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Is Durban Eligible for Santam Vehicle Insurance? Addresses and Phone Numbers

Santam Vehicle Insurance in Durban

About the Company

South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited or Santam is a long-standing South African insurance company that offers short-term insurance covers through their personal, commerce and business lines. Personal-line clients can stay protected with Santam's vehicle insurance, home insurance, business insurance and watercraft insurance. Both clients and non-clients can have access to Santam's web calculator and decide on the most suitable insurance cover for their needs.

Insurance Options

Vehicle insurance with Santam is offered through the Comprehensive cover, the Limited cover and the Third party liability only cover. You can find out more about Santam's insurance portfolio and benefits in our article Santam Car Insurance South Africa or on their web-page

What are the benefits of the COMPREHENSIVE COVER?

If insured with Santam's Comprehensive Cover you will literally be protected at all times. This plan includes cover for third party liability and protection against accidental loss or damage.

What are the benefits of the LIMITED COVER?

This plan offers protection against theft and fire, specifically liability to a third party and accidental loss or damage in cases of fire, lighting, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

What are the benefits of the THIRD PARTY ONLY COVER?

With this plan, when being held liable for loss or damage to a third party, you can make sure that all costs relating to the other person’s vehicle are covered. This is the most affordable option you can choose to stay legally insured.

Comprehensive watercraft insurance is also offered and might be of special interest to Durban's citizens. Due to the risks implied by activities in and around the port, many business and personal line clients keep on choosing Santam to have their watercraft protected at all times. Find out more information about this plan on

Santam in the Durban Area

Regardless of where you are, Santam offers coverage country-wide. Through a vast network of service providers, brokers and drive-in centres, Santam protects you and your property against any potential risk. The following are some examples of drive-in centres and brokers approved by Santam.

Approved Drive-in Centre in Kwazulu Natal

Company's name: Empangeni

  • Physical address: Alpha Panelbeaters, 17 Ngwelezane Road, Empangeni Station, 3910

  • Contact number: 079 500 1043

You can ask a sales representative or use the online search tool to find information about other approved drive-in centres in the area or a nearby province.

Santam & their Partners in Durban

Santam has partnerships with direct insurance brokers all over the country. In the Durban area, Kayser Baird has positioned itself as one of the leading regional short-term brokers offering service Santam's products. You can check out available brokers in your area through the brokers search at

We will present in more detail some of the most renowned independent brokers offering Santam's insurance products in Durban.

- Company: Wilkinson Insurance Brokers (Westville)

Wilkinson's is an independent brokers company with more than 150 years of experience in the field. It has its headquarters in Westville and provides short and long-term insurance, in addition to retirement planning and other insurance services.

Company Overview

Contact details:

  • Phone number:  031 266 0891

  • Fax: 031 267 0079

  • E-mail:

  • Web-site:

  • Address: Unit 8 Heritage Park, 51 Norfolk Terrace, Westville, 3629.

  • Postal Address: P.O. Box 1321, Westville, 3630

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- Company: Kayser Baird

Company Overview

This Durban-born company is an independent financial services provider of more than 25 years of experience in the field. Kayser Baird has been awarded the Santam Broker of the Year 9 times since 2000, setting up a record of three consecutive awards in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The company works in partnerships with leading South Africa's insurance companies, among which we can find Hollard and Santam. It offers personal insurance for people and commercial insurance for business.

For personal-lines clients, Kayser Baird provides a wide range of short-term insurance products, including covers for cars, home and home contents, buildings, portable possessions and watercraft. An interesting service launched in 2012 is the chauffer service for Santam personal policy holders. The service is available up to 6 calls in a number of South African cities, including Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Nelspruit, Polokwane, East London, George, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.

Contact details:

  • Phone number:  +27 31 767 8000

  • Fax: +27 31 767 8010

  • E-mail:

  • Web-site:

- Company: Krestel Insurance Brokers (PineTown)

Company Overview

Krestel was established in 1995 and it offers personalized insurance services to South African consumers. It is a privately owned authorized financial services providers that works with a variety of insurance products for people and their business. Their vehicle insurance portfolio is made up of largest and experience insurance companies country-wide, including Santam, 1st for Woman and Auto General.

Contact details:

  • Phone number: 031 701 9747

  • Fax: 031 701 9747

  • E-mail:

  • Web-site:

  • Address: Charter House, 75 Crompton Street, Pinetown, 3600 (Regional branch)

Find below other Durban independent insurance brokers. These local independent providers offer high-quality short-term insurance services. They contribute to the growth of your community and its values.

Avant - Garde Insurance Brokers

     § Contact number: 031 576 5037

     § Contact e-mail:

Chris Nair & Associates

     § Contact number: 031 305 2350

     § Contact e-mail:

Hawkeye Insurance Investment Consultants

     § Contact number: 031 5661245

     § Contact e-mail:

Leo-pan Insurance Brokers

     § Contact number: 031 3038645

     § Contact e-mail:

Sapcor Durban (Pty) Ltd (Durban North)

     § Contact number: 031 5731541

     § Contact e-mail:

Willers Insurance Brokers

     § Contact number: 0861201748 

     § Contact e-mail: thia@willersinsurance

Summing up

If you live in the Durban area and are searching for the right insurance option for your car, check out the plans brought specially to you by Santam through their partners. A wide variety of independent insurance brokers, both experienced and new in the field, has chosen Santam as a partner. You can find out more about their products without having to travel long distances.

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Questions and answers

Can I contact Santam directly?

Yes, you can call them on 0860 444 444 or use their online service on

How can I find information about brokers in my area?

You can use Santam's brokers search tool and select your province/city and the type of insurance you are looking for.

Can I change brokers and still be covered with Santam?

Yes, as long as it is one of Santam's partners.

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