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What Are the Policy, Terms and Conditions of OUTsurance Vehicle Insurance?

OUTsurance Vehicle Insurance Policy, Terms and Conditions

Before opting for an insurance cover for your car, make sure you have considered and clearly understood all the terms and conditions stated by your insurer. OUTsurance offers motor insurance for the use, possession or ownership of vehicles including the following: comprehensive insurance, third party, fire and theft, and liability to other parties.

OUTsurance provides drivers with a wide variety of vehicle insurance packages and interesting deals to make them save money on their monthly premium. However, keep in mind important questions to ask OUTsurance and to consider yourself before going for any of the tempting options offered.

For instance, you may give a second thought to the 3 year claim-free bonus on your car insurance. If I you opt in for the OUTbonus, you might get back 10% of all the premiums you have paid so far. But what are the chances that you submit no claim whatsoever in a period of 3 consecutive years of being insured? Imagine that after an accident you decide not to claim and preserve your OUTbonus, will that change the conditions of your insurance? In the end, will the OUTbonus be worthy for you?

Easy-to-access Documents

Clients can access easily to the company’s documents. Some insurance documents are available in English and Afrikaans to both clients and non-clients to learn more about the terms and conditions. Check out OUTsurance webpage,, and select Documents in the Clients section. Documents will be listed and categorized into Car & Home insurance, Business insurance and Life insurance.

OUTsurance ensures their documents are written in plain, easy-to-understand language. However, it is safer to make sure you evacuate all your doubts with one of their specialized insurance advisor. For the purpose of analyzing terms and conditions offered in the case of vehicle insurance, we will refer to the Essential OUTsurance document. This plan has been designed to provide clients with an affordable insurance cover starting at R90 per month. The conditions state that the vehicle has to be older than 5 years old, non-financed and have a value lower than R70000.

The value of any car depreciates with time and OUTsurance understands the need to have your car insured but still spend as little as possible. In addition, the OUTsurance package can be customized by the insured by picking up one or a combination of the plans offered: accident cover, theft cover and liability to other people cover.

Essential OUTsurance: Terms & Conditions

Who is the regular driver?

You will need to provide OUTsurance with the information about the regular driver or person who usually drives the vehicle. If there is any other person using your car on a regular basis, keep your company informed to ensure your vehicle is covered at all times.

What do you use your vehicle for?

Whether it is for business or personal purposes, be clear when providing the information. It is pivotal that you insure your vehicle for the correct use as it might affect your cover and future claims processing. Insuring a car for business purposes will be more expensive as there are more risks your car may be exposed to but you wouldn’t like to cut down on your monthly costs by tricking your company.

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What are the company’s responsibilities?

The company shall sell those OUTsured vehicles that have been stolen and recovered, assess the damage to the vehicle and paying the corresponding amount in cash. As regard the sale of the vehicle, you may choose to have it sold to you or to a supplier.

What are your responsibilities?

The client’s responsibilities include arranging and paying for the costs of towing, storage and recovery of the vehicle, allowing OUTsurance to assess the damage after submitting a claim, and arranging repairs to the car once the amount corresponding to your claim has been settled.

What is covered?

This will be dependent on the type of insurance or plans combination you have. You may choose, for instance, the Essential accident cover and be protected against loss or damage caused in accidents or by acts of nature, including snow, freezing, flood, storm, hail, fire, explosion and earthquake. Loss or damage causes by accidents other than pets is also covered. When choosing the Essential theft cover you will be protected against loss or damage to the vehicle due to attempted or actual theft of hijacking. Finally, in the Essential liability to other people cover OUTsurance will pay for the damage to other people’s property. Always consult limits of these covers.

What is not covered?

Check out the some of the cases listed as not covered before making your choice. Among them you will find the following:

  • § Sound equipment

  • § Non-factory fitted accessories

  • § Leaving the scene of an accident

  • § Death, bodily injure or emotional shock

  • § Liability for loss or damage to, for example, any of your employees' property or vehicle

Where are you covered?

If you insure you vehicle for personal purposes, you will be covered in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. However, if your vehicle has been insured for business use, you will only be covered in South Africa. This might be a condition you agree with when getting your insurance, but keep it in mind if travelling to another country.

Final Comments

As an experienced driver you may know the ins and outs of car insurance and car insurance companies. With OUTsurance you might be making a smart decision as it is a direct insurer, which avoids extra costs for brokers’ commissions. You can also benefit from special insurance deals and select one of their vehicle covers that best suits your needs. Still, you never know whether you could be spending less on your car insurance every month. It is advisable to shop around for good prices before deciding on your insurance. OUTsurance challenges clients to find a cheaper premium in the market, so take your time to get acquainted with competitive prices if you want to get the best deal with OUTsurance.

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Questions and answers

Can I get a quote online?

No, but you can leave your details and a sales advisor will contact you to guide you through the process.

Do I need to inform the company about changes in my car? Will that affect my premium?

Yes, you need to inform OUTsurance about any changes related to the information you provided initially. Your premium might change thereafter.

Can payments be made online?

No, the company wants to ensure payments are made on time so this option is currently not available.

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