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  • Youi Car Insurance worries about you: You can design a plan for your own needs, which means a package that suits your necessities and your budget. With the option “Comprehensive Car Insurance”, you can add some extra benefits and features in order to get what you really need. Moreover, “First Class Service” is another option that you can have if you deal with their insurance alternatives in case you need to update your motor insurance cover or if you want to claim. Another important benefit is that they will give you free assistance on the road in the form of Youi.Assist. You will also receive a Youi.Reward in cash every three years for insuring your car with them (even if you claim). It is a convenient and easy way of getting insured and save money at the same time.

Because some people pay a lot of money to insure their car and the insurance plan does not even satisfy their needs, Youi offers you a complete and convenient way of getting what you need taking into account your pocket.

Some More Benefits: They will take into account the following items at the moment you choose your package: if you have a long distance from home to work, if you want to insure your car at retail or market value, if you use your car mainly for work or only for private purposes, if you need a third party cover or just  a cover in case of theft and fire, or if you want to be all covered even from acts of nature, theft, hijacking and accidental damage to your vehicle. Another important feature that they offer you is to lower your car insurance premiums by choosing a higher excess amount. Thus, if you are a safe and responsible driver, Youi is just what you need.

Extra Alternatives: You can add some extra options to your plans such as car hire, sound equipment cover or accessories for non-standard vehicles.  If you are an adventurous person and enjoy travelling to countries like Angola, Zambia, Tanzani, Kenya and Uganda, you can choose to add the extra option “Youi.Safari cover”, and forget about the unexpected circumstances that you may go through.

You can also be informed about the option Vehicle Credit Shortfall cover and Credit Protection Cover *(available to you at an additional premium) if you are the type of person that needs to travel abroad because of business matters.

*Credit Protection Cover: This particular cover is for you in case you need to apply for a loan in order to buy a car, a house or maybe if you want to make a new experience in business. So they protect your outstanding debt in case you die, if you are diagnosed with an illness such as a critical illness, if you become permanently or temporary disabled, or if you are retrenched.

You can choose your cover between the following alternatives:

  • Life cover

  • Critical illness cover

  • Permanent disability cover

  • Temporary disability cover

  • Retrenchment cover

  • Premium waiver cover

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They offer you convenient life only cover or a fully package option with the benefits mentioned above. In the case of death, critical illness or permanent disability, in which case you will not be able to occupy yourself of any circumstance, they pay you a full insured amount. Moreover, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness (one of the 17 most important ones), you will also receive the full insured amount. If you need more details about this credit protection, you can download the Credit Protection Policy document.

You will not need to make any medial test because their credit protection advisors are available to answer any question you have about the policy. For more information, you can download the credit protection critical illness cover table.

As Yuoi Car Insurance is as Unique as you, remember that you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • R250,000 Free Accidental Death Cover  (with comprehensive cover).

  • Youi.Rewards, which pays you money back (even in the case that you claim).

  • Youi.Assist, which protects you with an emergency assistance, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  • Youi service is definitively first class.

  • Thus, you can enjoy low, guaranteed premiums.

Another option for insuring your car: Youi.Basice Cover: This is the best option if you are looking for a low-cost, basic, and cheaper alternative.

Excesses on your Basic Cover: They deduct your excess from the final payout amount (different from the comprehensive insurance plan).  This amount is then pay to you in cash, which allows you to make any repair or replacement yourself.

Benefits on your Basic Cover:

  • You will be able to pay very low insurance premiums, which are guaranteed for 12 months.

  • You will receive a guaranteed Youi.Reward after 3 years of using our service of insurance.

  • You will receive an excellent world-class service form their professional insurance staff.

  • Youi Home Insurance: They offer you an insurance package for your urban or rural, big or small, a flat or a mansion… they have the perfect option for you taking into account your particular needs. You can rely on their Youi.Assist service, which is available to you at any time you need it, even in cases of emergency. They will send you an electrician, security guard, or whoever you need to solve your problem at first hour in the morning or at the last time of night. You can call them on 086 000 9684 now, and they will assist and guide you through the personal details you will have to give them. In case you have any claim, you can make use of the comprehensive cover, which will really surprise you because of their friendly and efficient claims service they offer.

Important Note: You will need to give them your ID number so as they can identify if you are new client or if you have already dealt with them. Remember that your ID number is safe and will not be used for any other purposes.

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Questions and answers

What is the Youi.Reward?

It is the money that they pay you back for being a loyal client. It is paid every three years and is calculated on your average premiums paid monthly.

Can I lose my Youi.Reward if I make a claim?

No, you will not lose your Youi.Reward even if you submit a claim.

Does the Youi.Assit protect me in case of an emergency?

Yes, it is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in any emergency that you have.

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