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Is Bloemfontein Eligible for 1 life loans? Application and Requirements

     These days it is very common to see people in Bloemfontein facing hard challenges when it comes to their finances. And they can not afford many of their daily expenses. In those circumstances, what would be ideal is to obtain a loan from a trustworthy company. Fortunately, there is one company with such value, and it is 1 life.

     Even though 1 life has not opened physical offices in Bloemfontein, when it comes to obtaining a loan from them, distance is not an obstacle, since the company offers you the chance of starting an application from home.

     In this article, I will give you information about 1 life´s main loans: Personal and Consolidation Loans. I will examine in detail its characteristics, requirements and the application for them. Then, I will give you contact details of this company. At the end of the article, you will be given contact information of a second company, which is also a reliable one,that offers those loans and has offices in Bloemfontein. I am referring to Absa.

1 life Personal loans for Bloemfontein residents

Regardless of the dream you have in mind right now, 1 life can make it come true. It can happen that you are struggling to pay your children´s tuition at school or that you can not afford to make repairs in your summer house and you need to make them right away.

With a Personal Loan from this company, you can choose affordable repayment terms whose maximum is of 60 months, which come along with rates that are not subject to changes. What is more, the company will not make you do lots of paper work like other companies pretend you to do.

Its requirements:

If you want to apply for the loan mentioned above, you must be employed on a regular basis and your monthly wage needs to be of at least R 3000. Moreover, the company will ask you to be South African and to give them your bank account information, for them to know where to transfer the money.

Application process for a Personal Loan

If interested in applying, you can complete the process in an easy way; by entering 1 life´s website, clicking on the section named “apply now” or you can try phoning on the company´s free line, which is available to all clients Mondays to Mondays from 8 to 8. The company is authorized to give you a minimum of R 2000 and up to R 150 000, which you can finance in about sixty months, which is the maximum accepted.

1 life´s  Consolidation Loan for Bloemfontein´s citizens

The main feature of this loan is that citizens are allowed to mix all their loans and the different credit card accounts they possess, into only one.. so they end up paying a single repayment.

Its Requirements

If you happen to meet the requirements I will list above, you are eligible for the application:

-Having your Id which confirms you are a South African citizen

-Possessing a monthly salary of R 3000

-Possessing perfect credit records with similar companies

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-Possessing a statement of the place where you live

Application process

Applying for a Consolidation Loan will only take a couple of minutes, since you only need to enter the company´s website or dial up this number:0861444669.  Once there, you can select the amount of money you would like to obtain and how would you like to finance it. Then, you will receive at home a document from the company that ought to be signed and sent back to them. The moment the company got the document, they will pay for every loan you acquired.

Why you ought to pick 1Life personal loans?

1)It is a company characterized by its transparency, effectiveness, simplicity and affordability. You will see that no matter your income, there will always be a product that will suit you. You will not be left out because of your financial status

2) The company will try to adjust their financial terms to your availability

3)You are able to choose a maximum of R 150 000 and a minimal amount of R 2000, but you can also add every month R 1000 more if you need to pay extra expenditures that you face on a daily basis.

4) Interest rates of their loans will always remain the same, so they are totally fixed. That is also the case with the installments customers are expected to pay each month, there will not be any surprises once the person finishes financing the loan

5)Consolidation Loans are an affordable way through which the company makes your debts and loans disappear and improves your cash flow. So, it is very convenient for you to apply for a loan like that.

Contact Details

As I explained above, 1 life does not have physical offices in Bloemfontein, but their customers can easily contact them:

-By phoning on their free line for customer service only:0860 10 53 40

-By visiting the company´s website and asking for more data, making claims, accessing to the company´s blog and asking for quotes

Another option in Bloemfontein: Absa

This company offers loans that have many features in common with those proposed by 1 life, which is why I will tell you how to contact them:

-You can directly go in person to one of its offices found inside the Mimosa Mall, which is located at Kellner Street. Its phone number is this one:875 7400. It is open during weekdays on business hours

-You can also visit the webpage of Absa and solicit for more details about each loan or begin the application there. You will also find information about life insurances.  

-You can try to contact Absa by phone, that is by dialing up0860 669 669. That number is used for future applications and questions you might have.

To conclude, living in Bloemfontein and being short of money is no longer a trouble, since the citizens of this place can rely on both companies: 1 life and Absa to take care of their finances. Please get in touch with both companies and choose the loan you feel will change your life!

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