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What are the most significant way(s) employer branding impacts business success?

By Sophie Miles

Developing an employer brand has three basic benefits that in our company the summaries as the 3 R: Recruit, retain and reward.

Recruit: Expand the power to recruit humantalent

The employer brand has the power to differentiate itself by thetalentit attracts and the consumers it captures, especially among young employees. Investing in building a culture of trust is crucial to recruiting millennials, so that they are both their collaborators and their consumers.

The requirements of the new applicants have evolved to such a point that they no longer look for companies, but companies seek them out. Building a good employer brand allows the external and internal public to consider that working within your organization is a privilege and great opportunity.

One of the reasons why young professionals feel fear or disinterest in joining some corporations is because sometimes they may have misperceptions about some companies and the work environment. However, the employer branding allows putting an end to these false ideas, helps companies to expose and enhance their attractions and attract a greater number of candidates, especially the new generations.

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Retain: Motivated and committed employees

Making employees feel part of the company and that they can work in a good environment, in which everyone enjoys what they do and their contributions are recognized, generates motivation and helps them feel really committed to their work.

When employees are happy and satisfied with the company, they will surely transmit it to their colleagues as well as externally. They themselves can spread the advantages of being part of the organization and inform potential candidates about available vacancies.

Employees who perform their duties in a company with a good reputation, where they feel proud to work, surely want to stay for a longer time and develop a career plan and development within it, which translate into a lower turnover rate of personnel.

Reward:Reduce costs in recruitment and selection

By having less turnover of employees, companies do not have to allocate as many resources in the processes of recruitment and selection of new workers. The employer branding can become a competitive advantage for your company that helps attract the best candidates and retains the best professionals to build a solid, productive and successful company.

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