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What Are the Benefits and Reviews of Santam Vehicle Insurance?

Benefits and Reviews for Santam Vehicle Insurance

Founded in 1918, almost a hundred years ago, South African National Trust and Assurance Company Limited (Santam) is nowadays regarded as the largest and leading short-insurance company in South Africa. This experienced insurer holds an impressive market share of 23%, caring for their customers and their property. 

The company philosophy looks at your car, home, business and farm as extensions of yourself. For this reason, Santam aims at helping clients make the right investments to be properly insured and keep safe. In this article, you will have a closer look at Santam's insurance products and benefits and check out what customer and employee reviews reveal about this experienced South African insurer.

Santam's Insurance Portfolio

Getting insurance for your car can definitely be tiresome. There are plenty of companies in the market advertising their services and offering a wide range of plans and packages to provide you with the best cover at an affordable price. Santam's proposal might stand out as they have a simple insurance portfolio that includes three different straightforward covers.

1. Comprehensive cover. This plan includes protection against accidental loss or damage and third party liability.

2. Limited cover: theft and fire. This option offers insurance for accidental loss or damage and liability to a third party in cases of fire, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.

3. Third party only. With this plan, when being held liable for loss or damage to a third party, you can make sure that all costs relating to the other person’s vehicle are covered.

Moreover, the plans are described briefly and then compared in a double-entry table for an easy analysis and comparison. Some of the items displayed are tow-in cost and safeguarding, emergency repairs and vehicle transfer cover.

Why Choose Santam?

There are a number of reasons that might lead you to choose Santam's services. You have looked at their insurance portfolio. Before getting a quote with them, you may also be glad to know that Santam has an outstanding market performance and is regarded as:

  • Being the largest South African insurer, having a market share of 23%

  • Having straightforward simple plans

  • Making claims payments which are higher than any other competitor

  • Helping clients to be safe

  • Rewarding good drivers, who can get a cash-back bonus after 2 years with no claims

Making the Difference: Educating Drivers

While other companies may spend a lot of money, time and web space on offers and deals, Santam generates content to inform and alert drivers. A variety of motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, light delivery vehicles, trailers and caravans can be insured at Santam. The insurer invites clients to consider the potential risks their vehicles might be exposed to before deciding on their insurance cover and go getting on the road. On this sense, Santam makes important contributions to raising awareness about driving and caring for your vehicle through, for instance, their popular safety tips.

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Safety tips

Santam wants to ensure that both you and your property are safe and stay safe no matter where you are. Have a look at the logo of the company: it is a yellow umbrella you need to have handy in case of an emergency. Along this line, Santam gives a series of entertaining and wise driving tips to consider. They have organized these tips from 1 to 7 or Monday through Sunday, each day bringing its usual risks for drivers. You can read these tips in details and more suggestions at Santam's webpage.

§ On Mondays, keep in mind you are not the only person having a hard start of week. Be patient!

§ On Tuesdays, stay alert to hijacking which has been proved by statistics to happen more often on these days.

§ On Wednesdays, try to learn how to enjoy a quiet day. More often than not, people take advantage of this peaceful day to go over pending tasks with their insurer, such as updating their profile information, modifying plans or getting acquainted with the details of their car policy.

§ On Thursdays, be prepared for lightning, which usually strikes more often on this day than on any other. Take the necessary precautions to ensure you and your property are covered!

§ On Fridays, proved to be a special day for fender benders, don’t text and drive.

§ On Saturdays, don’t relaxed too much as thieves are working hard. Take the necessary precautions to avoid burglars on your house and car.

§ On Sundays, potholes are the most common cause for car claims. Avoid unexpected roads if there is a route you know better.

About Santam

What do clients and employees have to say about Santam?

As in the case of other South African insurance companies, Santam has received mixed reviews from its clients. On the independent review webpage, Santam shows a customer satisfaction index of 13%, corresponding to 57 compliments versus a considerably high 87% in complaints. The main reasons why people show their dissatisfaction with the company are their servicing and claims processing.

However, at the review site, Santam has been qualified with a strong 4.1 out of 5. It is worth mentioning that, together with OUTsurance insurance company, Santam was voted the most praised short-insurance company in South Africa. In addition, employee reviews in various sites reveal a positive panorama. Santam's workplace is described as a busy, yet challenging and fun work environment where employees are ready to learn on a daily basis. Also, team work is one of the most praised assets the company brings to its workforce.

Summing up

Looking for insurance experience and expertise? Santam is the right option for you. You can take care of your car and property while being insured with a company you can trust in case of an emergency. If you have clear expectations, find out more about their clear plans. If you need experts’ advice, you are in the right place with Santam.

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Questions and answers

Can I get a bonus option like in other companies?

Yes. Santam offers a cash-back bonus if you don't claim for 2 consecutive years.

So I can also cover my farm with Santam?

Yes, Agricultural Insurance is offered by Santam. You can read more on their webpage

Can I use the services on my mobile?

Yes, you can download Santam's app for Android and Apple.

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