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Can I Obtain Santam Vehicle Insurance in Capetown?

If you were asking yourself whether you could get your car insured in Capetown with Santam, then yes, Santam is an insurance company that offers its clients a variety of very specialized services through their national network, and that includes Cape Town

This company proposes three covers to insure your car:

  • The comprehensive cover: your car is protected against any accidental damage or loss that it suffers, and that of course include liabilities caused by someone else

  • Here is a list of the different benefits this insurance provides:

  • -The client is able to replace its vehicle after it is stolen or lost.

  • In some cases there exist replacement costs for remote controls, keys and locks.

  •  The company provides accommodation to its customers in case of an emergency.

  • If the client is experiencing trauma, he/she will receive counseling.

  • All emergency costs are payable to public authorities.

  • Moreover, there are additional choices for vehicles insured with the comprehensive insurance:

  • You can waive the basic excess on your car

  • If you possess a 4x4 vehicle you should know that it qualifies for a 4x4 specific cover whenever you pay a small extra premium. As a client you may as well enjoy extra cover in cases of car repair, cover for winching equipment, repatriation costs and an interesting extension to other countries, which means that your car will be fully covered somewhere else.

  • -If the car insured with the comprehensive cover is a comfort one, you can take out optional cover so that you amplify the cover for towing costs, loss of keys and protection after your automobile breaks down.

  • An extension to some countries where your vehicle will be fully covered.

  • You can pick to cover the stuff of your trailer or caravan or state in detail which accessories your vehicle owns.

  • The limited cover (fire and theft): unintentional damage caused to your car, which includes third party liabilities, but only in cases in which the harm is a consequence of lightning, fire, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

  •  The third party only cover: this sort of insurance covers the amount that which you are legally accountable to a third party. This obviously applies if the liability is connected to the vehicle.  

  • Okay, so you now know all the types of insurance offered by Santam. But…How do you, the client, know how much insurance do you need? There are certain facts that need to be taking into account before choosing the correct insurance.

  •   If your car is new and you have just bought it, the most excellent alternative will be to take the comprehensive cover.

  • If you believe your vehicle is paid off and old, you might think about the third party insurance.

  • If you just want essential security, only in cases of emergency such as fire and theft, then you may want to pick the limited insurance for your car.

  • But…now there comes another important question that the client always makes… how can I estimate the value of my car in order to choose the perfect insurance?Santam has an online calculator for you to provide different characteristics of your car. In that calculator you will tell the company what is the model of your car, when was it made, what is its mileage and even the condition of your car, be that poor, good, very good or excellent. All that information will help you choose the correct insurance. Nevertheless, if you think your vehicle is too old and you are having doubts as regards which cover to choose, you can ask for a vehicle valuation if you complete Santam form (found on the internet or in their nearest branch). That kind of valuation will provide you with an estimate of the real market value of your vehicle. Once you have finished completing, Santam will contact you with an estimate of your car. And there is more of course… if you want to obtain a quick quote from the company.. you can! How? By filling a short form with all your information. Again, you can do this in their webpage or in person.

  • Now.. try to picture yourself in the most dangerous situation, one in which you feel lonely with your car.. and need immediate help. Santam has thought about it and that is why they offer their SOS services. And that is immediate assistance to their clients. This is a roadside emergency service that functions every day, no matter the time. The only thing you need to do if you find yourself in danger is to call the company on 0860 505 911. In which occasions? Let’s see:

  • Your car breaks down.

  • You need a jump-start service right away.

  • You have forgotten your keys inside the vehicle.

  • You are having flat tires that need to be changed.

  • You run out of fuel and need the company to deliver 10 liters of it..

  • You need medical assistance.

  • You require legal advice from Santam lawyers.

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 Having said all that, the best idea would be to get a valuation of your car and then decide which cover is the ideal one for your vehicle, so that it adapts to your needs and of course, your budget.

How to contact Santam in Cape Town? Very easily. Call them on 21 915 7000

You can also get to their offices located at Sportica Cres, Bellville Park, Cape Town, 7530  and    3 Bofors Cir, Cape Town, 7460

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Questions and answers

Is the telephone listed at the end the same as the one for getting assistance?

No, if you have become a client of Santam and need assistance you should call on 0860 505 911

How long does a quote take if I get to Santam branch in person?

Immediately. Once you give them all the information related to yourself and your vehicle, you will get the quote.

Can the valuation of my car differ depending on the insurance company?

Usually not, since all the valuations are based on the market value of your car.

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I find it very useful that I can have medical assistance if I have an accident as I thought those fees were on my own

Very useful information, there are certain things to bear in mind before choosing an insurance. Many thanks!

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