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Are Cash Loans Obtainable in Bosksburg? Contact Details and Requirements

   123 Cash Loans, one of the leading financial companies in the market, has established itself in the country and is now in charge of developing the most reliable and fast loans in the market. Even though this company does not have a physical office in Boksburg, it does have one in Randburg which is only a couple of minutes from there. Moreover, another important reason for you to keep reading this article is the fact that 123 Cash Loans can be contacted by many means of communication such as phone and email.

Why is 123 Cash Loans the greatest company for Boksburg citizens?

-Clients can obtain money through a reliable loan

-Clients get to be granted R 8000

-The application is out of charges

-Clients observe how the money is deposited in their bank account

-There exist affordable payments that come along with the loan

-There are financing periods of 2 months and also 6

How does the application works for Boksburg citizens?

As it happens with many companies, the client will be required to submit certain documentation so as to show its financial circumstances. The information you give to the bank will be secured so do not worry about the data you give to the members of the company.

If interested in the documentation, here you have a list of it:

-Pay slips that must be 3 months old at least

-Bank statements also 3 months old at least

-Your ID card or book

-Being employed when starting the application

-No debts with any institution

-Not possessing debts

As I mentioned previously, clients have access to a minimum of R 100 and also a maximum of R 8000. It can be repaid in about half a year, if the client chooses the maximum financing period. The good benefit of applying with 123 Cash Loans in Boskburg is the fact that as a client you will never waste time, since of the things that characterizes this company is the possibility of applying for a quick loan.

   And of course, together with the documentation there come along some requirements, such as being 18 years old or more than that, showing a proof of residence, having a banking account under your name and also showing a certificate of employment to prove your income can sustain the loans given at this company with no troubles.

   Now that you have been given data about documentation and requirements, I would like to inform you about the many uses you can give as a client to their loans: covering expenses, school tuition, college fees, and consolidating debts as well. Many clients also apply for these loans so as to buy offices for their new business or improve their homes.

     Finally, obtaining loans at 123 Cash Loans is easy but requires to follow certain steps. Before expanding on those steps you must know that you can start the application in the company´s website and from there upload the documentation named in such section of the website of the company.

Now, the so mentioned steps:

Step 1

Complete the online application that appears in the company´s website and be ready to scan the different papers corresponding to your documentation. Another good idea is to have some copies of your documentation so as to hand it in if possible. During this step, it is crucial for you to know about updated documentation, one that shows your real personal and financial state at present.

Step 2

Now the company can examine the data provided in your documentation and check whether you can afford one of their loans or not. Moreover, your credit record will be carefully examined by 123 Cash Loans, for them to know whether you are a good candidate or not. Once that is completed, you will get a text message in your phone or directly a phone call.

Step 3

If the company happens to approve your loan application, you need to go to your email box to find their email with the contract that is uploaded there. Read carefully the terms and conditions and if you agree, sign it and send it back to the company. In that contract you have the chance of observing real data regarding rates and financing periods available for you as a client.

Step 4

The moment you have signed the contract you got in the email, then the company is ready to transfer the amount of money agreed to your bank account. You will see that in less than 60 minutes the money you need is in your account.


As stated before, there are many means of communication available to contact the company, so it does not matter if the company is not present in Boskburg, because you can phone, send an email or even go to an office in Randburg, very closely located to your city.

-One of the ways through which you can communicate with the company is by phone, that is to say by making a phone call to this number: 031 301 0756.

-You have the possibility of opening your email box and from there, sending an email to the company with your inquiry or questions. And, from there you can also begin the loan application.

-You can also make use of your computer so as to enter the company´s official website and take advantage of useful pieces of information found there. Moreover, application is found there since the application form is available to every user.

But, if you are interested in going in person to the office in Randburg, closely located to Boksburg, pay attention to this great chart:


8000 R or a minimum of R 1000

Interest Rate

Flexible rates that adapt to your income

Telephone Number

301 0754


Area of Randburg Sanlam Street. In Ferndale Sanlam Coronel

Working Hours

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Info about your bank account,  bank statements, pays lips and ID book

Email Address

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