

That is right, in Absa´s website you can enjoy sending a message directly from there, ask for a quote, use a calculator, and apply for any of the loans discusses above and also obtain information about home and personal insurances for your family members.

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Questions and answers

Do I have to pay to get an insurance?

That is right, that is another service that does not come together with the loan

How much time do I have to wait for the money?

Usually two days

Can I get both loans?

Only if you are eligible

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