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Are There 123 Cash Loans in Cape Town? Contact Details and Requirements

    123 Cash Loans, is a company that has carefully created loans to make sure their clients can obtain money in a fast way, without wasting their time on much paperwork and that kind of stuff. Fortunately, this company happens to be present in Cape Town, which is a great reason for you to keep reading this article. And you know why? Useful information can be found here. So, lets start:

Why is 123 Cash Loans one of the best companies available? T

-Being able to choose reliable loans

-Obtaining as much as R 8000

-Free application is possible

-Receiving the money in less than one day

-Being able to get loans totally secured by the National Credit Regulator

-You can take from 2 months to 6 so as to completely finance the loan

What does it take for the application?

Okay, you must now that you will be asked to submit certain documentation with your personal and financial data, but please do not worry about the safety of your data, since the company makes sure it is kept in a safe place where no one but the company has access to it.

Now that I mentioned documentation, this is the one you must give the company:

-Pay slips of 3 months old

-Bank statements of 3 months old

-Id book or card

-Certificate of employment

-No debts with any bank

    Now, let’s go to the most interesting part, the benefits. One of them is the fact that you are dealing with a company whose money can be granted to you fastly. And, that the members of the company will always be available to help you with the lending procedure.


    As regards how much money you can get, the company easily grants you from R 1000 to R 8000. What about the terms? There are periods of 6 months but there are shorter ones. And, once you have started with the application, you must wait around one hour until the procedure is finished and you get the money.

    The requirements you need to bear in mind are the following ones:

-Being the majority of age, so 18 years old is the minimum

-Place of residence must be shown in a certificate

-A bank account of your own will be used by the bank to deposit the money

-Having an employment for the last 6 months

As you probably guess, loans at 123 Cash Loans tend to be useful for many needs, such as covering emergencies with the doctor, with your car, financing your children´s tuition at college or school and I can guarantee you that the list can go on forever.

And, let’s go to another interesting part, the application, which is explained in steps. But before moving to the steps let me tell you that you can complete the application online that is to say in the official website of the company. And that apart from that you must make sure to have some copies of the documentation.

The steps are these ones, so make sure to pay attention to each of them:

Now, the steps I told you about:

Step 1

Complete the specific application for loans in the website of 123 Cash Loans and be ready to upload the documentation the company asked you to submit at the beginning of this procedure. Again, have some copies just in case.

Step 2

The firm will take care of observing how you are dealing with your finances and if your income is enough to sustain a loan of their own. After that, you will get a phone call by the members of the company informing you on the condition of your application. You can also receive a text message in your cellphone to see if you are a good candidate or not. Easy, right?

Step 3

If it happens that your application is passed by the company, you will receive an email in the email account you gave to the company, with the contract. It must be signed by you after reading all the terms and conditions. In such contract you can observe data from interest rates, repayments and more.

Step 4

And we have arrived to the last step, number 4. This step has to do with receiving the contract and signing it on time, but also checking in your bank account for the money you requested the company in step 1. You will see how fast and easy this company can solve your monetary problems.


Many means of communication are available if it happens that you need a loan from the company and you want to speak to representatives right away:

-You can make a phone call to the main phone of the company. So, try to keep with you this number: 031 301 0756. That is not a free number, so perhaps you might have to pay a little bit for the call. But the good thing is that as it is not free, the lines do not get collapsed as with free lines or toll numbers.

-You can send one email to the members of the company so that your message is seen by them and they contact you, provided you have given them details of your schedule during the week.

-You can easily create a user in the website of the company so as to have full access to the loans explained above and other services and products 123 Cash Loans has for Cape Town citizens.

-But if you are interested in the physical office of the company in Cape Town, I will give you all the data you need in this chart:


8000 R

Interest Rate

Flexible rates

Telephone Number

301 0755


33 Heerengracht Street. Central. Forshore

Working Hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Your bank account, bank statements, some pays lips and ID

Email Address

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